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FIBO 2022 Cologne

FIBO Global Fitness 2025 Cologne

FIBO Cologne 2025: the fitness, wellness and health industry exhibition

FIBO is the world’s largest exhibition for business, health and wellness and is held in Cologne. Our vision is a strong entertainment industry and a healthy society. The FIBO Cologne 2025 will take place from 10 – 13 April 2025. Since its founding in 1985, it has become a market leader for both business visitors and the public. Many exhibitors will present their products, services and innovations in the fields of fitness, training, nutrition, health and wellness at FIBO. Functional and holistic lifestyles are more important than ever and will be the focus of FIBO 2025 Cologne. These include fitness equipment, sportswear, supplements and gym equipment. 

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What can you expect from FIBO Cologne 2025?

FIBO is a great platform where fitness enthusiasts, professionals and companies can exchange information on the latest innovations and establish business relationships. Fitness and Bodybuilding Fair Cologne 2025 will be an essential meeting place for professionals and enthusiasts. The FIBO Cologne 2025 Germany will provide an in-depth look into the world of energy and health and promote the exchange of knowledge between different players in the industry.

Through various events (seminars, workshops, conferences and seminars), the FIBO Global Fitness 2024 Cologne will promote expert training and rapid decision-making. Additionally, the exhibition is divided into seven main sections to make it easier to find products and close deals:

  • Health & Wellness Forum – meeting place for professionals such as physiotherapists, therapists, studio operators and trainers
  • Fitness and Health Corner – lectures and discussions led by experts
  • FIBO Digital – an interactive event connecting home office professionals
  • Guided Tour – a tour of showrooms facilitating product discovery and innovation
  • Future Forum – future technology and e-commerce development
  • Sibec Europe – the most important event for suppliers and studio manufacturers, takes place for the first time at FIBO Cologne
  • European Health and Wellness Forum – a meeting of leaders and experts 
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What are the benefits of joining FIBO Cologne 2025? 

Participating in FIBO 2025 Cologne has many advantages, such as getting business insights and best practices from industry experts, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and new women. Visitors from more than 109 countries attended FIBO 2025, the largest fair in the fitness industry. There will be more than 50,000 participants, which can help you write new information for your clients and offer your services to the world at FIBO Cologne 2025, Germany. Additionally, guests are included in management and leadership positions, as well as decision-makers in their companies who can promote your product to the highest level of sales. The participation options, meet and greets, and playground will give you an unforgettable life experience and exciting challenges.

Exhibitors will be launching and supplying their merchandise from about 500 countries at FIBO Global Fitness 2024 Cologne. It will also assist you in studying new generations and developments in the market and will absolutely make industry connections and assembly buyers from the same industry. There will be 400-panel discussions on exclusive components of the fitness and health industry at FIBO Cologne 2025. It is possible to proportion thoughts and triumph over industry challenges.  

Delve into the transformative electricity of health at the FIBO 2025 Cologne, wherein modern developments, ground-breaking technologies, and professional insights converge to redefine your method of fitness and well-being. Engage with industry leaders, discover various exercising methodologies, and discover the secrets and techniques to accomplishing your health goals. Join us and embark on an adventure of transformation, innovation, and expert excellence.

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