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What is a modular exhibition stand?

modular exhibition stand

The exhibition acts as a point of contact between the brand and the target group while simultaneously handily representing the brand at the show. The whole modular exhibition stands are self-built quickly and easily without requiring any specialist contractors or power tools. 

Modular stands, Custom exhibition stands and Custom-modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stand

With minimal maintenance, a modular stand is a portable exhibition stand that can be reused for various exhibits and shows since it is made with sturdy material. The installation and dismantling process of the modular stand is quick and hassle-free. 

Custom exhibition stands

Custom exhibition stand designs can be built as per the exhibitor’s fancy.

Custom-modular exhibition stand

As the name suggests, a custom-modular exhibition stand is a hybrid between custom and modular stands. It combines the best of both worlds and offers flexibility to the exhibitor to customize certain aspects of the booth. 

Benefits of modular exhibition stands


Modular exhibition stands can be reused for future shows, making them a sustainable exhibiting solution. They are easy to reconfigure if you need them to fit in a different space. You can simply update the graphics and fit them into the existing stand for a fresh look. 

Save on Cost

A modular exhibition stand design can be reconfigured as per your requirements. This versatility saves costs when you require multiple setups. 

Get a high return on purchase

The advantages we’ve listed for modular stalls, such as its reusability, ease of assembly, and long shelf-life, make it an ideal purchase for a frequent exhibitor. 


A modular exhibition stand design works best in both open and constricted spaces, making it appropriate for shell schemes as well as for raw exhibit spaces. The versatility and scalability of modular stands make it the optimal option for any space and show.

Quick and easy to build

Anyone familiar with the exhibition industry will know that strict deadlines and difficult working conditions characterize it.  

Don’t just take our word for it, though…to prove just how user-friendly the Mod-U-Lok system is, we’ve produced a time-lapse showing our team using it to build a multipurpose exhibition stand from start to finish!

Easy to store 

You can easily store the packing crates, saving money on the expensive storage requirements of a custom-built stand.

Ideal for constrained spaces

A modular portable exhibition stand works well in large and constricted floor spaces. 

Why and when to choose a modular stand?

Let’s begin by looking at the pros and cons of modular exhibition stands.

Modular exhibition stands are for you will not be paying for a bespoke design service. If you are looking for an exhibition stand that can be adapted to various experiential spaces, then a modular exhibition system is the perfect choice. They are also ideal for anyone who will be exhibiting regularly and doesn’t want to invest in custom branding and design.  The stands are easy to assemble and, while they may be a cheaper option, can still get your message across. 

If you have multiple exhibits lined up in a year, buying a modular stand can give you excellent returns on investments since the same stand can be reused at various times. For instance, if you are participating in 4 exhibits in a year, out of which 3 of those are of equal importance, but you want to make a splash at the 4th exhibition, then, in that case, you can buy a stand fit for the first 3 exhibitions and then just hire additional elements and accessories required to fit the larger stand space. We at Expo Stand Services provide rental service on modular stands.

Expo Stand Services is a global leader in designing and manufacturing modular exhibition stands. These modular portable exhibition stands are constructed of aluminum frames with infill panels. You don’t have to buy new modular trade show displays for each exhibit.

How do we make most of the modular exhibition stands?

Here are some ways to take advantage of the flexibility you have when you choose a modular exhibition stand:

Think long term – No quick fix

One of the biggest advantages of modular exhibition stands is that it is adaptable to spaces and target audiences in terms of hardware and graphics. In order to take advantage of the adaptability, prepare a list of your ongoing requirements in that list, including the spaces you attend, changes of graphics and more.

Pick the right display technology

You can now consider the right display technology that ticks all the boxes/requirements specified in step one. ESS offers various modular exhibition stands technologies and ample designs of modular exhibition stands.

Design time!

We can discuss exhibition stand design if you know your objectives and pick the right display technology. 

Design time! (artwork)

There is a lot to consider when creating the artwork, such as following the 3 seconds rule, KIS, brand consistency, your target audience and more which you can discuss with the NVP Exhibits team. It is worthwhile considering our unique, adaptable artwork graphics approach that provides brand consistency, allows change of messages and saves money on new graphics.

Keep improving

For example, a 6m by 3m modular exhibition stand can be reconfigured into a tower, so feel free to call our team and keep improving.

Great stand is only the beginning

A great modular exhibition stand can provide an adaptable platform that looks amazing and saves money, but it’s only the beginning. A smart exhibitor must consider lead generation tactics, staff members’ training, promotions, follow-ups, carefully selecting spaces, and many more items. Call our exhibitions and trade shows consultants team to discuss this further.

What makes us different from being modular exhibition stands and service providers?

We never, never ever believe that just by selling you exhibition stalls, our job is done. We extend our services beyond it.

A modular portable exhibition stand conveniently adapts to various exhibition floor plans, enhancing a high investment return. Fill in our modular display stands requirements form, and one of our team will find the right modular display for you!

Training and Support:

Just as we mentioned above, our modular exhibition stands do not require expertise in the building process. We provide a complete guide with drawings and illustrations of installing and dismantling at delivery time. And on request, we’ll also provide one-to-one training to ensure you know the process well or share a video tutorial online. If you are unsure, we also provide onsite assistance or support.

Product Guarantee/Warranty

Our modular stalls come with extended benefits. We offer a one-year warranty for overall manufacturing defects. We also provide spares, repairs, and maintenance services up to 5 years of purchase.

100% Pre-built Guarantee

Your exhibition stall will be completely assembled at our warehouse, and pictures will be shared with you to ensure everything is in place before the final delivery.

Exhibition Stall Durability

Modular exhibition stands use fabric as well as vinyl print graphics. Our fabric graphics are fire-retardant and wrinkle-resistant. Need some inspiration for choosing the right modular exhibition stand design? Check out our website!

A spectacular range of modular exhibition stands

As a cost-effective resource, modular stands are also a great fit for regular exhibitors with a defined budget. Modular exhibition displays are interchangeable, so our highly proficient designers can customize a stand design that speaks for your brand. You just need to pick your favorite modular stand from our catalog, and VOILA! 

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