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Create a spectacular range of modular exhibition stands for you!

Are you going to an exhibition and looking for exhibition stands that you can easily take with you and set up? Then you can think about modular exhibition stands. With these complete exhibition stands; you can make your participation in the exhibition a success. A unique modular portable exhibition stand is a flexible system that is easy to set up, shape and dismantle. The racks are modular so they can be easily expanded, contracted and adjusted. The main function of a modular stand is to save time and installation costs, making attending an exhibition an easy process. You are flexible and can present your company, product or brand in the best possible way.

Modular exhibition stand design is a practical, durable, and cost-effective way to spice up your exhibition. At Expo Stand Services, we know how important it is to make a lasting impression, and we have created the perfect solution for you with our modular exhibition stands.

Expo Stand Services Modular exhibition stand design will make you the focal point at the display ground

Expo Stand Services is a world leader in developing and producing modular portable exhibition stand. As one of the most renowned manufacturers of modular exhibition stands, our team offers the best solution for the perfect image and marketing goals of your brand. Our modular stand design comes in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget. We offer economical modular exhibition stands. Our modular display systems consist of aluminium frames with panels. The biggest advantage of our designed modular exhibition stands is that they are equipped with compact and inexpensive storage areas that can be installed on different exhibition floors. They can be reconfigured to suit your business needs. We also use interchangeable graphics in our modular stand design. As such, it reflects any changes you want to make to a new brand, message, or look and feel. So, select your favourite modular stand design from our catalogue! Our creative team will do their best to redesign it to your specifications.

Portable Exhibition Stands

Why should you have our modular exhibition stands?

Constructed of aluminium frames and premium SEG graphics, our modular exhibition stands can be easily rearranged to meet the needs of any potential client. You don’t have to buy new modular displays for every showcase. We also offer a portable exhibition stand that is a great option if you want a lightweight display that is easy to transport and fits into a vehicle of a certain size or larger.

Our modular exhibition stands allow you to create the perfect exhibition space customized to your needs. Modular exhibition stands are equipped with compact storage units to reduce storage costs. Various customizable components and endless reconfigurability keep your space fresh and relevant, helping you connect with your audience and set yourself apart from the competition.

Just For You

We build the best modular stands for your brand's exhibit

Benefits of showcasing with our modular exhibition stands

Customized design

Our modular exhibition stands allow you to adapt your stand's layout and design to different exhibitions and exhibitions. You have complete control over the display, adding, removing, and modifying components as needed.


Curious about how our modular exhibition stands have made exhibitors' lives easier? We offer versatile and amazing modular exhibition stands that are travel-friendly and come in reusable packaging. It is relatively inexpensive compared to a custom exhibition stand, country pavilion, and two-story display stand.


At ESS, the corporate industry has a key role in achieving net zero and is taking steps to contribute actively. The modular stand design also means that elements can be added or removed from the stand as needed, reducing material waste and the carbon footprint associated with traditional exhibition stand construction.

High return on investment

Just buy one modular portable exhibition stand, and you're ready. No need to invest in a new exhibition stand for your next exhibition. A single modular stand design can be reconfigured many times into different modular exhibition stands while ensuring a high return on investment in the long run.


Our modular exhibition stands are precision engineered and manufactured to exacting standards to ensure consistency and quality across multiple exhibitions.


The versatility of our modular displays is undeniable. They are ideal for exhibitors exhibiting at various exhibitions in different-sized venues, such as when they move from a 20x20 stand at one show to a 10x10 or 10x20 stand at the next.

What makes us the best place for modular exhibition stands?

We have a wide range of modular portable exhibition stands, ideal for exhibitors who need a lightweight, quick and easy-to-assemble display solution. Our team will design a unique stand for you that will make you stand out from the competition in space. Expo Stand Services offers a full range of professional services, from exhibition stand design to prefabrication, graphics and exhibition stand fittings.

We have an in-house team that works closely together to bring your ideal bespoke stand. Whether your stand needs it, we can create bespoke, modular presentations that grab the attention of your target audience.

Exhibit with a modular stand design that is just for you!

With this long trading history and experience, we also have a wide range of modular exhibition stands in stock for rental. To simplify the process, we’ve created several modular exhibitions stands that can be accessed using the exhibit stand wizard. We can customize and create stands of all shapes and sizes to suit your business or exhibition. This allows you to buy the stand online and choose the size or add components to fit your needs exactly.

