Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Cologne, Germany 2024-2025

Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Cologne, Germany 2024-2025

The options are similar for those who want to go further than usual. Here, we show you the best and most significant exhibitions in Cologne, Germany, which will take place in 2024 and 2025. Even small industries can catch up with big brands and compete to set themselves apart. Every primary sector had points when it was new and just starting. Use this guide to deepen your knowledge of exhibitions and choose the best exhibition based on the type of industry you want to exhibit in. Exhibitors who plan to exhibit at one of the exhibitions listed should make us their exhibition stand builder in Cologne for a successful showcase!

ISM Cologne 2024

Dates: January 28th – January 31st, 2024

ISM is the world’s largest and most important exhibition for confectionery and snacks, which takes place annually in Cologne. The ISM Cologne 2024 will represent the entire industrial value chain and offer an incredible variety of products within the event’s core competencies: chocolate, confectionery, cookies, snacks, fashion snacks and natural snacks, breakfast snacks, and ice cream.

A range of sweets, snacks, and many other products is presented here. 

As the most critical business and communication platform, the ISM Cologne 2024 will bring together all relevant target groups, including market leaders, small businesses, international corporations, and decision-makers keen to invest. At ISM Cologne 2024, one’ll have a calming visual atmosphere that supports commerce and helps your business grow through connections created through a diverse mix of curated sweets and treats.

FIBO Cologne 2024

Date: April 11-14, 2024

FIBO (Fitness & Business Online) is the world’s most extensive fitness, wellness, and health exhibition annually in Cologne. With continued growth in attendance, FIBO Cologne 2024 is expected to attract even more of the industry’s best decision-makers, startups, studio operators, trainers, and health experts. At FIBO Cologne 2024, numerous exhibitors will be showcasing the latest products, services, and innovations in fitness, training, nutrition, wellness, and health. Direct sales and significant investment make attending FIBO Cologne 2024 a must-attend event for fitness professionals. This includes training equipment, sportswear, nutritional supplements, and fitness equipment. 

The exhibition’s visitor profile represents all fitness industry sectors, including athletes, physiotherapists, hoteliers, trainers, gym owners, and even celebrities. In addition to shows, the FIBO Cologne 2024 will also offer an extensive support program, including lectures, workshops, competitions, and live events. FIBO is an essential platform for fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and companies to exchange information on the latest innovations and trends and build business relationships. Overall, FIBO Cologne 2024 will provide a comprehensive insight into the dynamic world of fitness and health and facilitate interaction between the various players in the industry.

IMM Cologne 2024

Date: January 14-18, 2024

IMM Cologne is a famous international furniture fair founded in 1949 and held annually in the charming city of Cologne. The IMM Cologne 2024 aims to change dates and make effective business focused on trade visitors. Koelnmesse GmbH organizes it and has long been established as the leading exhibition for the furniture industry. Exhibitions are an ideal platform for industry conferences where attendees can learn more about new trends. 1949 was an important year in the history of Cologne and the furniture industry. There is an opportunity to discover new brands, exchange ideas and trends, make new contacts and maintain existing business relationships. Despite the difficult circumstances of the immediate post-war period, the fair was a success from the start and quickly became one of the most critical events in the world furniture and design industry. IMM Cologne 2024 will showcase the latest collections, product innovations, unique designs and professional services in the home world, and pure and connected themes.


Date: 19.-22. March.2024

ANUGA FOODTEC 2024 covers eight segments, including food packaging, digitalization, and intralogistics, where exhibitors will offer the latest products and innovations, such as large low-tech machines and systems across the exhibition floor. The ANUGA FOODTEC 2024 will feature interactive product pavilions, live presentations of food processing and packaging machines, information conferences, and congresses with the participation of manufacturers, young and experienced F&B specialists, and the trade press.

The digital space offers even more networking opportunities. It encourages buyers and suppliers to connect with experts, build lasting business partnerships, and discover and review the latest food and beverage supply chain trends.

Photokina 2024

The Photokina Cologne is the leading international exhibition for the entire photo, video, and imaging industry. It is the only event in the world that offers consumers and professionals a comprehensive overview of all image media, image technologies, and image markets. Groundbreaking innovations, countless new products, highlights, exciting workshops, and live sessions: Photokina presents “Imaging Unlimited”!

As a global business and community platform, you can’t find anywhere else to experience the exciting possibilities of mobile, video, cinema, AR/VR, and other imaging technologies. Welcome!

ANGA COM Cologne 2024 

Date: May 14-16, 2024

ANGA COM (known as ANGA Cable until 2012) is an annual international exhibition and conference for cable, broadband, and satellite technology. ANGA COM Cologne 2024 will cover important industry-related topics such as Gigabit Networks, FTTX, 5G, OTT, AppTV, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Smart Cities, and Smart Homes. Organized by the ANGA Association of German Cable Network Operators, it will be held at the Cologne exhibition, one of the largest exhibition centers in Germany, known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and ease of access. More than 450 exhibitors from 35 countries, including Amadys, Astra, AVM, and more, will showcase their latest innovations to a broad audience of up to 22,000 domestic and international attendees. The exhibition has been the leading business platform for broadband and content providers in Europe for more than ten years. The show also includes a comprehensive conference program with various talks from executives from well-known companies such as Vodafone, NetCologne, M-net, and Netflix.

 If you want to exhibit at these exhibitions in Cologne, you first and foremost need an exhibition stand builder in Cologne. It can help you create modern, innovative, elegant exhibition stand designs. Expo Stand Services is an exhibition stand contractor that will support you in the optimal design of your exhibition stands. We offer a complete exhibition service to help you in various ways during the exhibition. Our support covers everything from the concept, construction, and production of exhibition stands to transportation, installation, and dismantling. ESS also offers comprehensive on-site support. Consider us if you are looking for an exhibition stand builder in Germany. We provide our customers with comprehensive services related to exhibitions.

Include the key elements in your stand and triumph the exhibit

exhibition stand design

Did you know that 67% of all exhibition visitors are prospects or potential customers of exhibitors? That means you have plenty of opportunities to make new contacts at your next exhibition. Do you want to exhibit at a show but need to learn how to design a creative exhibition stand that attracts visitors and effectively showcases your products? By preparing now, you can make smarter stand decisions that will serve you well—whether you want to reuse your setup every time or create a new layout for each venue. But first, you need to create an eye-catching display that strategically highlights your brand and draws in potential customers.

There are many ways to do this. One of the most effective ways to stand out at an exhibition is by using innovative exhibition stand design elements that will grab attention and attract visitors to your stand. This blog will teach you what creative elements to include in your presentation, including small details that can make a big impact.

Important elements you should ask your exhibition stand design company to include


Lighting is often overlooked by the more difficult aspects of creative exhibition stand design; it can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to draw attention to your brand. However, the stand could look more professional and efficient with proper use or lack of lighting.


