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Best Exhibition Stand Design Company For Your Upcoming Show In Germany

We collaborate seamlessly with you and your team throughout the whole design, management, and build process as a group of makers, problem-solvers, and creators.

There is no better satisfaction than knowing that our clients’ exhibitions were a success and that our exhibition stand design plays a significant role in that. Therefore, we must get to know you, your business, and your exhibition goals right away. The only way we will know we’ve succeeded is if you choose us again for your subsequent display.

Why should you join hands with us?

  • Expo Stand Services can bring your ideas to life economically and ecologically.
  • We produce high-quality, eye-catching spaces that are proven to produce strong and effective ROI.
  • Our modular framework comes with custom architectural finishes.
  • Guide of inspiring exhibition stand design ideas to help you through the process as much as you want.
  • When you have a committed project manager working for you, there is no need to waste your valuable time filling out paperwork, scheduling electrical work, or communicating with show organizers. 
  • We believe that our efforts have been successful only when you perceive them to be so. We make every effort to assist you in achieving that!

What makes us different from others?

Since everything at Expo Stand Services is done in-house, from design to construction, logistics are made easier, carbon emissions are reduced, and your money is focused on the most important things.

Important aspects to consider while making a best exhibition stand design

Expo Stand Services believe that an appealing composition is the result of the harmonious interaction of many different and diverse parts. When building a display stand, we adhere to the same universal principles of design and composition. Recognize each component of visual design that goes into creating your innovative stand design. 

So let’s dissect each essential aesthetic component that we use for your exhibition stand design.

Type of Stand

There are many hybrids and custom stand kinds that exhibition stand designers and builders provide their clients; however, we’ll explain the 3 most simple stand type’s most exhibitors use frequently.


  • Now budget-constraint is not a big deal to achieve with an awe-inspiring exhibition stand on your subsequent occasion. 
  • The excellent cost effective exhibitions stand design includes roll-up banners considering that they show attractive massive pictures and are to be had at a pocket-friendly price. 
  • You can also add aesthetically desirable folding brochure holders which might be low in cost and flexible. 
  • Although it’s far low in cost, most of the roll-ups and brochure holders to be had in the marketplace lack excellence and do now no longer make a huge influence in front of your visitors.
  • One of the high-quality methods to saving your finances is to rent a stand as an option of buying one. This will allow you to have clean designs for each display at a relatively low cost. 
  • Putting in place a super exhibition stand on finances isn’t rocket science. 
  • All you want is diligent making plans and clever selection making with regards to the usage of cost-powerful innovative thoughts for exhibition stands that may have an enduring effect.


Location is the most crucial thing with regards to putting in place an exhibition stand. The visitor’s sample on the exhibition corridor could be the determining thing of your stand vicinity. This makes you capable of determining this out in case you get an in-depth ground plan from the display organizers.

Stand Area

Only a little stand space can limit the length and width of your exhibition stand design in Germany. The floor area of your show space will ultimately depend on your budget and exhibition goals.

The most usual areas for which exhibitors want concrete causes to install a stand are assembly rooms, garage areas, front room areas, cabinets for product displays, and reception counters.

We make certain that you understand that a single product wishes for a lesser area. 

The Out Stroke

Your business must stand out from the crowd in the competitive world of today. To draw more people to your exhibition booth, we’ll help supply elements that draw large crowds. To effectively convey your message, our exhibition stand designers are masters in fusing a great design with useful stand areas.

We will give you the best exhibition stand design, material specifications, and a complete price for all sorts of stands, whether you have selected a shell scheme, modular stand, or fully bespoke, custom-constructed stand. This includes initial design sketches up to color visuals and scale plans. So, if you’re looking for the best exhibition stand design company in Germany then our team of experts is waiting to welcome you into the world of creative exhibition stand design and build. Along with the great exhibition stand design in Germany, we also offer a range of services.

exhibition stand design
Let us handle the preparation so you can focus on making your open houses a huge success.

