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Everything you need for your exhibit is at Expo Stand Services

exhibition stand builders in Germany

At ESS, we offer a complete and extensive service. We cover all process phases, from design and construction to storage. ESS is one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Germany. We carry out exhibition construction projects for our customers and specialize in the creative construction of exhibition stands, pavilions, and exhibitions. The company has production facilities and sales offices across the globe. This includes, among other things: 

  • 3D brand presentation, 
  • concepts, 
  • designs, 
  • production and 
  • assembly of exhibition stands.

With our offices across Europe, we support our clients in building and hosting custom stands that fit brand requirements and develop a unique methodology. As a leading exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, we offer comprehensive exhibition stand design and production services in Europe and the UK.

To guarantee our customers a highly efficient service, all of our manufacturing facilities are under one roof, and our teams work closely together to provide comprehensive support and solutions anywhere in the world. From start to finish, we discuss all the necessary aspects for a stress-free visit to the exhibition.

Why are we among the best exhibition stand builders in Germany?

Expo Stand Services has completed ample stand design, engineering, and construction projects with high customer satisfaction across Europe. Thanks to our 100% in-house design and manufacture, we can offer our customers the best possible offer.

We are a professional exhibition stand contractor company in Germany with a unique and well-established identity, constantly striving to create designs with unforgettable visual appeal. Leveraging our experience as an exhibition stand contractor, we have expanded our geographic reach over the years, developed visionaries, and created exhibition stand designs of the highest quality. The aim is to create a complete and integrated whole that represents a unique and welcoming presence at an exhibition so that visitors, often surrounded by competing demands for attention, are lured to a specific stand.

How do we create a successful exhibition stand?

Our process begins with understanding the needs of our valued customers. Our project manager will first discuss this with our customers. We then design, adapt, manufacture, transport, assemble, dismantle, and store the exhibition stand for later use at the next exhibition.

Understanding the goals

Our dedicated teams first understand our client’s goals and objectives and then work closely with them to design unique exhibition stands in Germany.

3D Views

Our graphic designer converts the customer’s vision into a photorealistic 3D animation and helps him to see the status from all sides before production.


Once clients are satisfied with their stand design, we start designing their stunning display, custom-tailored to their brand’s needs.

Build and install

We have a highly qualified team dealing with the production and assembly of exhibition stands. Our in-house teams set up the stand and ensure easy shipping and onsite installation.

Site monitoring

We provide comprehensive support to our customers. From planning to accommodation and removal, we can help you create an unforgettable exhibition experience with a single phone call.

Removal and storage

For the ultimate stress-free experience, we will dismantle the exhibition stand for you and store it for later use. ESS’s exclusive stand designs are developed under the supervision of designers with decades of experience. Our world-class turnkey solutions have enabled thousands of companies to enjoy a hassle-free exhibition experience. This includes all essential services such as installation, planning, logistics, and demolition if you are stranded due to noise during the exhibition.

Opt for us as your exhibition stand contractor company in Germany and excel at display ground

Exhibitor messages and branding are effectively communicated through thoughtful and custom stand designs. We have top-notch onsite support, so you have nothing to worry about. With this service, our team members will be onsite throughout the exhibition to resolve any confusion. We combine technology and artistic expertise to bring international quality standards to the exhibition venue.

Simply arrive at the venue, submit your offerings, and leave once the exhibition ends. We will handle the rest with our expertise and experience. These qualities and work patterns ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers, making us a leading exhibition stand contractor company in Germany. To ensure your exhibition runs smoothly, we offer a complete range of exhibition stand design, construction, and onsite support. We always excel at providing the best exhibition stand designs on the market. ESS team has its design studio to support you in providing customized services.

Why is Expo Stand Services the best choice of exhibition stand builders in Germany? 

Our company is one of Germany’s world’s leading exhibition stand builders because of our real-time response according to the industry and business conditions. You visualize, and we make it real. Our knowledgeable team will work with your representative to determine your promotional goals and needs.

To expand our local presence and offer exhibition services in established markets, our team strives to build a scalable and sustainable business. We aim to cover more geographic footprints while providing comprehensive exhibition stand solutions with our knowledgeable staff. As we do not limit our exhibition stand design services to geographical borders or industries, we intend to extend our wings as an exhibition stand contractor across cultural and linguistic borders. Our qualified graphic designer will create the perfect design to meet your business goals.

Timely deliveries

With the support and commitment of our active teams, ESS carries out projects according to international quality standards and always on time. Our commitment to our services, coupled with short delivery times and strict quality standards, facilitates process improvement if we invest time upfront in prioritizing and organizing as needed. This makes us the best exhibition stand builders in Germany.

Own production facilities

At ESS, we offer the best service and exhibition opportunities, all under one roof. All these exhibition services are provided onsite; This includes exhibition stand design, manufacturing, installation, and dismantling. We save time and make it easier for clients to focus on other essential aspects of their brand.

Innovative and creative custom design

We help companies and their brands embody themselves in a way that customers can identify. We love the power of simplicity and the essence of aesthetics in our brand design and communication. Therefore, with the help of our design specialists, we have developed our unique design language to give this brand a communicative appeal through the stand design tailored to customer expectations.

We are market experts in providing exhibition stands such as custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition stands, country pavilions, multi-story exhibition stands, furniture manufacturing, etc. As a reliable and trusted exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are responsible for high-end companies worldwide. Your search for the best exhibition stand builders in Germany ends here. We have worked for e-cigarettes, biological products, fruits, vegetables, printing, electronics, aerospace, chemical, automotive, rubber, pharmaceutical, artificial intelligence industry, data services, jewelry, food, cosmetics, exhibition, machinery and security engineering, Information, painting, and much more.

Our display services help our clients display their brands on the display floor. Our showroom service does not end with the setup; we are at your disposal until the last market day to solve market problems. If you are looking for the best exhibition stand contractor company in Germany, contact us for the best!

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