Exhibitors often need to recognize the importance of furniture in their showroom; However, designing a showroom for an exhibition can make a huge difference. Not only does this help instil a sense of professionalism in potential clients, but it also helps ensure a smooth flow of every section of your exhibition, allowing visitors to easily navigate through each area without getting lost or wondering where to go.

Layout and flow

Your exhibition stand design and build are key to maximizing visitor engagement and ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. Carefully plan the placement of exhibits, displays and interactive elements to provide a logical flow and guide visitors through your stand. Consider setting up different areas on your stand to showcase specific products or services. Make sure each room is easily accessible and inviting.


Refrain from overstuffing items and make sure there is enough space between things. Should you put the prize in front of the reception? Or a small conference room in the back? Are the things you put serving their intended purpose? If not, then consider discarding them.


It would help if you created an intelligent graphic in your stand display. Colourful, full-sized graphics that convey the features and message of your business are acceptable. In addition, your pictures should have a high resolution.


While standard flooring can be bland or even clash with your brand colours and aesthetic, custom exhibition flooring offers several key advantages:

  • It can enhance the design of your exhibit by adding colour and texture
  • It can transform your stand into an inviting oasis
  • Popular types of exhibitions stand flooring

Here are just a few types of flooring options to consider and discuss with your exhibition stand design company:

  • Custom printed carpet- This playful option will help your exhibit to stand out truly
  • Plush carpet- This carpet is available in a variety of colours, styles, and thicknesses

Remember the tech

Tend to visitors’ expectations and develop an exhibition stand design that adds a touch of technological flair to your display. You can use tablet stands, interactive worktops, TV screens, or sockets for your visitors to charge their phones, to name a few.

Correct message

A simple, memorable and unique message is also important to a successful exhibition stand design and build. Companies can only communicate this message if they fully understand their stand’s goals and ambitions. Striking simplicity is key. Overbearing, boring and ineffective messages can drive users away quickly.


Showcases have been used to store valuables and display them to potential customers and buyers. Even today, they are among the most effective tools for product presentation at exhibitions. Window displays appear increasingly in retail stores, giving shoppers a closer look at the products than traditional displays.


If your company frequently attends exhibitions or intends to do so, investing in a reusable exhibition stand design is a good idea. Reusable racks are generally easy to assemble and disassemble. If you don’t have space to stow your roof rack, renting a is also a good option, but it might cost a bit more. If required, the portable and reusable stands can be customized and, if well maintained, can be used for multiple exhibitions.

Signage and Wayfinding

Clear and effective signage is essential to direct visitors, convey information and generate interest. Use eye-catching signage and turn-by-turn directions to direct foot traffic, highlight key features, and deliver important messages. Well-designed signage ensures visitors can easily navigate your stand, maximizes engagement and avoids confusion.


Your brand guidelines will determine the colour scheme of your exhibition stand design. There isn’t much room for innovation, nor is it necessary. Even simple ideas for exhibition stand design and build can be very effective. More collars can lead to more clutter, which reduces brand recall. Try to create the clearest and quickest brand association in the participant’s mind.

Text and typography

There is nothing worse in organizing exhibitions than drowning in piles of texts. More and more people rely on short, simple readers and appealing typography. Successful brands convey their identity in as few words as possible. Otherwise, they get lost in ​​terms most consumers don’t want to read.

Ease of use 

The key attribute of a good exhibition stand design and build is its welcoming appearance. The intricate design of an exhibition stand can overwhelm or even wipe out your brand and product. Your product and brand should always be the main attraction of the stand. Evaluate whether the product is cheap or belongs to the luxury category and design the stand accordingly. The success of your exhibition also depends on how you intend to entertain and retain your audience. You need to develop ideas to ensure viewers spend proportionately more time at your stand than others.

In the ever-evolving world of exhibition stand design, certain elements have stood the test of time and remain effective in creating attention-grabbing, memorable experiences. From thoughtful space planning to engaging interactive features, strong branding, attention-grabbing graphics and strategic lighting, these timeless design elements play a central role in a successful exhibition stand If you are looking for exceptional exhibition stand designs, partner with us, a renowned exhibition stand design company known for our expertise in delivering engaging and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression on your visitors. 

The significance of multiple stand designs and the role of the builders

exhibition stand builder in Italy

When it comes to designing a trade show booth, the most important aspect goes to brand representation. And with the help of any skilled exhibition stand builder in Italy, exhibitors easily can create compelling designs. Apart from standing out from the competition, there are other compelling reasons for which, tailored stand design is necessary. Such as:

Target audience alignment:

It is a known fact that each exhibition and industry attracts a distinct audience with specific interests and needs. When a complacent exhibition stands contractor in Italy tailors booth designs to ensure that they resonate with and engage the target audience effectively.

Relevance to industry trends:

Industries evolve, and trade shows often highlight the latest trends and innovations. Customized booth designs can showcase a company’s alignment with these trends, conveying relevance and industry leadership.

Brand consistency:

A concrete brand identity within an exhibition stand is pivotal for an exhibitor’s successful participation. And it is only possible if an expert exhibition stand builder in Italy, skillfully develops crafty stand designs. Exhibitors around the world, do their research for the finest stand builders because tailored designs provide guaranteed results. Sound builders manufacture elusive designs that are modern, sleek, and appeasing in every aspect. An exhibition stand wrapped in pure brand consistency.

Highlighting product or service diversity:

Different exhibitions may focus on various aspects of companies offering their products and services. That’s why, different designs that accent different specific aspects of the brand, are important for every exhibitor. A creatively spontaneous exhibition stand builder in Italy like Expo Stand Services, always comes up with designs that help their clients get the attention of the visitors. Such designs also help showcase the diversity of the brand of their clients.

Competitive advantage:

With all the elements placed correctly on the stand, it becomes the perfect place for other companies as well. This leads to potential collaborations that create a lasting impact on the industry. When an exhibition stand contractor in Italy makes an effective collaboration with an exhibitor, they gain a competitive advantage.

Customer expectations:

When an exhibition takes place, the visitors have certain expectations from the exhibitors. And they can only be met if they take the services of an exhibition stand builder in Italy, or wherever around the world irrespective of the industry.
All these points, apart from highlighting the significance of creative stand layouts in different industries. However, all of them have something in common. The fact that all those feats can be achieved with effectively collaborating with an exhibition stand contractor in Italy and a brand, is evident.

The effective relationship between the builders and the exhibitors

There are many reasons reflecting on why it is important to understand the relationship of an exhibition stand builder in Italy with its clients. One of them is because it is the basis of succeeding in the exhibition. Below are some other important pointers that can help you understand this relationship in depth:

Exponential growth:

On the top of the list, is the fact that an association with the perfect exhibition stand builder in Italy can make all the difference. Not only an exhibitor will get the best design for their stand, but they will also get access to doing it the perfect way. This will help them gain market share at an impressive rate.