Need an exhibition stand builders in Germany or high-quality trade show booth display to spread the right marketing message, Expo Stand Services can be your best exhibition stand design manufacturers. To get free design proposal WhatsApp us at +48-532499316 or email at


With increasing globalization, exhibitions have become essential for marketing and promotion. Participating in exhibitions offers lucrative business opportunities that stand out from potential customers. Exhibitions serve as important incentives for business development. To do that, you need to set up an exhibition stand design that represents your brand. Hosting an exhibition is a big investment, and a large investment should yield the best possible return. Several exhibition stand builders in Germany can help you get the right exhibition stand design at an affordable price. Therefore, your exhibition should be attractive to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Consider hiring an exhibition stand builder in Germany.

Visitors walk past your stand for an average of 3-4 seconds. With so many top-tier companies marketing at the same venue, being the exhibition’s star requires you to pull your socks up. The best way to introduce your product or brand to the audience. Through various exhibition stand design ideas, it is important to develop a distinctive and attractive design that communicates your brand message.

A unique exhibition stand design will help you get people’s attention and stand out from crowded exhibitors. Once potential customers decipher your key message, they will likely buy your offer.

There are always new technological developments and innovations; we will see great new technology uses in the exhibition sector. Curiosity and versatility are important characteristics of the exhibitor. In recent years there has been renewed interest in wearable technologies that transmit data, particularly useful during exhibitions. The exhibitor must acquire knowledge and adapt to future marketing and product presentation trends to gain a competitive advantage. We anticipate that there will be innovations in the way exhibitions work. 


Technological advances have led to various new viewing modes, such as virtual reality, touch screens, etc., captivating visitors, giving them a sensory experience and a lasting impression, thereby increasing product sales. Gone are the days of scanning a barcode; you can insert more data than ever. It’s time to move to new forms of stands that engage people and provide unforgettable experiences.

  • Multisensory experience: Addressing the five senses is crucial for drawing visitors’ attention to an exhibition stand. Using distinctive lights, soothing sounds, and interactive screens can greatly impact visitors.
  •  Lighting:Due to technological advances, there is now a huge selection of lighting options to set the scene for your exhibition stand. The LED light walls will also be a great branding element of the stand.
  • Games:Gamification is fun strategy companies use to create social, interactive, and educational spaces for visitors and customers on their stands. Designing games and activities around a brand or product has become much easier with the rise of the gaming industry and digital technology.
  • Charging stations:Almost everyone carries many devices, so there’s no better way to attract visitors to your stand than by offering a service like a charging station.

Technology is constantly evolving, and there will be many more innovations and advancements in all areas, including exhibit design. The essential factors determining the exhibitor’s success are the awareness of these new trends and the unbroken will to introduce innovations in the exhibition sector.

Tips and tricks to make your show stand out and attract visitors to your stand.

  • Think about what you want to achieve and what message you want to convey with your stand. You can design an attractive exhibition stand, but if it doesn’t reflect your company’s values ​​or clearly state the capabilities of your product or service, you’ve wasted your time.
  • We always recommend working with the best exhibition stand builders in Germany to create your exhibition stand design. An experienced exhibition stand builder in Germanyis always equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills to reflect the brand and engage with the target audience while maximizing display space. These experts work with you to create a unique design that fits your needs and price range.
  • Many exhibitions have maximum headroom, but some large venues have high floor heights. It’s worth checking if there is a maximum height. Otherwise, the ceiling is the limit! Incorporate tall signs, hanging props, or towers with rotating signs to maximize visibility and capture attendees’ attention from the moment they enter your exhibition. 
  • Planning is always important in exhibition management. It is important to plan well in advance and have clear goals, audiences, and budgets. The person in charge should create a detailed schedule and a checklist outlining all tasks and deadlines and keep everyone involved in the show informed of the plan. Good planning can help you avoid last-minute stress and ensure everything goes smoothly. Build the perfect atmosphere inside your stand. Use a combination of light, textures, colors, layouts, and even scents.

