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Electrify your brand presence at SEMICON Europa 2023 with our top-class designed exhibition stand!

SEMICON Europa is the largest European electronics platform, connecting the semiconductor industry leaders across the design and manufacturing supply chain. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve business goals and exchange ideas and innovations while showcasing Europe’s most modern and creative electronics production. SEMICON Europa 2023 Munich is scheduled from November 14-17, 2023, in Munich. This exhibition will occur in parallel with Electronics in Munich, Germany, creating the most important single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe and expanding the range of participants across the entire electronics chain. 

Extensive details of SEMICON Europe

  • SEMICON Europa supports the European industry in developing the next generation of the digital age. It facilitates collaboration along the value chain for a faster, more reliable, and more secure transformation and a new digital age. 
  • The SEMICON Europa 2023 Munich trade fair offers programs addressing the microelectronics industry’s key issues and challenges, offering participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and promote technological advances, including the advanced and innovative electronics manufacturing.
  • The SEMI Networking Night at SEMICON Europa 2023 offers an incredible opportunity to interact and network with a wide variety of stakeholders and an exciting and unique opportunity to network with your peers.

Plan your participation now, expand your business goals, exchange ideas, and promote technological advances by embracing the most advanced and innovative electronics manufacturing in Europe.

Why should you plan to participate in SEMICON Europa?

The SEMICON Europa 2023 Munich highlights important topics and challenges in the microelectronics industry. It offers exhibitors and visitors a unique opportunity to connect and network with over 8,000 visitors, including engineers, executives, and key decision-makers. It is Europe’s premier showcase for business and exploration in areas such as Factory Management, Advanced Packaging, SMART Mobility, MedTech, SMART Manufacturing, Materials, Power Electronics, etc. 

Over 75% of SEMICON Europe attendees are involved in purchasing decisions, influencing the selection and ultimate purchase of microelectronics manufacturing equipment, materials, software, and services. 

Attractions of the SEMICON Europa 2023 Munich

The main attractions of SEMICON Europa 2023 Munich are photovoltaic systems, thin film technologies, and processing technologies such as solar panels and displays. SEMICON Europe will attract an influential audience from all segments and sectors of the European microelectronics industry, including materials, pre-and post-production, and advanced packaging. The high-tech digital solutions presented at SEMICON Europe in Munich will show how companies integrate state-of-the-art 3D integration with various application-specific technologies. Product application markets include semiconductors, MEMS, Sensors, Power Electronics, Flexible Electronics, IoT, Automotive, MedTech, etc.

What does SEMICON Europe offer exhibitors?

As an international information and communication platform, SEMICON Europe 2023 offers exhibitors and visitors specialist conferences, activities, and networking opportunities. SEMICON Europe 2023 is an exhibition showcasing the latest semiconductor equipment, services, and materials innovations. As the leading trade fair, SEMICON Europe Munich offers the perfect environment for newcomers to discover and network with the industry on a global level. SEMICON Europe 2023 presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Norms
  • Semiconductors (process automation and control, new materials, lithography, metrology, equipment, services, and technologies)
  • MEMS/MST applications
  • Market
  • Inspection and packaging

SEMICON offers exhibitors and visitors in 2023 technical conferences, programs, and networking opportunities as an international information and communication platform. So, contact ESS immediately if you are looking for a reputable and knowledgeable exhibition stand builder in Munich to help you design the perfect stand at SEMICON Europe.

Why do you contact us for SEMICON Europa 2023?

We (Expo Stand Services) offer turnkey stand planning and construction for all types of exhibitions in Munich. With modern facilities, an exhibition in Munich would undoubtedly be an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, and you would be ready to make the most of it. Trust us to deliver bespoke, practical, robust, unique stands to help you achieve your business goals. 

Your exhibition stand in Munich should be attractive because we all know what catches the eye is remembered for longer. Thanks to many years of experience in Munich, we guarantee the quality of the stand and the professional handling of your showcase. And choosing a reputable exhibition stand builder in Munich will help you get the highest quality design services ever. We ensure your business can benefit from our knowledge by creating bespoke creative stands that best reflect your brand.

What makes us the top exhibition stand builder in Munich?

We ensure the quality and reliability of our stand with our years of experience. Our exhibition stand is appealing, and there are no additional costs incurred. We develop bespoke creative exhibition stands for exhibiting companies within their budget.

Partner with us for a reliable and effective exhibition stand for SEMICON Europa

We are one of the best exhibition stand builders in Munich, Germany. With multiple experiences at the Munich Fair, ESS offers all its customers excellent service, outstanding responsiveness, and attention to detail. We offer our customers innovative stand solutions. Expo Stand Services is a renowned exhibition stand manufacturer that designs, builds, and produces exhibition stands for international companies exhibiting in Europe. 

Ask us for beautiful stands and pavilions. We are the one-stop display solution for all your exhibition stand needs. We offer you a complete service that takes care of the coordination with the organizer, the logistics, and the transport of the stand for you. From concept creation to stand design to delivery to the exhibition grounds, we guarantee fast turnaround times and efficient implementation. We will develop a project you can be proud of that will make hearts beat faster and spread your brand positively in customer’s minds. We have our production facilities equipped with high-end printing machines. 

Our extensive range of exhibition stand designs can be easily accessed through our exhibition stand finder by entering 2 simple details: size and location. You will receive a long list of design ideas along with flat rates that can be tailored to your needs.

All in all:

We offer an impeccable range of exhibition stands: bespoke, modular, portable, stackable, etc. Our team comes up with a 100% turnkey stand guarantee as we anticipate the stand by setting it up on our premises a few weeks before the show. Our wide range of services includes the design and construction of exhibition stands, production, assembly, transport, dismantling, and storage. This offers a guarantee of quality and avoids last-minute problems. We have been a global exhibition stand builder for years and have a diverse portfolio that includes some of the best companies and thousands of successful projects. You can contact us to discuss your needs. Just give us a call and speak to our professional stand builder for quick help.

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