Global recognition:

Another major benefit of undertaking exhibition stand design services in Italy or any exhibition hosting giant is that every exhibitor ends up with positive global recognition. It is the aim of every exhibitor to get as much market as they can. After every plan and strategy, hiring the best stand builder stands to be the most important decision for every company. That is the reason why whenever there is an exhibition in Europe, the demand for the perfect exhibition stand contractor in Italy, skyrockets.

Enhanced Return on Investment (ROI):

Whenever an exhibitor establishes a successful relationship with its stand builder, it ensures successful participation. And the reason for that fact is that an exhibitor always gets proper guidance from expert stand-building companies. Any exhibition stand builder in Italy for instance, will always ensure that their client is well-equipped enough to excel. Being familiar with market trends, technology advancements, and all other aspects is equally important than intending to participate. This ensures a significant increase in the overall ROI, as well as popularity. A customized stand always appeals to the audience, but it also helps in increasing the sales of the brand.

Brand placement:

When the finest exhibition stand contractor in Italy takes up the responsibility of coming up with a stand, it pays attention to effective brand placement. Brand elements such as slogans, taglines, and digital signage, are strategically placed all over the stand, by the team of professionals. Expert stand contracts are effectively trained in making all the adjustments that ensure the perfect identity of the brand, in every respect.

Curating unmatched experiences:

When an exhibitor gets hold of the services of the best exhibition stand builder, they get the benefit of creating customer experiences that are second to none. That’s why it goes without saying that one of the major roles of an exhibition stand builder in Italy is to develop a happening stand. Built in a way that leaves space for every shade of the exhibition hall.

Where can you find the best stand builders for your brand?

For every exhibitor, who is looking for the finest exhibition stand builder in Italy, choosing exposed services can be the most viable option. An important reason for this fact is that they have experience in catering to industries on a global scale. They not only hold expertise in building different styles of exhibition stands, but they also believe in perfection dedicatedly.
It is because of their unwavering dedication towards perfection, that they are conveniently spontaneous with multiple creative stand designs. In a nutshell, choosing ESS is the single decision that can ensure the success of any exhibitor in any industry. So don’t wait, look up on the internet and book their services today.

Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Munich, Germany 2023, 2024 & 2025

Top 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Munich, Germany 2023, 2024 & 2025

Did you know that Germany hosts around two-thirds of the annual exhibitions worldwide? Did you also know that some famous exhibits come from Germany? Munich is a major city in Germany and hosts many influential exhibitions. Exhibitions are helpful for any business, whether a small startup or an established company. It offers companies many opportunities, e.g., they enable you to establish and maintain profitable business contacts, exchange valuable ideas and concepts, and learn about the latest industry trends and technologies. Suppose you want to make an unforgettable impression on potential customers at an exhibition. In that case, you need to work with an experienced and reliable booth builder in Munich to build a stand that turns your vision into reality.

From exhibitions to social media, how digitization influences how marketing techniques are implemented is endless. The year 2024 is fast approaching. We are here again to blog about the most important exhibitions in Munich, Germany, in 2023-2024-2025. The list of exhibitions is long, but here we are presenting you the 6 most visited exhibitions in Munich, Germany, and we hope to help you plan your exhibition visit in Germany in 2023-2024.

IBA Munich 2023

Date: 22.10.2023 – 26.10.2023

IBA is the world’s leading bakery, confectionery, and snack food industry exhibition and offers a unique platform to present the latest trends and innovations. It is a comprehensive overview of the innovations introduced in the industry and a platform for recognizing and presenting innovations. From baking ingredients and raw materials to packaging and logistics, IBA Munich 2023 will cover the entire bakery, confectionery, and catering industry supply chain. The leading exhibition not only convinces international exhibitors, who can present themselves and make new contacts thanks to innovative participation opportunities. Cuba’s digital network connected more than 8,000 unique users from 136 countries and exchanged knowledge and best practices on the latest baking trends and the new handicraft market.

The IBA Munich 2023 will also bring together professional decision-makers from the bakery, confectionery, and food retail industries. The IBA Munich takes place every three years at the Munich Exhibition Center. IBA Munich 2023 will offer industry professionals an unprecedented opportunity to network and network.

Productronica Munich 2023

Date: 14.11.2023 – 17.11.2023

Productronica is the world’s leading exhibition focused on electronic innovations and products. The Productronica Munich 2023 is unique and covers many current and future high technology and system solutions. Productronica Munich 2023 will bring together all relevant products and technologies for bakeries and confectionery companies of all sizes, decision-makers in the bakery and confectionery industry, and food retailers. The conference is considered the primary and most significant industry gathering of the year because its product range covers the manufacturing of printed circuit boards and various circuit carriers, from soldering technology to component assembly technology and cable processing to electronics manufacturing. The topics range from raw materials, baking ingredients, and frozen baked goods to production and packaging technology, process optimization, information technology, and complete interior design for bakeries, confectionery shops, and cafes at Productronica Munich 2023.

Semicon Europa Munich 2023

Date: 14.11.2023 – 17.11.2023

Semicon Europa is among Europe’s most significant international semiconductor equipment, materials, and services exhibitions. The entire microelectronics value chain will fill the Messe München exhibition, bringing together business and technology leaders, investors, and R&D representatives. The Semicon Europa Munich 2023 will focus on critical issues and challenges in the microelectronics field. Attending Semicon Europa Munich 2023 will provide excellent networking and learning opportunities for companies looking to scale and automate their engineering deliverables sustainably.

The custom-built platform will be offered to companies that provide equipment, materials, and services for semiconductor manufacturing, including wafer fabrication, testing, and packaging. Exhibitors come to the show to gain insights, find solutions to overcome supply chain disruptions and strategize for the future. The Semicon Europa Munich 2023 will showcase the latest products and innovations in semiconductor technology, which will be at the center of the show, including thin film and processor technology, photovoltaic systems and materials, solar modules, and displays. Semicon Europa Munich 2023 will have an outstanding program of educational and entertainment content to accompany its impressive technology show. Particular attention is being paid to the needs of a growing application market, requiring the development of specialized materials, packaging, testing, and innovative structures and processes. Several conferences and free programs powered by IMEC will focus on the most critical industry topics during each phase of the forum, including the Executive Forum, TechARENA, and ITF Beyond 5G. Visitors to Semicon Europa Munich 2023 can look forward to interactive networking opportunities over the four days of the exhibition.

