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Custom Exhibition Stand

Create a personalized and immersive exhibiting experience with a custom exhibition stand

With years of experience producing some of the finest exhibitions, the Expo Stand Services has an in-depth understanding of exhibiting. We are an award-winning exhibition stand builder. From conception to delivery, we work with you to give you the exposure you need to achieve your marketing communications goals. By combining intelligent design and functional space, we strive to create practical, interactive and engaging exhibition stands that connect your business with your customers. Our services include exhibition stand design and construction, custom installations and creative exhibition stands; all-powerful and memorable marketing tools are ideal for exhibitions across the globe each year. By doing all these things well, we ensure to engage your audience through engaging interactions and a clear message.

Creative approach by ESS for a result-oriented custom exhibition stand design

Our custom exhibition stand designs are created to deliver your message throughout the exhibit. We are an empirical design and construction complex specializing in the design, development, construction and implementation of exhibits. We work across all industries and sectors and are known for creating unique customer experiences on display grounds. Our services include the design and furnishing stands. The custom exhibition stand design can be used in any environment because we adapt them to your needs. Our team of experienced professionals works with the utmost care and with your needs and budget in mind.

Be the king at the display-ground with better exposure characteristics

  • We create exhibits for launching, promoting and presenting brands by designing beautiful stands that bring exhibitors dreams to life.
  • Our exhibition technicians know how to use fascinating graphics and fascinating technologies.
  • Working with our clients, our design team can design an eye-catching exhibition stand that considers your company’s goals and the message you want to convey. Therefore, we make the perfect exhibition stands to present your company.
  • Our team of experts can create high-quality 3D renderings to ensure our design is what you envisioned.
  • We work while keeping in mind that your company, products and employees are constantly on display, and the right stand can drive traffic by increasing their engagement with your product.
  • Our impressive stand will spark conversations about your company inside and outside the exhibition.
  • We combine creativity with strong design elements, to make a custom exhibition stand that leaves an unforgettable impression of your brand and business that resonates with your target audience. 

Just For You

Do good for your exhibit, have our custom stand

How we create the best stand for you as a custom exhibition stand builder?

Design ideas related to your brand

With your brand DNA at the core, your company's unique exhibition stand will be created, expressing your brand identity in its 3D form. The stand visitors are the focal point of the design concept and are designed based on an experiential mindset.

Perfect construction and finish

We don't just create the best stand designs. It also guarantees a perfect installation. The complex rigging, two-story structure, several hall pillars, outdoor equipment, etc., have realized the best display stand.

On-demand structural model

Upon customer request, we are happy to create a complete structural model of the stand design in our factory. Customers can view and interact with this model to better understand materials, structures and spaces.

Free 3d exhibition stand designs

With a clear overview and understanding of your company and its exhibition goals, our expert team of 3D exhibition stand designers will create a complete design concept for free.

Dedicated project manager on-site

A bespoke exhibition stand requires careful planning. No need to worry about delivery at the stand due to tight time constraints. We will send a professional project manager to the site for complex structures.

Other accessories

Custom exhibition stand from ESS speaks directly to your target audience and can make you one of the first calls from an executive decision maker. The custom display is tailored to your business and branding, and we design it to reflect your unique identity and message.

Create an impressive and unique exhibition stand with our custom-made stand

exhibition stand design Eye-catching designs and interactive displays can help communicate your company’s message effectively and persuasively. From materials and colors to size, shape and layout, the stand is fully customized to your business and brand, allowing you to showcase your products and services in the most efficient and eye-catching way possible.

Our bespoke customized exhibition stands fit virtually any exhibit or branding requirement, including portable fitting rooms, entrance facilities, bespoke workspaces and pop-up stores. The striking bespoke stand from ESS leaves a lasting impression on your audience. AS just over half of business decision-makers want sales reps to visit their company after the show, so you need our designed stand that showcases your products in the best possible way. Our stand has the unique and captivating aesthetic, that easily grab attention.

Artist-rendered 3D experiences

Exhibition outfitters are integrating more and more new technologies into tailor-made stands. A tailor-made exhibition stand will be designed and built for your company. Our exhibition uses a wide range of technologically advanced materials, including advanced construction, audio-visual and computer, electrical and lighting materials and techniques to create a memorable and effective presentation. Each element of the stand is designed for your brand and designed and manufactured according to your needs.

Eco-friendly stands

We know the importance of being environmentally conscious and choose eco-friendly products, such as eco-friendly printing technologies, whenever possible. Our successfully done stand conveys your company’s philosophy, speaks your brand’s language, and presents your unique offering innovatively and engagingly. We can source durable materials to suit your project needs by creating bespoke exhibition stands to your specification.