We offer wooden and aluminium modular exhibition stands parts. We also offer a 3D modular stand design service. Not only do we offer all of this, we are currently one of the few companies in the country to supply folding truss systems. Whatever your exhibition, the ESS team of designers, stand builders and project managers will provide the ultimate solution. And unlike our competitors, we print all our graphics in-house, keeping costs low and quality high to ensure your satisfaction. Our line of modular exhibition stands is designed to handle every exhibition. The modular stand’s versatility and an incredible number of configurations make it an ideal choice for repeat exhibitors. Need extra space for a modular stand? No problem! They are designed with this scenario in mind and are a cost-effective alternative to less flexible traditional stands.


Modular exhibition stands consist of prefabricated elements that form a self-supporting system. The components usually consist of lightweight aluminum frames that can be easily assembled. Modular exhibition systems can be converted into various modular stand designs. They are assembled in a chosen configuration, and graphic panels are hung from them, usually secured with magnetic tape. The modular and interchangeable cabin components can be scaled or expanded to suit the preferences. Elements of different shapes can be combined to create different designs. Modular stands are flexible, ecological and easy-to-use exhibition systems that do not require technical assistance for assembly and disassembly. The stand can be assembled quickly and easily without skilled artisans or power tools. Modular exhibition stands hardware is inherently versatile and can be reconfigured to create different designs. Thanks to the switchable graphics, the modular portable exhibition stand can be completely transformed into a new one. More 

Here are the main types of exhibition stands to choose from. The criteria for choosing the most suitable option is usually limited to cost and a long-term view of how you want to represent your brand.

Pull-up and pop-up display

The retractable banner is the easiest display to install. You can set it up yourself in seconds. The standard pull-up banner is 2 meters high, and the width can vary depending on your needs. That’s what popup displays do: they pop up. The compilation takes a little longer; you must fix the graphics yourself. They are usually printed on PVC film or fabric, but lately, we have seen exhibition stand designers use a variety of materials, such as cardboard or honeycomb panels. You will notice popups and popups used in the shell schema sections. Drop-down banners can be standalone displays, while popup displays can stack walls in a shell pattern.

Customized exhibition stand

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this custom exhibition stand is one type you should choose, as it can be customized to your requirements. It is very important to communicate your priorities to the installer so that they can suggest the best solutions to get the most out of your stand and achieve the desired result.

Island stand

There are no walls on all four sides, and it is open. Island stands provide ample space for parts of the building, such as lounges and meeting rooms. The biggest benefit of Island Stand is engagement! In addition, high visibility can be obtained for ceiling banners and vertical signboards.

Modular exhibition display

The modular exhibition stands consist of various blocks assembled into one seamless graphic. After installation for the exhibition, it can be dismantled, stored and reused. This makes modular stand design a sustainable exhibition option. Building a modular exhibition display can be a little tricky, but it can still be done easily. The only drawback is the limited design. Connect the poles to the popup structure and attach the graphics there. The result is a large graphic that looks like multiple banners or popups glued together to fit the space. A simple modular exhibition stand is a good option for exhibitors on a tight budget. However, these stands retain elements of the structure on display. It takes up a fair amount of floor space underfoot, so it’s worth noting if you need a meeting area or space to showcase your products. There is nothing special about this exhibition in terms of composition or design. In essence, a simple modular exhibition stands to leave a large wall of graphics. It can bend and curve (depending on the system) but cannot use additional design features, built-in AV, or lighting to showcase your product or attract a crowd.

System Frame Stand

It is one of the types of exhibition stands that use standardized aluminum frames and cover the openings with panels or cloth. This makes grout lines unavoidable and limits what a standardized frame can achieve architecturally. The system uses a standardized frame, which can be rented to reduce costs. This is a viable option if you need more money to invest in a completely bespoke stand. Depending on the complexity of the custom stand you’re comparing, the price difference may be minimal, but the overall impact will make or break the stand.

The standard exhibition stand size is:

  • stands 9 m2 (3m x 3m)
  • stands 18 m2 (3m x 6m)
  • Booth 36 m2 (6m x 6m)
  • Wood is the traditional and most versatile building material.
  • Aluminum is recommended for tall racks and is often associated with PVC (plastic).
  • Glass is generally not the most commonly used material for exhibition stands because it is difficult to process. However, it replaces the walls and gives transparency to the stand with windows that allow you to organize the space inside the stand.
  • Inside the stand are also elements made of paper, cardboard and fabric.
  • Stands made of aluminum frames and textile walls prove that exhibition stands do not have to be primarily wood.

As the name suggests, these stands are a unique combination of two types of DIY and bespoke exhibition stands! These racks are also portable and cost-effective due to being reusable. If you are looking for a reusable design with custom parts, then a custom-modular exhibition stand is for you as it is portable, convenient and cost-effective in the long run.

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