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ISM in 2023 Cologne

ISM Cologne 2023 Expo | Exhibition Stand builder For ISM

One of the biggest and most significant exhibitions in the world of snacks, sweets, and confectionery, ISM Cologne 2023 is held annually in Cologne. Once again Cologne will host this exhibition from April 23th to April 25th, 2023. The ISM in 2023 Cologne, Germany, will come with the opportunity to interact with various cutting-edge technologies, participate in stimulating networks, and meet distinguished exhibitors and knowledgeable attendees. For business owners, ISM serves as a valuable industrial value chain.

ISM Cologne will produce the best circumstances for the next planning. The variety of goods available for snacks and sweets will be the main draw.

Alluring things of ISM Cologne 2023

  • The ISM Cologne 2023 will introduce several cutting-edge items, trends, and viewpoints. Furthermore, this is the place to meet new people and take advantage of further chances because it brings together all key target groups from the industry.
  • The annual timetable of ISM is a response to the sector’s pressure to generate innovations. Participants can choose from a wide variety of chocolate, candies, cookies, and snack foods.
  • One of the top exhibitions in the sector, ISM 2023, will also be an extraordinary circumstance for quick and ongoing product updates. A successful fusion of ideas and innovations, engaging networking, top-notch exhibitors, and knowledgeable attendees create a global offer.
  • The world’s largest and most significant sweets and biscuits exhibition is held annually in Cologne, Germany.

More about ISM Cologne 2023 Cologne

The ISM Cologne 2023 includes all confectionery sold globally, including chocolate, sugar confectionery, biscuits, snack items, ice cream, and raw pastes. It also gets the most significant private label selection of sweets and snacks. One of the most influential trade events for sweets and nibbles is ISM 2023 Cologne. 

The exhibitions in Cologne will you a unique combination of global inspiration, innovations, fun networking, excellent exhibitors, and knowledgeable guests. It will have 1,656 exhibitors and about 37,500 exhibition attendees. There is little doubt that the city will develop into an industrial hub. Visitors can take away new trends, insights, and business relationships from ISM 2023 Cologne. 

Why attend ISM in 2023 in Cologne, Germany?

  • The most significant industry gathering spot dazzles with its broad, vibrant range of chocolate and sugar confectionery, cookies, and snacks. The largest exhibition for the sweets and nibbles sector is ISM Cologne. It offers a fantastic opportunity to network with influential business leaders and grow your company.
  • You will experience a rare fusion of ideas and innovations, networking, top exhibitors, and knowledgeable attendees at this exhibition. The finest venue to network with influential industry decision-makers is at ISM in 2023 Cologne, Germany. Only finished products for retail are displayed here, focusing on novelties and seasonal items. 
  • ISM Cologne 2023 is actively involved in this market activity and, under the motto “ISM – Encourage. Enable. Excite”, will continue to focus on key content and discussions related to these challenges next year. Overall, ISM 2023 gives you an established business model. ISM 2023 is the most important meeting place for the confectionery and snacks industry.

Things that make ISM Cologne 2023 an unavoidable exhibition

ISM 2023 in Cologne is the perfect forum for the latest developments and trends in the sweets and snacks industry. The fair will cover many focal points and showcase products from leading experts. Several special shows accompany the event. The most important are ISM Awards, Expert Stage, Halal Market, New Product Showcase, Startup Area, Trend Court and Newcomer Area. This creates a unique atmosphere for all visitors, essential know-how, and orders for the new business season. Some of the top products on display are:

  • Chocolate and chocolate products;
  • Sweets
  • Biscuit snack
  • Trending snacks
  • Natural Snacks
  • Breakfast snacks
  • Ice cream, ice cream, fresh paste

As the world’s leading exhibition for sweets and snacks, ISM Cologne offers inspiration and innovation, exciting networking opportunities, top exhibitors and talented visitors. ISM Cologne is an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to analyze their global competitors and gain access to Germany’s international snack market. This perfect combination is unique in the world. The world’s most extensive range of branded sweets and snacks can also be found at ISM. Every year, the ISM brings many business travellers to the Cathedral City from all over the world. 

ISM 2023 is the industry’s largest exhibition for industrial suppliers, featuring a range of expert presentations and social events to equip you with the knowledge to deliver the best customer experience.

What makes ISM 2023 an essential place for the sweet industry?

One can discover international sweets and snacks at the Sweets & Snacks Fair in ISM 2023. It is the world’s largest and most important exhibition for sweets and snacks, held once a year in Cologne. Every year the ISM brings together top exhibitors and outstanding visitors in the halls of the Cologne Exhibition Center. An ever-increasing range of snack products, such as sweets and snacks, are lined up. The ISM Showcase is a confectionery exhibition and an essential hub for networking, communication and decision-making, highlighting the latest trends in the snack industry. New trends, innovative products and perspectives are presented to an expert audience of only key customers to discover and discuss them. 

More than 1800 exhibitors offer product presentations of the fair’s top competencies, such as cocoa, chocolate, biscuits, snacks, confectionery, ice cream and fresh pastes. As an important business and communication platform, it connects all relevant target groups: investment-minded international companies, small businesses and decision-makers with SMEs and market leaders. 

Reflecting the current diversification of the retail food industry in Germany and Europe, innovation finds an industry audience at the new product showcase and startup in the area next to the Halla market. This is where contacts are made and innovative consumer-friendly ideas, creations and concepts are delivered to secure the industry’s future. 

To Sum Up

Don’t miss the ISM Awards Ceremony, which honours selected contributions to fostering innovation in the confectionery and snacks industry. The exhibition concept is complemented by several notable shows and forums, such as the New Product Showcase for new products and his Innova Market Insights for recent product trends. A successful combination of impulse and innovation, exciting networking, top exhibitors and talented visitors forms a globally unique offer. Another highlight since 2014 is the sweets and snacks industry announcing the ISM Awards for exceptional services.

To exhibit at ISM Cologne 2023, if you are looking for a reliable and competent exhibition stand design and construction company in Cologne. Contact Expo Stand Services today for a seamless exhibition experience and better brand exposure.

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