Just For You

Have the custom exhibition stand for endless opportunities

We offer customized stands that you’ll get nowhere else!

The bespoke exhibition stand will be built according to your requirements for the size and layout of your stand. To protect the environment and increase your return on investment (ROI), we are happy to use items from your previous stands for your next project. We also include as many elements of your briefing as possible. Typical requirements are for a reusable, expandable, and reconfigurable rack. Many of our custom booths have been used for years and only need an occasional touch-up or new artwork to freshen up the look. Light boxes are an effective way to illuminate a non-standard exhibition stand. Tailor-made forms and displays ensure high quality and an individual display character.

We design and build bespoke exhibition stands using wood (mainly plywood, softwood, hardwood, MDF and chipboard), metal (mainly aluminum and steel), acrylic, glass and inflatable plastic. Our teams have worked with businesses of all sizes – small businesses, multinationals, marketing agencies and events organizations – to create projects tailored to each client’s needs. We can create unique wood and acrylic shapes thanks to our team of experienced carpenters and our CNC machine park. We work with your business, and its overall communications strategy during the custom exhibition stand design process to deliver a state-of-the-art, customized display. We build a bespoke exhibition stand modularly by making it from aluminum extrusions. In this way, a custom exhibition stand can be easily reconfigured, expanded or reduced without radically redesigning the entire stand layout. Once you are happy with the design, we begin manufacturing, carried out in our factory by our talented team of carpenters, painters, blacksmiths, electricians and graphic designers.

Connect with the expert custom exhibition stand builder for an excellent custom exhibition stand

We can create a variety of finishes for your stand, including plain paint, spray paint, powder coat, vinyl, and laminate finishes. We have years of experience in our print production in various formats. Tell us your ambitions, budget and long-term display needs, and we can offer a wide range of cost and design options for you to consider.

We bring your custom exhibition stand design dream to life!


The time required to design a custom exhibition stand depends largely on the size and the requirements. Creating a custom display is a craft; A process and schedule for designing and producing a custom exhibition stand should be described.

While we can sometimes complete stand designs and cost calculations within a few days, we generally prefer to have around 2 weeks to develop a full design concept, prepare 3D visualizations and calculate costs where possible. Stand’s custom design is one of the best ways to ensure your experiential exhibit conveys your brand message. The entire design process for a custom stand includes design, manufacture, graphics, assembly, and disassembly. To make the most out of your custom exhibition stand, start the custom exhibit design process about a year in advance. From the age of six months, your design team will work out all your project details. Gilbert designers will develop a master theme or theme for your project and weave it into a custom display to say. A month of rest based on your feedback, they create the final “to-do list” and take care of the final details.

Yes, you can! Among the advantages of reusing custom exhibition stands at upcoming exhibitions in Europe, the most important is that it can save you considerable money. Too many brands and businesses, large and small, still believe that investing in disposable stands is the best way to make the best impression. In addition, invest in recyclable exhibition stands. It makes the display and its materials essentially reusable. It is cost-effective and, most importantly, sustainable. After all, you only have a few seconds to grab attention and make an impression. Apart from that, this also adds the bonus of conveying a consistent brand identity and marketing message for every exhibition you attend. If you learn how to cleverly repurpose your custom exhibition stand displays, you’ll find that they offer a few other benefits as well.

Here are some tips that can help you attract more visitors and generate steady traffic from quality leads.

  • Contacting Participants
  • 1000 words for photos, 1 million words for videos
  • Think about existing customers
  • Invest in a great stand
  • Advertise before the show
  • Reward employees
  • Guerrilla marketing tactics
  • Providing a relaxing space
  • Mascot
  • Be visual
  • Create better giveaways
  • Have a strong brand identity

The cost of hiring a professional exhibition stand builder depends on several factors. However, Expo Stand Services offers cost-effective exhibition services.

Attending an exhibition is often expensive. Exhibitions can represent a significant portion of an organization’s marketing budget, including travel expenses, exhibiting costs, branding gifts, and stand design and construction. So how can you measure the return on your investment? Every brand is unique, and a company’s value from exhibiting can differ greatly from others. However, to determine his ROI for a basic exhibition, here are quick metrics that can be standardized across most exhibition experiences:

  • The visitor’s feedback
  • Survey
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Show cost divided by revenue generated.
  • Offers and Sales
  • After exhibit engagement
  • The outcome of the contacts and leads
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