Effective lighting is about creating focus. It’s about highlighting certain aspects of your exhibition stand design and grabbing people’s attention. In other words, good lighting can make or break a show. People are attracted to light. It all comes down to how you use the light to complement the exhibition stand. All visual aspects are carefully considered when revising creative exhibition stand ideas. The aim is to attract visitors and quickly understand the brand’s message. Studies show that using effective lighting in an exhibition system improves the perception of an exhibition stand by 30-50%. However, exhibitors often underestimate lighting and only see it as an important design element once they arrive at the venue. It increases the frequency to the benefit of the exhibitors and makes it an eye-catching element of the exhibition stand design.

Their stand lighting needs to be improved at exhibitions, and their graphics are invisible. Nowadays, we all know how important different types of lighting are to underline the essence of exhibition stand construction.

Even if you plan to rent stands for your shows, extra lighting is always better than less lighting. However, when designing, keep in mind the main function of lighting to make the stands stand out. Be careful when choosing stand lighting, as effective lighting can enhance the basic stand design across the grooves and vice versa. You can always remove extra lighting, but adding more during the exhibition can be challenging.

Understand each visual design element that makes your creative exhibition stand design.

First, there is space. Before designing:

  1. Review all exhibit floor plans to understand ​​where your stand will be located and what might be happening around you.
  2. Think about the space in your designated viewing area and the space around it.
  3. Once you’ve done that, try to create a design that maximizes the space available; Remember that less is more, and a spacious and open stand is far more welcoming than cluttered and claustrophobic.
  4. Even if you’ve only booked a small footprint or furnishing scheme, don’t worry; you can still open up your space by thinking carefully about where to place your countertops and creating effective, eye-catching graphics that reduce the need for unwanted accessories.
  • The location is the most important factor in setting up an exhibition stand. The organization of traffic in the exhibition hall determines the location of your stand. Consider traffic flow from entry and exit points, routes to conferences, restrooms, and cafeterias. It also results in your exhibition stand’s entry and exit points and the POS banner design. You can find out when you receive a detailed floor plan from the exhibition management.
  • Space side by side is visibility. When you attend an exhibition filled with hundreds of stands, try to do something to stand out and catch as many eyes as possible. It is easily achieved by using high-quality branding, eye-catching graphics with clear brand messages, and thinking about traffic direction. It is another reason why knowing your exact location is so important.
  • There are many hybrids and custom stand types that exhibition stand builders in Germanyoffer their clients, but we will discuss the three most basic stand types frequently used by most exhibitors. Whether advertising a product or selling a service, you must consider how you want your stand to respond. You can also include storage space on the stand for items you don’t plan to display.

Integrating technology into your next exhibition stand design can generate a good ROI. You can dramatically improve your branding by incorporating cutting-edge technology into your exhibition stand design. A plethora of high-tech gadgets can help increase the number of potential customers at exhibitions and take the pressure off the sales team at the stand. Ideally, it would help if you increased engagement with your audience. Tablets and smartphones have already made their way into exhibition stand design. The technologies listed below can be integrated into your stand concepts.

  • Mapping of the project: Various brands and exhibitors already use Design Mapping. It is a form of augmented spatial reality that creates a 3D visual projection on a 3-D surface. Exhibitors often use it to create optical illusions, such as the illusion of movement in stationary objects. It makes it a unique option directly applicable to an exhibition stand.
  • Augmented Reality: AR technology provides computer-generated graphics overlaid in the real world, easily accessible through apps on mobile devices. Combining the real world with virtual graphics helps present information interactively.
  • Beacons: Beacons are small wireless transmitters that send radio signals to nearby Bluetooth devices. It can be smartphones, smartwatches, and even tablets. Each siren sends a unique ID number to the intelligent device; it can offer promo codes, coupons, and lightning deals. It can also help visitors navigate to the desired stand.
  • QR codes: QR codes connect websites and apps directly. Take advantage of communication and connectivity with these codes embedded in your exhibition stands. Famous designers come up with innovative ways to use these codes. They become an eye-catcher or the interior design of an exhibition stand. Visitors can use these seamless codes to access information quickly. Visitors can use the necessary equipment by scanning the codes with their smartphones.

