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Electronica 2022 is an international trade show for electronic components, systems, and applications that, as the world’s biggest trade fair, exhibit the whole range of electronic components, systems, and applications in all of its diversity and depth. It represents the high level of innovation in the industry as a whole. Exhibitors and users in the domains of electronics systems, applications, and technologies can learn about the newest breakthroughs and advancements in the sectors of system peripherals, power engineering, printed circuit boards, and electronic manufacturing systems (EMS). Sensor solutions, power supply, electronic design (ED / EDA), and electronics software are all on display during the show. Every two years, the electronica takes place in Munich and is solely open to trade visitors.

The main gathering for the electronics industry, Electronica 2022, will take place once again. The Munich-based show takes place every two years, but the dates in 2022 – 15 to 18 November – will be especially significant as an industry reunion following the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, which forced the hosting of a virtual electronica show. At Electronica Munich 2022, over 80,000 people are expected to participate in a variety of in-person business events and professional exchanges.

The diversity of goods, technologies, and solutions shown at electronica are unrivaled, with 3,100 exhibitors from over 50 countries. The Electronica 2022 Munich provides a short overview of the most recent technologies and trends, ensuring that industry members are kept up to date on all significant advancements. you don’t drown in this whirlpool of activity, you’ll need a plan. The show floor is an amazing environment for networking and business negotiation, with over 80,000 visitors representing practically all consumer segments and user sectors of the industry.

Key points about Electronica 2022

The Electronica 2022, which offers national and international companies profitable markets, new industries, and enormous potential ranging from automotive and industrial electronics to embedded and wireless to MEMS and medical electronics, is characterized by concrete prospects and strong business momentum.

A wide program of special events complements the vast array of B2B opportunities on the show floor. It consists of sixteen theme-oriented forums and four high-profile conferences where attendees may learn about the industry’s most important challenges and solutions, as well as share their experiences with world-renowned professionals.

Expo stand Services can be of great help at Electronica 2022

The electronics sector is one of the largest in the world, with a financial industry worth more than EUR 3.5 trillion. It’s no surprise, then, that exhibitors flock to Electronica year after year to show off the finest of their wares. Before you sign up, make sure your Electronica exhibition stands are the proper ones that will draw the right kind of attention on the day of the trade show. You’ll find it at Expo Stand Services.


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