ISPO Munich 2023

Date: 28.11.2023 – 30.11.2023

As the leading international trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion, Ispo presents the latest trends in sporting goods and clothing. As Europe’s leading sports trade fair, ISPO Munich 2023 will attract more than 80,000 professionals to get a comprehensive overview of the sports, outdoor, and active lifestyle industry. In addition to creating a powerful hub for the outdoor and sports industry, the main goal of ISPO Munich 2023 is to promote sustainable businesses and support connections between good companies and entrepreneurs. The exhibition returns with a new pavilion plan that guides visitors through the product offering to the five main themes of the show: Outdoor, Future Lab, Snow Sports, Padel Village, Textrends, and Sourcing. 2,800 exhibitors from Germany and abroad present a wide range of products and services to an audience from 120 countries. Access showcases and demos on hot topics across all Future Lab subject areas including Sustainability Hub, Retail & Digital Hub, ISPO Awards Showcase, and more. The ISPO Academy is a must for anyone seeking knowledge.

Inhorgenta Munich 2024

Date: 16.02.2024 – 19.02.2024

The Inhorgenta Munich is a renowned international exhibition for jewelry, lifestyle, and watches and the most critical platform for presenting products from the entire industry. The annual exhibition is only open to trade visitors. At Inhorgenta Munich 2024, exhibitors will present their latest jewelry and watch collections for the coming season. The companies exhibiting at the fair include jewelry designers, goldsmiths, and electroplating companies. Exhibitors include watchmakers, gold and goldsmiths, appraisers, gemmologists, mineralogists, jewelry designers, engravers, opticians, and electroplating companies. At Inhorgenta Munich 2024, you can learn a wide range of information about the industry, including the latest products, trends, technologies, and developments. You can learn about the latest trends, products, developments, and technologies.

The Inhorgenta Munich 2024 will be rounded off by a rich program consisting of numerous seminars and panel discussions on watches and jewelry Subjects. Thanks to the stable growth in exhibitors and visitors from year to year, INHORGENTA has become a must-attend event for professionals in watchmaking, precious stones, jewelry, accessories, and tools and equipment for jewelry making. In the lifestyle forum Tens & Vision, a space for innovation, novelties, and visions, bridges are built between design, science, art, fashion, cinema, and architecture.

The Inhorgenta Munich 2024 will present a wide range of products in six exhibition areas. The show will accompany an extensive educational program, with renowned speakers addressing critical topics, including standard practices, industry challenges, and upcoming trends and innovative solutions.

ICE Europe Munich 2025

Date: 11.03.2025 – 13.03.2025

ICE Europe is a highly specialized exhibition that converts web materials such as paper, film, foil, and nonwovens. The ICE Europe Munich 2025 will offer an ideal platform for suppliers, buyers, resellers, consultants, and developers to make new business contacts, discover solutions, and evaluate market trends. Numerous exhibitors will present their machines and services in all essential processing areas, such as coating and laminating, drying and curing, cutting and wrapping, and finishing, at ICE Europe Munich 2025. The ICE Europe Munich 2025 visitors will witness the trends and advancement in the major industrial sectors, including food, pharmaceutical/healthcare/medical, furniture, electronics, textiles, construction, automotive, textiles/nonwovens, and agriculture.

Would you like to participate in the above exhibition? Expo Stand Services is your ideal partner for designing and constructing exhibition stands in Munich. Whether you’re a top company in the business world or a start-up looking to impress event attendees, you need a gorgeous exhibition stand design. We offer attractive, innovative, cost-effective custom stands that will stand out at your event. Getting thousands of potential customers to visit your stand and contact your business is no easy task. Our dedicated team ensures that our clients achieve the desired results and ensure their marketing plans’ success.

As experienced stand builders, we know all about the different types of stand designs, and the latest trends in custom exhibition stand design are the best choice. Comprised of an excellent team of experienced stand builders, some have produced excellent results and won many victories. We serve across the globe and appreciate the strong connections that make similar services possible. All these factors make us the best and leading Exhibition stand builder!

ESS reigns in the position of best exhibition stand contractor in London

exhibition stand contractor in London

Visiting exhibitions can be an excellent idea for any company, and with us is the best as ESS is an exhibition stand contractor in London specializing in exhibition management with stand design excellence. London’s leading exhibitions are the best platform for promoting products and services on international markets. And for that, we offer a one-stop shop for all your exhibition needs and cater to UK and overseas services. Attending exhibitions can bring many business benefits, helping exhibitors generate leads, increase product awareness, and network with select customers. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures our clients achieve the desired results and contribute to their marketing plans’ success. We all know that exhibitions attract many visitors, which is why it becomes increasingly important to present the brand in such a crowded place.

Do you need a professional exhibition stand design company in London like us? Then continue reading, and you’ll know the reasons.

Necessity of good exhibition stand contractors in London

  • With the help of a solid exhibition stand contractor in London, you can decide which structure suits your presentation best and focus on other aspects.
  • All business owners value setting up a stand at any exhibition as it offers unmatched advertising revenue. 
  • Companies also attend several local and national events each year, as these prove to be great business opportunities. 
  • At the same time, our team of experts creates an impressive stand design for your next exhibition. A good exhibition stand design company in London will help you have an unforgettable experience.
  • Since they can see how their ideas and customer requirements fit together, stand builders naturally have an eye on what works and what doesn’t. We can highlight the critical aspects of preparing for a successful exhibition with a fantastic stand design. Now let’s know how to have a good exhibition stand design.

Essential elements of an exhibition stand design

Relevant graphics

A stand design with appropriate graphics would look clear and complete. 


Each stand design serves as a tool to support the exhibitor’s marketing objectives. Defining the goals is one of the most critical steps in exhibition stand design planning.

The customer is guaranteed a stand that reflects the market campaign and the best possible price within the agreed delivery time. Finally, suppose you have the motive to exhibit at one of the most creative and unique exhibition stands. Now let’s know more about us.

Why choose us as your exhibition stand design company in London?

We have a professional and experienced team of skilled printing engineers, custom display designers, and custom display manufacturers. To ensure the success of the most critical day, exhibitors should opt for the best exhibition stand contractor in London: ESS. We provide our services across the world. We are grateful for our strong relationships that allow us to do the same. ESS is the most trusted and respected exhibition stand design company in London.

Our turnkey exhibition stand solutions include 3D stand design, project management, stand documentation submission, transportation, set-up, and troubleshooting throughout your event. We are a German company that offers services throughout Europe. Today, we successfully cooperate with many well-known brands and organize successful exhibitions. As part of our turnkey service, we offer three purchasing options: 

  • tailor-made exhibition stands, 
  • rental exhibition stands, and 
  • hybrid exhibition stand 

We have been dealing with exhibition buildings since 2008. Our exhibition stands are constructed by our hardworking craftsmen, who create unique designs for exhibition stands, paying attention to every detail mentioned by customers. With years of experience in the exhibition industry, we offer ample creative stand design ideas that can be tailored to your brand’s guidelines and requirements.

What makes us the best exhibition stand contractor in London?