Avoiding these pitfalls can mean the difference between a successful or disappointing performance.

  • Don’t ignore the visitors need

It has everything to do with your sales script and inexperienced employees. When presenting, you should talk more about facts and current trends and less about yourself. The “me, me, me” approach will turn off potential customers because everyone says they’re the best.

  • Can’t plan

Exhibitors should be treated like any other aspect of your business. Success requires clearly defined goals, strategies for achieving them, and a contingency plan if all else fails. These elements are necessary for the strategy to succeed. With a solid game plan, measuring success is possible.

  • No clear showcasing objectives

Before deciding what to display where be clear about why you want to display it and what you want to achieve, and analyze sales, marketing, and reputation to find areas for improvement or improvement. Start developing your goals 12 months before the show, and make sure your team knows them.

  • Appealing exhibition stand design

A visitor’s unconscious evaluation of the exhibition stand design is crucial in deciding whether to visit. It’s a mistake to think that whatever your brand or product looks like, it will naturally show through.

  •  Don’t interact with visitors to collect leads

Actively! Engage with attendees, educate them about your brand, share your company’s vision, and ask them about their own. Avoid long talks with the same prospect. You can easily contact them later. Alternatively, have a tray or glass bowl to hold your business cards.

Many possibilities are used to make the exhibition stand more creative and friendly.

Bring your products and services to life with displays.

 If you are exhibiting goods or services, please represent. Putting them on the shelf won’t attract customers or wow your audience.

  • You can draw a line by using pre-show marketing tactics: Promoting your stand before the show is a great way to generate interest and increase attendance. From creating landing pages and infographics to running social media campaigns and sending out newsletters, there are many tactics you can use to attract visitors.
  • Exhibition stand designing: Stand ideas often need to consider height when designing an exhibition stand. But there is great potential in using altitude to your advantage. Check with your exhibitions organizer how high you can build your exhibition stand design. Large backlit signs and font-style graphics arouse visitors’ curiosity throughout the exhibition space. Not many exhibitors think about using verticality to their advantage.
  • Provide a relaxation area: The turmoil and chaos of exhibitions may overwhelm some.
  • Keep your stand simple and accessible: Offering hot beverages like coffee is also a great way to attract more guests and give you a chance to converse with them.
  • Fun with snapshots: Engage your visitors and encourage them to take a branded photo at your stand with selfie frames. It’s inexpensive to grab attention and keep people around a little longer. It’s also a quick and easy way to make a new social connection. Use a variety of photo stand props, including cardboard cutouts and photo stand props.
  • Reuse is key

It is not uncommon to exhibit at many exhibitions in a year. Under these circumstances, waste can be reduced through planning. Avoid making displays with traditional single-use materials that are often non-recyclable, such as plastic. Instead, choose a screen made from materials that can be reused and reconfigured with as many identical components as possible.

  • Carpets and floors for your exhibition stand

Remember don’t use the floor when planning a sustainable exhibition stand! Instead of polyester carpets, check whether your exhibition stand builder in Germany can offer a permanent option. In addition, you can rent a modular, reusable, dismountable, and easy-to-transport system for each raised floor to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • o paperless with digital content

Sure, you want visitors to leave your stand with a souvenir, right? As a result, exhibition stands are littered with brochures and flyers. Unfortunately, much of this paper is leftover or in the trash. These alternatives offer companies a variety of interactive opportunities to present themselves, their products, and their services. Eliminating printed matter also saves money and the emissions associated with its manufacture, transportation, and disposal.

