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Expo stand services – An emerging exhibition design company in Spain

We provide bespoke exhibition stand design in Spain that looks creatively stunning and make you feel proud of yet are adjustable and reusable stands that work across all your different exhibiting spaces. Beautiful and durable, created in our in-house manufacturing units spread all across the globe with a team of skilled designers looking over every tiny detail to ensure impactful visibility, our exhibition stands are a true blend of art, perception and technology.

From high-strength materials to customization and personalization, we make it simple and fast for you to create your own design from scratch that stays intact for long even under harsh weather conditions. Printed using UV-resistant ink, we make sure that your custom printed graphics won’t fade, crack or peel anytime soon. From digital printing to direct printing on the substrate at a molecular level, we know what works best for you. We can make your message pop up in full color with stunning clarity.

Why you should invest in expo stand services?

You probably are asking yourself that everything mentioned above are very common features of stand manufacturing that many companies offer, so what makes us a better choice for you as compared to other players in the industry?

Here in Spain, artistic perception is everything. If your exhibition stand design in Spain looks dull, plain, and modest, people will take their eyes off your exhibition stands and booths at the very first glance. To make an impression, you need a professional at your side and what could be a better choice than someone who despite having years of experience in the field also has a passion for creativity and extensive knowledge of the latest trends in the exhibition industry. Expo stand services, as a leading exhibition stand contractor in Spain is dedicated to offering out-of-the-box products that are as cost-effective as innovative and interactive to help you gain the respect of other exhibitors as well as spectators. We offer exhibition stand design all across Spain including cities like Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

Why Spain?

Spain is a diverse and multicultural society where people of different tastes, habits and backgrounds coexist harmoniously for many peaceful centuries. This European country is a global hub for international exhibitions and trade shows where hundreds of thousands of people come together to discuss trade, share business ideas, promote brands and explore the latest trends in different business sectors. Therefore, Spain is where you should make your stand. 

Trade show stand design in Madrid

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, hosts a variety of trade shows for businesses all around the world. Many companies offering modern exhibition stands in Madrid compete with each other in terms of quality, pricing, visibility and turnaround time, which explains the desperate need for creativity in the industry. Even businesses participating in these shows have to face intense competition to grab a fair share of popularity. Hence, the need for creative stands remains on top of the priority all year round. To meet their demands for creative exhibition stands, we provide trade show stand design in Madrid that is sure to make your presence felt by everyone in the room.

Bespoke Exhibition stand design in Spain

To help gain a competitive edge, expo stand services offer bespoke booth stand design in Spain. We create trade show booth design in Spain under the precise guidance of our clients to ensure they excel in their purposes. You can place orders for a 3D exhibition stand design that will surely make your message pop up or you can choose to custom-design your stands from scratch by integrating your logos, texts, images, artworks, etc. The choices of customization and personalization are endless with expo stand services.

From offering exhibition booth design in Barcelona to modern exhibition stands in Madrid, we can provide whatever means necessary to bring your company image on top of the world. We have a firm grip on the exhibition industry of Spain. No matter what the size of the order is, we dispatch exhibition stands and booths all across Spain and the rest of the world.

With all the products we manufacture here at Expo stand services, we exclusively use very lightweight and portable materials combined with 3D graphics to ensure that your stand makes the best possible impression while making sure they remain immune to outdoor elements for years to come. While designing exhibition stands in Spain, we use the latest technologies and lamination so your organization can make the optimum impact when presenting.

Exhibition stand builder in Barcelona

As a reputed exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, we provide display stands and booths that are easy to operate, manage, assemble and dismantle without using any tools or special training. However, our inclusive package comprises a wide range of services that will give you complete freedom to focus on more important things rather than wasting time on stand management. For more details about our packages, you can go through our online portal and check out our huge selection of pre-printed designs, prices, stands, booths, and other displays.

If you’re a first-timer, we sure can put you in front of the big players in the industry. Whether you plan to rent or buy an exhibition stand in Madrid, Barcelona, or anywhere in Spain, we have got you covered. We have a fast turnaround time and impressive track of successful projects. To get free design proposal Whatsapp us at +48-532499316 or email at

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