At a transparent price, we take care of everything from stand design and construction to logistics, set-up, and dismantling, including project management.

We serve several brands and have accumulated countless experiences helping companies achieve their goals. We offer a 100% stand-build guarantee service, allowing you to photograph your stand’s final look weeks before your exhibition to avoid last-minute problems. Our production and printing shops offer our customers complete solutions in the design, construction, and graphics of exhibition stands, thus guaranteeing quality assurance.

What do we offer as an exhibition stand design company in London?

We are an exhibition stand contractor in London with years of experience in design and construction. We take a creative approach when designing display stands for our valued clients. Together, we can create a package that suits your needs, regardless of industry. We offer comprehensive services and exhibition stand construction as an exhibition stand contractor in London. We take care of everything from start to finish and have built long-term customer relationships for many years.

For companies that want to go that extra mile and stay on top, we can take your projects to the next level. We know how important a well-designed stand is! As a pioneer exhibition stand contractor in London, we build and supply world-class display stands with the highest precision and technical specifications.

To conclude, if you are looking for a competent exhibition stand design company in London with its production unit, you have come to the right place! Contact one of our experts with your guidelines for a flawless stand design, and we can begin the design process. We offer custom exhibition stands tailored to your industry and business needs, most amazingly and creatively!

How a modular stand design can benefit your brand exhibit?

modular stand design

The modular stand design is an exhibition system with prefabricated and interchangeable elements. These components are typically lightweight and can be easily assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured to create various stand configurations and designs to suit your needs and venue. This makes them an ideal option if you visit multiple exhibitions, as reusing them can save you a lot of time and money, both in stand construction and logistics. In addition, they are easy to transport and store and take up less space than custom stands.

With years of experience designing and building modular exhibition stands, we are your trusted partner for quality reusable displays. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a stand that reflects your brand and captures your audience’s attention. Here are the advantages of a modular stand design

Perks of having modular exhibition stands

The exhibition area develops dynamically every year. Thousands of exhibitions are held in other parts of the world every year. The exhibition promotes the company and increases its visibility. In such a scenario, exhibitors look for the cheapest solutions. Modular exhibition stands are one of the cheapest and most successful options. It is a flexible and environmentally friendly exhibition stand.

Here are some advantages of modular exhibition stands


The modular stand design has been designed to adapt to all exhibitions in the exhibition calendar. This type of stand construction is durable. If you decide also to use materials such as FSC-certified wood, ecological wood, or reusable cardboard, the ecological footprint can be further reduced.


The modular exhibition stands are built from light but high-quality materials. This makes the stands very portable and easy to transport to different locations.

Flexible design offers many possibilities

Modular exhibition stands to meet any requirements for the presence of the brand shortly. Most brands know if they need a TV, a counter, or a private space with furniture to talk to potential customers. These needs complement the goals that brands want to achieve through their presentation. While the needs may be different, they are seldom opposite. One show may require a television and counter, while the next may require adding product presentations. It makes a lot of sense to consider these factors when designing a modular exhibition stand. It allows you to create a flexible stand that can quickly adapt to exhibition goals and any combination of spaces needed.

Reusable exhibition stand

The advantage of a modular stand design is that it can be used multiple times. Any damaged part can be easily replaced individually without compromising the integrity of the wearer. By changing a few graphics or tweaking the design slightly, you can reflect the changes you want to make to the program.

Strong brand identity

Once you’ve decided on the modular stand design, it’s time to work out your brand identity down to the last detail. This way, the modular stand design can be used for all exhibitions in the exhibit calendar. Since each exhibition has a different floor space, each stand will require a different structure and content, but the brand identity will remain the same, making the stand recognizable. 


When purchased from a reputable manufacturer, the modular exhibition stands are lightweight yet extremely sturdy. 

Cost-effective display method

Modular exhibition stands are a cost-effective way to exhibit, as the stands can be rearranged to take advantage of the available space at exhibitions. Deciding to do this can be difficult. Returning to the standard display method will result in inconsistent branding, and you will pay a lot for a large stand that you can only use once a year. 


The modular exhibition stand is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move to different locations. Designed for easy packing and portability, you can easily transport your display to various exhibitions.

Easy install

Modular exhibition stands are easy to install and remove. The entire setup takes very little time compared to other exhibition stands. Graphic panels and lighting can also be easily installed. 

Easy transportation

The modular stand design is easy to transport due to its compact packaging and easy-to-carry case. These suitcases are practical and easy to carry on your travels. This allows you to move your stand from one exhibition to another without having to hire heavy vehicles to move your stand. 

Investing in future exhibitions

A modular stand design extensively invests your brand’s future exposure. With a modular stand, you pay for a stand that can be used repeatedly to support your exhibition efforts and promote your brand. Modular exhibition stands allow you to achieve a uniform look for your brand at multiple exhibitions annually. If buying a stand is not yet an option for your company, you can find cheap rental stands here.

Choose us for the best modular stand design

Expo Stand Services is a well-known name in the exhibition industry and has firmly established itself as the leading exhibition stand builder and designer. Not only has the stand design and building company demonstrated its expertise in the manufacture of stands, but it can also accommodate both forms of stand design, whether a bespoke stand or a modular stand.

A popular form of exhibition stand design, also known as portable exhibition stands. Modular stand design is designed, manufactured, and supplied by ESS at the most competitive price and in short lead times with fast turnaround. At ESS, you will find a large selection of modular exhibition stands tailored to your needs, requirements, and preferences.

Everything you need for your exhibit is at Expo Stand Services

exhibition stand builders in Germany

At ESS, we offer a complete and extensive service. We cover all process phases, from design and construction to storage. ESS is one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Germany. We carry out exhibition construction projects for our customers and specialize in the creative construction of exhibition stands, pavilions, and exhibitions. The company has production facilities and sales offices across the globe. This includes, among other things: 

  • 3D brand presentation, 
  • concepts, 
  • designs, 
  • production and 
  • assembly of exhibition stands.

With our offices across Europe, we support our clients in building and hosting custom stands that fit brand requirements and develop a unique methodology. As a leading exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, we offer comprehensive exhibition stand design and production services in Europe and the UK.

To guarantee our customers a highly efficient service, all of our manufacturing facilities are under one roof, and our teams work closely together to provide comprehensive support and solutions anywhere in the world. From start to finish, we discuss all the necessary aspects for a stress-free visit to the exhibition.

Why are we among the best exhibition stand builders in Germany?

Expo Stand Services has completed ample stand design, engineering, and construction projects with high customer satisfaction across Europe. Thanks to our 100% in-house design and manufacture, we can offer our customers the best possible offer.