  • Use energy efficiently


The show is flooded with exhibitors looking to connect with potential customers and build relationships with existing customers each year, usually through light, sound, and movement. Reduce the environmental impact by creating the “wow factor” those exhibitors are looking for.

Powerful and engaging presentations, demonstrations, and interactive experiences can also be delivered using cutting-edge and greener technologies: flat screens, interactive surfaces, and smart technologies are regularly showcased at exhibitions worldwide, all energy-efficient options.

The materials used to construct an exhibition stand greatly impact the look and feel and depend on your chosen stand. Common building materials for exhibition stands are:

  • Glass for every application: Glass as a material has also grown beyond its original function, and the construction of future exhibitions would be unthinkable without glass. Walls that are still transparent today can be turned into opaque frosted glass for private meeting rooms in the future or used as heaters to heat the entire house at the touch of a button. The fragile materials we know are becoming increasingly resistant and flexible.
  • Carpet: It is important to note that carpets are generally laid directly on the venue’s floor. The downside is that exposed wires are in the carpet when power is needed.
  • 2D printed graphics: The most commonly used visual elements for stands are 2D graphic boards or posters. These are usually made of PVC, fabric, or paper and attached to the wall with Velcro or glue. The graphics are often punctuated by the shell-schemed aluminum frame, which barely captures the attention of passers-by. On the other hand, Bezels can unwittingly create a visual barrier that discourages visitors from approaching the stand.
  • Light where you need it: By adopting “OLED,” more futuristic lighting is realized. These thin-layer organic light-emitting diodes can produce a type of light-emitting foil or strip that can be gradually integrated into almost any other material. This technology is currently mainly used for large-area displays and lighting but also for flexible screens. However, in the future, the use of carpets, textiles, or wall elements is also conceivable. In addition to their original functionality, these provide indirect lighting and, thus, more natural-looking lighting.
  •  Cross Banners:Use custom cross banners in your exhibition stand design that can be quickly replaced.
  •  Melamine: Melamine floors are commonly supplied in the form of raised floors. These are perfect for creating a premium look and feel. However, if your exhibition stands require a lot of power, you may not have a choice. A raised floor allows the cables to be completely hidden under the floor.

Below are some of the key health and safety considerations to consider for your next showcase.

  • Risk assessment

One of the things you will need to provide as part of the booking process is a risk assessment. This document is a legal requirement that sets out how we assess potential health and safety risks at exhibition stands. Submitting a risk assessment does not guarantee that accidents will not occur at the stand. However, it shows that you have taken the time to think about how to reduce the risk of accidents and the severity if they do occur.

  • Talk to the staff in charge of the showcase

Talk to employees before the exhibition. It should be done at least a few weeks in advance. Let people know what’s going on. Present your schedule and explain what you will be responsible for on the show. Also, talk to staff who manage stores, offices, or warehouses after retirement. Ensure everyone is on the same page to avoid staffing glitches during the showcase.

  • Periodic inspection

Check your stand and equipment for possible hazards or damage.

  • Insurance

Most organizers insist that exhibitors have appropriate insurance before they are allowed to participate. Refrain from assuming that the organizer’s insurance will automatically cover the stand.

  • Organize transportation of personnel and displays

You must find a way to bring your staff to the exhibition. If the venue is nearby, this may be easy. Remember that most displays will need to be handled with care along the way, so if you don’t have access to a larger vehicle, consider renting one to carry your gear.

  • Inadequate education

Improper personnel training can lead to accidents and incidents that could have been showcased.

ere are some points that can help you attract more visitors and generate constant traffic circulation of quality leads.

