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Why is everyone talking about modular exhibition stands and portable stands right now?

Modular exhibition stands and portable stands are revolutionizing the exhibition industry. It’s a bold statement, but the trend we’re seeing is coming to a head. We have an impeccable range of modular exhibition stand designs to cater to your needs for your next showcase. The great advantage of custom modular exhibition stands is that they can be reconfigured, reused, and flexibly adapted to different marketing needs. Direct marketing at exhibitions remains one of the best ways to engage your audience, attract new customers and showcase your brand personality. Simply reconfigure your modular stand design, add a different set of graphics, and get a whole new look at a minimal cost.

What is the modular exhibition booth?

The modular exhibition booth is the most popular choice due to its multiple benefits. Modular exhibition stand systems perfectly combine the modernist approach and ease of use. It makes the modular exhibition design very popular with exhibitors. Modular exhibition displays are versatile, which means they can be rebuilt into different portable, modular exhibition stands designs. If you are looking for an easily portable exhibition booth is a perfect choice. The modular exhibition stand and portable stand can also be used several times at different exhibitions. As a result, they offer a high return on investment over the long term.

Must know things about modular exhibition stand design

The modular exhibition stand and portable stand are great options if you want to design a modular exhibition stand; They are lightweight, easy to transport and fit into a given size vehicle. As one of Europe’s leading modular exhibition stands contractors, our team offers the right solution for every modular exhibition stand system type. 

Why custom modular exhibition stands are a prominent option for exhibitors?

While digital, online, and interactive platforms have experienced a boom in recent years, no doubt accelerated by the COVID pandemic, nothing is better than putting your business right in front of your target audience in a physical presence or at an exhibition showcase.

You tell us when and where to leave the rest to us with the impeccable offer of a modular exhibition booth. Exhibition traffic conveys the desired message to the visitors in a targeted manner. The modular exhibition design is a great choice for any company or organization that exhibits at multiple exhibitions throughout the year, as they don’t need to purchase a new system for each exhibition. The modular exhibition displays have a compact storage unit, reducing storage costs.

However, the world of exhibitions has changed a lot in recent years. Digital marketing innovations and technologies enable businesses to reach customers in new, exciting, and cost-effective ways. The portable, modular exhibition stands can be easily adapted to different exhibition layouts, ensuring a high return on investment.

Expo Stand Services develops the ideal concept of a portable exhibition booth for brand/product professionals

If you exhibit regularly or have a fixed/limited budget, a portable exhibition booth is a great solution for your exhibition needs. The initial cost is higher than other stands, but you can keep costs down by exhibiting at various exhibitions regularly. It puts more pressure on marketing and exhibition teams to get the most out of the money they spend to ensure results. Our pre-assembled modular exhibition stands can be easily customized to fit your business vision. Participation in exhibitions often represents a significant investment.

The graphics are changeable, so you can customize your modular exhibition and portable stand to represent your brand. The challenge for marketing and exhibition professionals is creating an exhibition stand system that makes a memorable impression while driving leads, sales, and customer retention. Therefore, you must choose a modular stand from our catalog, and our creative team will completely modify it to your specifications. Pre-Corona, when budget pressures were less intense, it was easy to commission a high-quality, design-oriented, bespoke exhibition stand that met your needs. The biggest advantage of our custom modular exhibition stands is its well-equipped and compact storage department, ensuring cost-effective storage and easy installation on different exhibition floors. 

Why should you consider us as your modular exhibition stand contractor for your modular stand design?

The floor display is an easy do-it-yourself system that follows the included instructions. The lighter weight of the modular stand design makes them easier to transport and quicker to install, but they require technical expertise. Exhibitions and marketing budgets are being cut. Companies remain cautious as the post-pandemic economy continues to reopen and calls for brands to be more environmentally and socially responsible.

So let us know your best choice, and we will replace your existing graphic with a new one and ship it to our exhibition warehouse. It often means that alternatives to traditional bespoke exhibition stands are sought. A modular exhibition booth has existed for some time. However, only a few exhibitors choose modular exhibition stand systems. The modular exhibition displays provide a bridge between portable stands such as pop-up stands and traditional custom-built carpenter stands.

Why is it important to have attractive portable, modular exhibition stands?

Exhibitions are the perfect platform to showcase your brand’s products and services. An ideal opportunity for companies to engage and interact in person, exhibitions offer comprehensive brand-building support. Your stand remains the heart of every exhibition. Exhibitors worldwide are looking for attractive, attractive exhibition stands to help their brands stand out.

One of the most important decisions is whether to go for a modular exhibition stand or a custom order. Like two sides of the same coin, a portable exhibition booth has pros and cons. Therefore, before investing time and money in choosing the right solution, it is important to become familiar with both types of racks.

Before choosing an exhibition stand, setting some parameters that will complete the design process is important. Let’s look at the different factors to consider before choosing exhibition stand systems.

  • The budget for your exhibition stand
  • Preferred exhibit size and mode of transport
  • Do you need an exhibition stand for single use or several exhibitions?
  • Would you like to integrate digital technology into your stand?
  • Are there any other design elements you want to include?