We are a professional exhibition stand contractor company in Germany with a unique and well-established identity, constantly striving to create designs with unforgettable visual appeal. Leveraging our experience as an exhibition stand contractor, we have expanded our geographic reach over the years, developed visionaries, and created exhibition stand designs of the highest quality. The aim is to create a complete and integrated whole that represents a unique and welcoming presence at an exhibition so that visitors, often surrounded by competing demands for attention, are lured to a specific stand.

How do we create a successful exhibition stand?

Our process begins with understanding the needs of our valued customers. Our project manager will first discuss this with our customers. We then design, adapt, manufacture, transport, assemble, dismantle, and store the exhibition stand for later use at the next exhibition.

Understanding the goals

Our dedicated teams first understand our client’s goals and objectives and then work closely with them to design unique exhibition stands in Germany.

3D Views

Our graphic designer converts the customer’s vision into a photorealistic 3D animation and helps him to see the status from all sides before production.


Once clients are satisfied with their stand design, we start designing their stunning display, custom-tailored to their brand’s needs.

Build and install

We have a highly qualified team dealing with the production and assembly of exhibition stands. Our in-house teams set up the stand and ensure easy shipping and onsite installation.

Site monitoring

We provide comprehensive support to our customers. From planning to accommodation and removal, we can help you create an unforgettable exhibition experience with a single phone call.

Removal and storage

For the ultimate stress-free experience, we will dismantle the exhibition stand for you and store it for later use. ESS’s exclusive stand designs are developed under the supervision of designers with decades of experience. Our world-class turnkey solutions have enabled thousands of companies to enjoy a hassle-free exhibition experience. This includes all essential services such as installation, planning, logistics, and demolition if you are stranded due to noise during the exhibition.

Opt for us as your exhibition stand contractor company in Germany and excel at display ground

Exhibitor messages and branding are effectively communicated through thoughtful and custom stand designs. We have top-notch onsite support, so you have nothing to worry about. With this service, our team members will be onsite throughout the exhibition to resolve any confusion. We combine technology and artistic expertise to bring international quality standards to the exhibition venue.

Simply arrive at the venue, submit your offerings, and leave once the exhibition ends. We will handle the rest with our expertise and experience. These qualities and work patterns ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers, making us a leading exhibition stand contractor company in Germany. To ensure your exhibition runs smoothly, we offer a complete range of exhibition stand design, construction, and onsite support. We always excel at providing the best exhibition stand designs on the market. ESS team has its design studio to support you in providing customized services.

Why is Expo Stand Services the best choice of exhibition stand builders in Germany? 

Our company is one of Germany’s world’s leading exhibition stand builders because of our real-time response according to the industry and business conditions. You visualize, and we make it real. Our knowledgeable team will work with your representative to determine your promotional goals and needs.

To expand our local presence and offer exhibition services in established markets, our team strives to build a scalable and sustainable business. We aim to cover more geographic footprints while providing comprehensive exhibition stand solutions with our knowledgeable staff. As we do not limit our exhibition stand design services to geographical borders or industries, we intend to extend our wings as an exhibition stand contractor across cultural and linguistic borders. Our qualified graphic designer will create the perfect design to meet your business goals.

Timely deliveries

With the support and commitment of our active teams, ESS carries out projects according to international quality standards and always on time. Our commitment to our services, coupled with short delivery times and strict quality standards, facilitates process improvement if we invest time upfront in prioritizing and organizing as needed. This makes us the best exhibition stand builders in Germany.

Own production facilities

At ESS, we offer the best service and exhibition opportunities, all under one roof. All these exhibition services are provided onsite; This includes exhibition stand design, manufacturing, installation, and dismantling. We save time and make it easier for clients to focus on other essential aspects of their brand.

Innovative and creative custom design

We help companies and their brands embody themselves in a way that customers can identify. We love the power of simplicity and the essence of aesthetics in our brand design and communication. Therefore, with the help of our design specialists, we have developed our unique design language to give this brand a communicative appeal through the stand design tailored to customer expectations.

We are market experts in providing exhibition stands such as custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition stands, country pavilions, multi-story exhibition stands, furniture manufacturing, etc. As a reliable and trusted exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are responsible for high-end companies worldwide. Your search for the best exhibition stand builders in Germany ends here. We have worked for e-cigarettes, biological products, fruits, vegetables, printing, electronics, aerospace, chemical, automotive, rubber, pharmaceutical, artificial intelligence industry, data services, jewelry, food, cosmetics, exhibition, machinery and security engineering, Information, painting, and much more.

Our display services help our clients display their brands on the display floor. Our showroom service does not end with the setup; we are at your disposal until the last market day to solve market problems. If you are looking for the best exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, contact us for the best!

Elevating the brand presence through skilled stand builders

exhibition stand builder in Barcelona

Exhibition stand builders have been considered as the architects of brands in the world of exhibition. Their craft extends beyond construction; as it’s about curating experiences that resonate with visitors on a profound level. Every exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, by infusing technology, creativity, and strategic design into every stand, creates extraordinary stands. These fixtures transcend the stand into a captivating station that entertains every visitor and makes every presentation enigmatic. 

As integral partners in the success of a trade show, exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona and their customization capabilities are a must. The reason for involving an exhibition stand builder is that their ingenuity and attention to detail shape the narrative of brand interaction in the exhibition.

Exhibition stand builders play a significant role in effectively elevating the brand presence of their clients at exhibitions. Along with their clients, the exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona weave compelling narratives that resonate with the audience. 

Stand builders and how they elevate brand presence  

Below are some of the reasons that showcase how an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona contributes to enhancing brand presence:

  • Design alignment: 

Investing in the finest stand builders, helps exhibitors witness how meticulously they align the designs with the brand’s elements. The visual representation of the brand is refined when the builders design a stand that accents the brand’s vision, values, and identity. Once a stand is visually interesting, it becomes a powerful tool for conveying the brand’s essence to the attendees. 

  • Distinctive visual identity: 

With a keen eye for design, builders create stands that stand out in a sea of competitors everywhere. A stand with a unique visual identity not only attracts attention but also leaves a lasting impression on the attendees. This helps the exhibitors to witness organic growth throughout the exhibition, as well as in the global market.  

  • Creative storytelling:

The finest exhibition stand builder in Barcelona will creatively translate brand stories into tangible experiences. Through innovative elements, graphics, and layouts, they create a visual representation for the visitors that pulls them to the brand. 

  • Immersive experiences:

Dynamic stands designed by the best exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona, engage multiple senses, creating immersive environments. Incorporating interactive and sensory elements helps forge deeper connections with attendees. Technological amalgamations like social media walls, and virtual and augmented reality help create a cohesive experience for all individuals. 

  • Functionality and flow:

Builders optimize the stand’s layout for seamless flow and functionality. Well-designed spaces encourage visitors to explore the stand and engage with the products and services. A seamless experience on an exhibition stand is also appreciated by every visitor around the world, as it showcases both professionalism and intellect. Also, the easier to navigate through the stand, the better are the chances of being recalled by customers worldwide. 