  •  Attractively dressed stand staff: Attractively dressed stands or stand staff are other strategies to attract visitors to the stands, especially when combined with stands facing the main island or in vantage points. The appeal of the clothes worn by the stand staff is achieved through the design and color selection.
  • Be visual: It would help if you started planning your showcase at least 4-6 months before the exhibitions. Set realistic goals, create a schedule, and plan all activities with your team. Choose an exhibition stand builder in Germany that designs and builds beautiful and effective stands. Unique exhibition stand designs, eye-catching graphics, and content are essential to making your stand as eye-catching as possible and generating more visitors. Make sure your stand is visible from down the aisle and conveys a clear and compelling message that grabs people’s attention.
  • Remember that small is beautiful too: The display is about big goals, not big budget plans. Choosing an area that suits your purpose can be difficult. Be aware of the idea that bigger is better. A custom modular system looks more sophisticated than trestles or patio furniture.


  • Banners and Flags: Another way to attract visitors to your stand is to use banners and flags. They draw the attention of exhibition visitors to your stand. Banners help announce your brand’s presence at the show. When visitors have a problem, they think your brand can solve, they will do their best to find your stand.


  • Provide Interactive Element: The interactive technologies for exhibition stands have grown exponentially in recent years. With digital branding games, augmented reality, social media, and digital surveys offering countless imaginative and engaging possibilities, there are many ways to make your stand memorable for visitors.

As an exhibition stand builder in Germany, we routinely help our clients determine the ROI metrics of a visit and qualified lead on show day and how to maximize ROI at the stand after the show.

  • Find useful indicators

The metrics are key to measuring success in specific categories, where your results can be compared to the equally specific upfront costs of organizing your exhibition presence. Knowing your goals early in the process allows you to choose the right metrics to show you’ve achieved them, rather than relying on “vanity metrics. “Numbers that look good but don’t count. Suppose 8000 visitors to your stand may sound impressive, but if your goal is to generate leads, all that matters is how many of those 8000 visitors were relevant and provided their contact information.

  • Do you know the cost of a service?

Cost per Lead = Total Cost of Show / Total Leads Collected

Knowing your cost per lead can help you determine how to showcase marketing compared to other lead-generation companies.

  • Prices for all indicators fixed before the exhibition

This part of the ROI calculation is often overlooked and cannot be undone if forgotten before the showcase. ROI can be focused on more than just sales and leads.

Your exhibition stand is part of a larger information campaign for your company; the return on investment depends on the degree of visibility of your company after the exhibition.

  • Has your website traffic changed?

If you still need to monitor your website traffic, now is the time. Understanding normal web traffic levels can help spot spikes. A successful showcase often results in organic and direct traffic because people will search for you after the showcase. Make your website easily accessible to the details and information they will likely seek.

  • Consider all costs when defining the overall marketing cost of your exhibition stand

Many exhibitors may need to consider the additional costs, and relying on the exhibition stand builders in Germany who do not offer integration services often pays higher fees later. Be sure to add the extra cost to the entire stand.

You can easily upgrade your stand by adding attractive elements to it. Here’s the list of things you can add or focus on to help your stand engage your audience and reach your goals.

  • Participate in exhibition stand design brainstorming: The perfect spot for most exhibitions sells out quickly. Some major locations are so well-known that it could put you to shame when a competitor’s exhibition designs stand. So, you may have to think further ahead, such as next year. There are other things to do when negotiating a contract. If you plan to attend the exhibition for the long term, this is the time to dive into the prime.
  • Contests and Promotions: The power of bait cannot be ignored. Competitions and promotions can take the popularity of exhibition stands to new levels. Be very clear about your winning criteria and whatnot. Participants should be familiar with the rules and regulations of competitions and promotions held at exhibition stands at Dubai exhibition showcases.
  •  Stand operator: Consider having a highly qualified and trained to stand attendant who can answer a few simple questions and direct buyers to the appropriate stand staff. Both of you can try using entertainers. It may include models, magicians, singers, or anyone else who fits your company’s personality or the theme of your stand.
  • Snacks and drinks: It shouldn’t just be about exhibitions and your exhibition stand. You need to understand that attendees are more like guests and want refreshments even if they are chargeable. They appreciate a small snack and cool drinks. It would help if you tried to get it in-store for free. Make sure the snacks and drinks you offer represent your company’s copyrights. Those half-baked cookies or hot and cold drinks can ruin your reputation forever. The packaging of bottles, even with water, must also be airtight. Remember, this isn’t just a business; It is a platform through which your company can reach many recipients and achieve measurable benefits.
  • Objective

Before you start planning, set goals. Think about what you want to achieve and what message you want to convey with your stand.­­

You can have an attractive exhibition stand design, but if it doesn’t reflect your company’s values ​​or clearly articulate the capabilities of your product or service, you’re wasting your time. Remember your goals throughout the design process so you don’t get lost.

