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AUTOMATICA 2025 Munich

AUTOMATICA 2025: The global platform for the intelligent automation and robotics industry

AUTOMATICA, Germany’s most influential professional summit for the automation and intelligent robotics industry, has announced the program of its next edition in 2025. Exhibitors will present a wide range of products and services related to this topic, from automated manufacturing and assembly technologies to software solutions for the automation and intelligent robotics industries at AUTOMATICA 2025. The AUTOMATICA 2025 dates are from June 24th to 27th, 2025. The significant show info includes that the AUTOMATICA 2025 venue will be at the Monaco Trade Fair in the LASER World of Photonics. Visitors are typically executives and specialists from various industries interested in the latest trends and technologies, including mechanical engineering, automotive and computer engineering.

AUTOMATICA Germany: the overview and crucial show info

What are the significant offerings of AUTOMATICA Munich 2025?

The exhibition duo is the ideal place to discover the industry’s dynamics and prepare for the significant changes that will disrupt the industry’s supply chains. The AUTOMATICA Munich 2025 takes place at the Munich Exhibition Centre, a modern and easily accessible facility with a wide range of services and facilities. The show will focus on strengthening the market positions of recognized market leaders and allowing start-ups to become visible in the industry. All participants will learn how manufacturers interpret innovations in their products, divided into 4 main topics:

  • Digital Transformation: Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Smart Factory, IoT, Networked Manufacturing Array, Connectivity, Data Collection
  • Artificial Intelligence: Inspired by the human brain
  • People and machines: a new dimension of collaboration
  • Sustainable production: not a trend, but a necessity

More than 45,000 guests will be at AUTOMATICA 2025 Munich to experience an innovative presentation introducing the latest concepts in digitalization and artificial intelligence, the future of work and sustainable manufacturing. The access to the Munich Exhibition Centre is well signposted, and the transport connections within Munich and to national and international transport networks are well developed.

Benefits of attending AUTOMATICA 2025 Munich, Germany:

  • The AUTOMATICA 2025 in Munich is an excellent opportunity to meet industry leaders and experts in the automation and robotics industry and learn about new upcoming technologies.
  • One can experience new projects in this area and expand one’s knowledge.
  • Several seminars will be led by world-class experts, key industry leaders, executives and specialists.
  • Exhibitors can connect with others with similar interests.
  • You can become part of cutting-edge technology and join the world in digital transformation at AUTOMATICA Germany.
  • The Future of Work to learn more about intelligent factories and human-machine collaboration, the possibilities that will enable our AI-driven world of tomorrow.
  • Tailor-made solutions will be provided for each topic covered at the trade fair, enabling independent, flexible, optimized and sustainable large-scale production.
  • The AUTOMATICA 2025 offers an exceptional support program with detailed dialogues, product presentations, and numerous networking events.
  • Attend any AUTOMATICA journal conference program session to gain access to international, interdisciplinary visionaries presenting the latest developments and their impact on the economy, environment and society.

At AUTOMATICA Munich 2025 the AI. Society stage will review industry trend analysis and best practices that will enable entry level and established companies to compete in the marketplace. Exhibitors and visitors alike can expect various process measurement and control systems, analytical instruments, environmental and pollution control equipment, electrical systems, and test and measurement equipment. After having such important show info, you can connect with us. We are among the most trusted exhibition stand builders in Munich, Germany, when it comes to designing and building exhibition stands. With a strong presence in Germany, Poland, USA, UAE and India, we offer tremendous and compact exhibiting services worldwide.

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