  • Innovation and technology:

The exhibition stand builder in Barcelona you hire will integrate the latest technologies, such as interactive touchscreens, so as to engage and educate visitors. As mentioned earlier, cutting-edge technology helps a great deal when it comes to creating an environment for visitors. However, it’s also helpful in highlighting the brand’s forward-thinking approach. 

  • Audience interaction:

It’s important for every exhibitor to understand their target audience so that they can come up with specified pre-show marketing strategies. These strategies include surveys and campaigns about the products and services launched by the exhibitor. Once the audience is determined, the exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona tailor the stand’s design and features to resonate with the preferences and interests of the attendees. Doing so rekindles the faith that the audience has in the brand. 

  • Branded environment:

As soon as an exhibitor hires an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, the builders create immersive branded environments that transport visitors into the brand’s world. In layman’s terms, skilled stand builders always find a way to create an ambiance that’s engrossed in the brand’s element. These types of arrangements on the stand, evoke emotions, reinforce messaging, and create memorable interactions. 

  • Consistency and recognition:

Skilled exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona ensure consistency across all branding elements. From logo placement to color scheme, they reinforce brand recognition that enhances the overall identity of the brand. An exhibition stand that’s uniformly built keeping in mind the brand’s essence, is the best candidate for anyone looking for collaboration. Apart from collaborations, a uniformly designed stand is also universally recognized by every visitor, as it adds to its appeal. 

The quest of finding the most suitable exhibition stand builder!

Be it an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, or in any part of the world, as long as an exhibitor hires a skilled firm for their stand, they’ll get the best results. Although it is important to know about the roles and significance of a stand builder, it’s equally important to know where to find one. Speaking of finding stand builders, the search for the best one, is what excites most exhibitors. 

That said, if anyone finds themselves dwelling between choices for a suitable exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, the smartest thing to do, would be to choose Expo Stand Services. One fact that makes ESS the finest option for every exhibitor, is their client-centric approach. It’s their approach that makes their clients have faith in their services, as they keep them in the loop as well. 

Another important aspect that makes Expo Stand Services the best exhibition stand builder in Barcelona is its dedicated team. It’s their team full of skilled designers and artisans that made it possible for them to come up with exceptional designs. And these are the designs that help every exhibitor in every industry. So, what are you waiting for? The next time you’re looking for the finest exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, remember to look up on the internet and book the services of Expo Stand Services. Once you choose them, you get to know what goes into the minds of the experts in stand building industry. 

Why to opt for a custom exhibition stand?

custom exhibition stand

Pretty attractive and practical, isn’t it? What do you think of a custom exhibition stand? Customization of exhibit stands is crucial for maximum exhibition success, visibility, and customer retention. Don’t you know? Do not worry. We got you! Exhibition stand design is a trend for businesses, allowing them to grow and gain more excellent benefits, even in the most miniature categories. Such events are an essential opportunity for companies to establish their brand position, launch new products, and reach a broader customer base.

Scroll through this article to learn more about the benefits of a custom exhibition stand design. An essential factor for your success at exhibitions is the quality and attractiveness of your exhibition stand. That’s why personalization is so essential to achieving your goals. Think about it: if exhibition stand design is so eye-catching, what if they were custom designed? When you customize your exhibition stand, not only does it look amazing, but it also offers many other benefits that we will discuss in this article.

Advantages of a custom exhibition stand design

Custom for your brand: 

One of the key benefits of custom exhibition stand design is creating a stand that perfectly matches your brand identity. Custom stands allow you to place unique colors, logos, graphics, and your branding message. This will set you apart from the competition and increase brand awareness among visitors. You can create a consistent brand experience that leaves a lasting impression with a consistent design.

Unforgettable first impression:

Is an excellent first impression important? Yes, it is essential. According to psychologists, getting rid of a negative first impression is almost impossible. When your company attends exhibitions and events, the focus should be on the impression you make. If your job is to attract potential customers, you should never leave visitors’ first impressions to chance, especially when you can influence the design of an exhibition stand. It would help if you did everything possible to make your exhibition stand out and impress and delight audiences. Those good first impressions lead to a connection or sale, while negative impressions evoke a negative connotation. You don’t get a second chance in the salon to make an unforgettable first impression.

Biggest wins: 

By creating something unique, you provide a better experience and leave a lasting impression that converts to potential customers. A custom exhibition stand you can use and reuse is a good investment. Exhibiting your business on a custom stand dramatically increases your chances of a return on investment.

Promote your brand:

Brand awareness is a crucial factor affecting sales. The Expo is an excellent opportunity for customers to experience and bond with your brand. A custom exhibition stand makes perfect sense when the goal is to get your brand known.

Customized to meet specific exhibit needs: It’s easy to remember and the perfect blend of your brand logo, tagline, and business values, making you more likely to get noticed. A custom exhibition stand design allows you to focus on teaching and demonstrating. This lets you leave a lasting impression on your customers and help them remember your brand.

Providing flexibility:

Custom exhibition stand designs can be engineered to optimize the available space. Depending on the stand, we can change the layout, size, and space to design and build a customized exhibition stand according to your purpose. A custom stand design includes features that can be modified for future events.

Generate enthusiasm: 

Customizing your stand creates a spark that directly attracts customers by creating excitement. The combination of social media image and psychological impact can make you a brand to ignore, even if unintentional.

Helps you stick to your budget:

Managing finances wisely is essential for continued success and longevity. 

Maximizes use of space:

 The custom exhibition stand lets you make the most of the available space. They are designed to fit seamlessly into your intended exhibition space, efficiently using every square foot. This increases visitor flow and improves the overall functionality and visual appeal of your stand.

How to make an attractive custom exhibition stand design?

Do not exceed the text:

Too much text in a slogan or image can make reading difficult or even discourage visitors from reading it. So, it would help to strike the right balance between stunning images and textual information to grab people’s attention while delivering your core message. Font, text size, and color are essential for stand design. Work with professional designers who pay attention to detail to ensure that even the most minor details make all the difference in your custom exhibition stand design.

Keep brand consistency:

An exhibition stand is a unique element of a company’s marketing strategy. Therefore, each stand’s design must be consistent with all other corporate branding elements. The logo, colors, stripes, and documentation on the screen should accurately reflect your brand image and make you instantly recognizable. New customers you meet at the exhibition are likely to join you later and explore your company’s website.

Make your stand interactive:

Fun gadgets, technology, and video content are great tools for attracting visitors to your custom exhibition stand and engagingly providing more technical information about your product or service. 

Make your entry:

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so take it! Innovative and branded entrances for your exhibition can attract passers-by and provide a better user experience. Exhibit elements such as lounge areas and cafes can also help create a relaxing environment where visitors will want to spend a lot of time. So, it’s worth considering additional extras that might be useful for your target audience.

