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ESS reigns in the position of best exhibition stand contractor in London

exhibition stand contractor in London

Visiting exhibitions can be an excellent idea for any company, and with us is the best as ESS is an exhibition stand contractor in London specializing in exhibition management with stand design excellence. London’s leading exhibitions are the best platform for promoting products and services on international markets. And for that, we offer a one-stop shop for all your exhibition needs and cater to UK and overseas services. Attending exhibitions can bring many business benefits, helping exhibitors generate leads, increase product awareness, and network with select customers. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures our clients achieve the desired results and contribute to their marketing plans’ success. We all know that exhibitions attract many visitors, which is why it becomes increasingly important to present the brand in such a crowded place.

Do you need a professional exhibition stand design company in London like us? Then continue reading, and you’ll know the reasons.

Necessity of good exhibition stand contractors in London

  • With the help of a solid exhibition stand contractor in London, you can decide which structure suits your presentation best and focus on other aspects.
  • All business owners value setting up a stand at any exhibition as it offers unmatched advertising revenue. 
  • Companies also attend several local and national events each year, as these prove to be great business opportunities. 
  • At the same time, our team of experts creates an impressive stand design for your next exhibition. A good exhibition stand design company in London will help you have an unforgettable experience.
  • Since they can see how their ideas and customer requirements fit together, stand builders naturally have an eye on what works and what doesn’t. We can highlight the critical aspects of preparing for a successful exhibition with a fantastic stand design. Now let’s know how to have a good exhibition stand design.

Essential elements of an exhibition stand design

Relevant graphics

A stand design with appropriate graphics would look clear and complete. 


Each stand design serves as a tool to support the exhibitor’s marketing objectives. Defining the goals is one of the most critical steps in exhibition stand design planning.

The customer is guaranteed a stand that reflects the market campaign and the best possible price within the agreed delivery time. Finally, suppose you have the motive to exhibit at one of the most creative and unique exhibition stands. Now let’s know more about us.

Why choose us as your exhibition stand design company in London?

We have a professional and experienced team of skilled printing engineers, custom display designers, and custom display manufacturers. To ensure the success of the most critical day, exhibitors should opt for the best exhibition stand contractor in London: ESS. We provide our services across the world. We are grateful for our strong relationships that allow us to do the same. ESS is the most trusted and respected exhibition stand design company in London.

Our turnkey exhibition stand solutions include 3D stand design, project management, stand documentation submission, transportation, set-up, and troubleshooting throughout your event. We are a German company that offers services throughout Europe. Today, we successfully cooperate with many well-known brands and organize successful exhibitions. As part of our turnkey service, we offer three purchasing options: 

  • tailor-made exhibition stands, 
  • rental exhibition stands, and 
  • hybrid exhibition stand 

We have been dealing with exhibition buildings since 2008. Our exhibition stands are constructed by our hardworking craftsmen, who create unique designs for exhibition stands, paying attention to every detail mentioned by customers. With years of experience in the exhibition industry, we offer ample creative stand design ideas that can be tailored to your brand’s guidelines and requirements.

What makes us the best exhibition stand contractor in London?

At a transparent price, we take care of everything from stand design and construction to logistics, set-up, and dismantling, including project management.

We serve several brands and have accumulated countless experiences helping companies achieve their goals. We offer a 100% stand-build guarantee service, allowing you to photograph your stand’s final look weeks before your exhibition to avoid last-minute problems. Our production and printing shops offer our customers complete solutions in the design, construction, and graphics of exhibition stands, thus guaranteeing quality assurance.

What do we offer as an exhibition stand design company in London?

We are an exhibition stand contractor in London with years of experience in design and construction. We take a creative approach when designing display stands for our valued clients. Together, we can create a package that suits your needs, regardless of industry. We offer comprehensive services and exhibition stand construction as an exhibition stand contractor in London. We take care of everything from start to finish and have built long-term customer relationships for many years.

For companies that want to go that extra mile and stay on top, we can take your projects to the next level. We know how important a well-designed stand is! As a pioneer exhibition stand contractor in London, we build and supply world-class display stands with the highest precision and technical specifications.

To conclude, if you are looking for a competent exhibition stand design company in London with its production unit, you have come to the right place! Contact one of our experts with your guidelines for a flawless stand design, and we can begin the design process. We offer custom exhibition stands tailored to your industry and business needs, most amazingly and creatively!

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