After analyzing the above information, you can be sure that further planning can be optimized. Now you can choose your preferred modular and portable exhibition stand or bespoke, depending on your company’s specific exhibition needs.

Perks of having a modular exhibition stand design from top modular stand builders

Adds style to the ad

With the modular exhibition stand and portable stand, you can effectively give your exhibition stand an elegant character. These mounts also work better with branded graphics. Add style to your stand with specially designed modular stands.

Versatile by nature

The modular exhibition stand design is versatile and easily integrated into countless configurations. The same independent elements of a single modular stand design can reconstruct/reconstruct a completely different and innovative modular exhibition project.

Adapts to changing room dimensions

Modular exhibition stand systems can be easily adapted to changing room dimensions.

Easy to assemble

The pre-assembled parts of the modular exhibition stand and portable stand make it easy to assemble and dismantle. Using a modular exhibition stand design saves time and additional labor costs.


The portable, modular exhibition stands are designed and manufactured from durable raw materials that can be kept and used for a long time. With proper storage, the portable exhibition booth can be used at least 5-6 times a year or more, with continuous use over 7-8 years.


Extensibility is the hallmark of exhibition stand displays. When in doubt, the custom modular exhibition stands can be easily resized to suit your needs and venue. The modular stand design can be scaled up or down in size without technical assistance. Better than a small modular exhibition stand system that expands to a medium-sized exhibition stand and vice versa.


All these advantages make modular exhibition booths cost-effective as they can be used in multiple setups. A modular exhibition design is a one-time investment that can be reused often. Reusing aspects of the modular exhibition stand systems reduces the cost per show for each reconfiguration or use of different booth designs.

Multiple shows in one booth

If you have a calendar of exhibitions you want to attend, you should prioritize one-time investments. The portable, modular exhibition stands allow you to exhibit at multiple shows on the same stand.

Easy to carry

Portability is one of the best qualities of a modular exhibition booth. This feature allows exhibitors to easily transport the entire stand. Perfect for any space. The list of benefits of this exhibition stand does not end here. The modular exhibition design is ideal for open and limited exhibition spaces, making it an ideal choice for exhibitors. Aside from scalability, this key feature of modular exhibition displays makes them a great option for any exhibition.

When to choose a modular exhibition stand design?

A custom modular exhibition stand should be chosen in the following situations:

  • Are you looking for a long-lasting stand that can be reused for years? 
  • If you are looking for a stand that can adapt to different stand sizes, such as 3m x 3m, 6m x 3m, and 6m x 6m. 
  • You want something that looks professional and is affordable at the same time. 

We would like to save on transportation costs to and from the exhibition and the cost of setting up and removing stands.

What makes us different from just a modular exhibition stand contractor?

Expo Stand Services is a well-known modular exhibition stand contractor. Our modular stand design not only demonstrates great creative skills but also extends to gigantic structures and uses the latest level of innovation in terms of technology. Let us design, build and manufacture your company’s perfect modular exhibition stand systems. With easy-to-carry exhibit sets assembled by leading modular stand builders exhibit contractor ESS, you’ll be free to use your exhibit sets as often as you like. We are among the top modular exhibition stand companies.

  • Our portable exhibition stands are excellent and have extensive experience for all experiential needs of exhibitions.
  • ESS modular exhibition stand design services is the right combination of flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics. 
  • We accompany you from the conception, design, construction, and production to the storage, shipping, assembly, and dismantling of your custom modular exhibition stands.

Some of the unique and outstanding features of our modular stand design include the following features

  • We have been in the modular exhibition booth-building industry for years and offer our services worldwide. 
  • Our modular stand design is a great system that uses old and new technologies to connect beams and columns to create a frame with panels placed between the columns. 
  • We have many years of experience providing modular exhibition stand systems according to exhibitors’ needs and budgets.
  • Our modular exhibition design allows the exhibitor to add graphics or set up their own branded equipment.
  • As a specialist in modular exhibition displays, we are one of the leading modular exhibition stand companies dedicated to providing the highest quality.
  • The portable exhibition booth is easy to set up and install. ESS has a highly qualified and experienced team of experts to design, build and manufacture effective modular exhibition displays to suit your needs. 
  • Our portable, modular exhibition stands are quite easy to assemble and disassemble. We offer modular exhibition stands and portable stands. For a modular stand construction, prefabricated panels are easier to assemble.
  • We design custom modular exhibition stands just got easier with our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. What makes our custom modular exhibition stands is that they can be reused as they can be redesigned and used in various configurations and styles.
  • We have an efficient team building reusable exhibition stand systems that make you stand out at the show with unique, bespoke modular exhibition stands

Durability is another important aspect of ESS’s modular exhibition booth as they offer a better and much longer life in metal panels and can continue to be used even after disassembly.

To Sum Up:

Contact ESS and let us know your specifications and requirements for a modular exhibition stand and portable stand. As a top modular exhibition stand contractor, we will make custom modular exhibition stands that are cost-effective in terms of installation, disassembly, reuse, and profitability, as they are made from prefabricated metal panels. So, you can sit back, relax, and continue preparing for the show. As your modular stand builders, we will deliver and configure the modular exhibition booth to the exhibition center and ensure full on-site monitoring. Stop being reluctant and connect with us!

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