  • Exhibition stand type

There are many types of hybrid and custom exhibition stand builders in Germany that offer their clients, but we will detail the three basic types of stands that exhibitors use the most.

  • Visibility: Space side by side is visibility. When you attend an exhibition filled with hundreds of stands, try to do something to stand out and catch as many eyes as possible. You can easily achieve this by using premium branding, eye-catching graphics with a clear brand message, and thinking about the direction of traffic flow
  • Placements of elements: Strategically place your logo and brand message to attract the largest flow of visitors, and remember that the more people who can see your message as they walk by, the more people you will be successful in reaching.
  • Know your neighbors: After confirming your place at the showcase, to further increase your chances of success, ask the organizer for the list of confirmed exhibitors and check out the competition and floor neighbors. What products do they have? Are there any interesting marketing activities planned at the exhibition? Do they use interactive technology? Use this information to refine your exposure strategy. It is also good to build lasting relationships with neighbors. Communicate with each other, get to know the program, and find out about the exhibition stand design.
  • Refrain from overdoing the text: Less is often more, and when it comes to messaging at an exhibition stand, it certainly is.
  • Conciseness is key: No one stops reading long texts, so avoid long sentences when a single word conveys the same message. Use a billboard tagline that people will remember after the showcase rather than a list of product information that most people need to pay attention to.
  • Use a multi-channel approach: The next step is to create a marketing plan before, during, and after the show. Use a multi-channel approach to let everyone know you’re at the show and where you are. Did you know that most visitors decide which stand to go to before the showcase starts?

Below are the top ideas for planning and selecting an exhibition stand design and exhibition stand builder in Germany based on our experience with dozens of exhibition stands.

  • Composition of the stand elements

Think left-to-right, top-to-bottom, and think about how people read pop-up displays.

Focus on your target audience.

  • Determine your target audience and exhibition stand builders in Germany.

 Evaluate the types of people attending your showcase and build a stand that meets their needs and desires. Persona mapping is useful for identifying your target audience and attracting your ideal prospects.

  • Highest-resolution images are possible

Make sure it is as vivid as possible and that the colors are appropriate.

  • Think about material differences

Your exhibition stand builder in Germany should be quick to experiment with different materials to find the one that best suits your company and the image you want to represent.

  • Consistency is key

Make sure the pop-up stand is attached to the entire stand.

  • Use the right colors

Your choice of display colors and tones can help you stand out and promote your message. Cool colors like blue, green, and white look professional but don’t get as much attention. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange are more appealing but should be used as overuse can be overwhelming.

  • Offer more than just products

Don’t just sell. Also, show them what your brand is. Also, provide a CTA.

  • Add illustrations and graphics

People have a limited attention span, especially when visiting many stands during an exhibition. Images and graphics are a much more efficient way to communicate complex messages and ideas quickly. The exhibition stand builder in Germany uses life-size, high-quality photographs to create signs expertly. Graphic design is not something you want to do wrong.

  • Put your logo on it

Your logo and brand message should be on par to grab attention.

  • Consider an open cab design

The open design of the exhibition stand design has many advantages. Multiple inputs and outputs are possible. It allows users to interact with your rack at their own pace. It’s also easier for your staff to interact with multiple guests without conflict. Your guests and employees will also be able to maintain social distancing. Place seating throughout the exhibit area to provide more solitude for everyone in your stand.

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