Use more light

The display lighting effectively highlights the best areas of your stand, especially when presenting a wide range of products. Spotlights and LED strips can affect the overall mood of your exhibition and enhance the atmosphere you want, whether it’s bright and colorful or more neutral and relaxed. This can be important even in a dimly lit room, so don’t overlook it!

Choose the right show

An impressive custom exhibition stand design is useless if you are not exhibiting at relevant industry exhibitions. With thousands of products to choose from, you need to do your homework to ensure you get a good return on your investment. Again, you need to consider your goals and audience and find programs that can provide a platform with a high return on investment.

Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany 2023–2024

Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany 2023–2024

Berlin is known for its many exhibitions. Exhibitions from various industries are held in Berlin, which offers excellent business and networking opportunities. This comprehensive guide covers the highlights, the latest updates, and what to expect from each exhibition. Let’s dive!

COSMETICA Berlin 2023

Date: November 18-19, 2023

COSMETICA Berlin has established itself as a global brand and is of great importance in creating an effective network between international players and visitors in the industry. It has established itself as a pioneering industry exhibition with follow-up exhibitions in Germany and combines business, education, communication, innovation, and entertainment under one roof.
The clear exhibition structure emphasizes quality and includes exhibition areas for decorative and care cosmetics and devices for beauty treatment. Vendors from local, regional, and global markets will showcase a unique yet diverse range of makeup, hair, nail, and beauty products.
At COSMETICA Berlin, a dedicated networking platform will help all attendees meet and exceed their business goals. Of particular note is the extensive supporting program at COSMETICA Berlin 2023, enriched by the exciting COSMETICA Newcomer Award, honoring the industry’s best newcomers.


Date: October 10-12, 2023

The INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin will cover all significant emerging trends along the entire value chain – from geographic information retrieval to data processing to embedded applications. Many exhibitors have already secured their participation in the exhibition, promising an exciting experience full of innovations and numerous networking opportunities.
The exciting and unconventional environment will provide a new impetus to INTERGEO’s domestic and international stakeholders. This exhibition shed light on geo-digitalization in government, business, and other fields. Dynamic solutions for intelligent cities, next-level BIM applications, and drones in readiness for continuous use in mobility and data collection: Berlin is a laboratory, a market, a showcase, and a resource. The exhibit will feature product pavilions, workshops, live demonstrations, and exhibitions. The conference program includes presentations, expert-led seminars, and panel discussions on current shows and other critical industry-related topics. INTERGEO 2023 runs parallel to its INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS, an exhibition dedicated to industrial drones for surveillance, construction, and transportation. Attendees can see and hear the latest models while gaining valuable industry know-how.

International Green Week Berlin 2024

Date: January 19-28, 2024

The show will only be open to participants with special needs related to the green sector. The exhibition is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and network with industry leaders in the heart of Europe. International Green Week 2024 Berlin will help you explore new trends in the market. Meet and connect with thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, and free spirits.

International Green Week 2024 Berlin is a platform for exhibitors to connect with various industry experts to explore the latest trends and innovations in the food industry, agriculture, and horticulture. International Green Week 2024 Berlin will be attended by around 13,000 online news and 700 TV channels. This unique exhibition brings together professionals and professionals from all over the world to discuss the latest developments in the industry. Attending exhibitions allows you to meet interested buyers and generate more leads for your business. International Green Week Berlin is the perfect place to showcase your products, network with industry experts, and explore the latest trends in the food industry, agriculture, and horticulture. International Green Week 2024 Berlin will see more than 1,400 exhibitors from 61 countries. In addition, you can participate in extensive support programs such as seminars and conferences and acquire valuable knowledge about food and agriculture.
An accompanying seminar highlight was GFFA, the global forum for food, agriculture, and rural development. Areas covered are German regions, world travel, green living, flower halls, animals, street food, gardens, homes, and gardens.

Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin

Date: February 7-9, 2024

The Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin is a crucial international fruit and vegetable trade exhibition. Here you will find, e.g. growers, traders, fresh produce producers, importers, exporters, breeders associations, seed companies, and marketing organizations. At Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin, the four main product areas are divided. The exhibition attracts critical players and provides a platform for networking with potential partners and customers. At the Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin, fresh products, organic products, and innovative equipment and machine solutions for all critical product categories will be presented.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet customers and suppliers, showcase your products and innovations, network with other industry professionals, expand your knowledge, and stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Numerous exhibitions are held at the center, bringing together renowned companies from over 80 countries in three main thematic areas: logistics, machinery/technology, and bio. The Fruit Logistica presents the best vegetables, fruits, herbs, and organic products. In addition, Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin will offer modern processing and packaging technology, machines, and logistics services in a separate segment. As part of the Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin, the Fresh Produce Forum brand support exhibition will focus on critical issues directly affecting the industry. With this exhibition, the fresh fruit trade can present its wide range of services along the value chain, from cultivation to POS. Short-term, target group orientation and, thus, high efficiency are the main features of Fruit Logistica.
Other exhibition elements worth seeing are the Start Day, the Future Lab, and the Technology Stage.

CMS Berlin 2023

Date: September 19-22, 2023

From indoor and outdoor cleaning products and machines to innovative hygiene products and technologies, property management and maintenance services, and software and business consulting, visitors to CMS Berlin 2023 can explore the wide range of products and services from over 450 exhibitors. The CMS Berlin 2023 participants will have the opportunity to contact buyers from the areas of cleaning, retail, HoReCa and healthcare, real estate management, and municipalities.

With 25,000 visitors from over 80 countries, the exhibition is the gateway to the international distribution market in Europe and abroad. A demanding program of special exhibitions will accompany the four days of CMS Berlin 2023.

The exhibition is divided into dedicated areas where various product categories are showcased.

  • Cleaning – machines, equipment, installations, accessories, dry cleaning
  • Management – asset management and software
  • Services – The CMS Practice Forums enable inspiring exchanges and in-depth discussions on key industry topics.

The CMS Berlin 2023 will also offer numerous networking platforms such as the CMS Practice Forum, Purus Innovation Awards, Innovation Circle, and Mobility Circle: the Purus Innovation Award and a unique outdoor showcase of high-quality concepts and innovative products. The show aims to create a unique atmosphere for promising start-ups and existing market participants. CMS Berlin 2023 will also host the 3rd installment of the exclusive Mobility Cleaning Circle networking exhibition, a platform that connects the transport, rail, and cleaning industries. The knowledge and experience gained at the exhibition will help everyone get a head start in the new fiscal year.

The Berlin exhibition may allow you to showcase your products and do business with buyers. So, plan your exhibit as per your brand with the assistance of an exhibition stand builder in Berlin.
Connect with our professional team, as we are a top exhibition stand builder in Berlin!