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EuroMold 2022

An important place for the Mold and equipment industry!

The EuroMold BRASIL is an international trade show for manufacturing, designing and developing applications for moulds and equipment, which takes place every two years. EuroMold Messe 2023 is a 3-day trade show from October 9th to 11th, 2023, at Sindelfingen, Germany. It is the Brazilian sister company of EuroMold in Frankfurt. This trade show presents products from plants, machinery and equipment, architecture and design. 

Essentiality of EuroMold 2023 Brasil

EuroMold reacts to the economic changes of the last few years and the rapidly growing Brazilian demand for tools and moulds as well as design, engineering, visualization and simulation. It is an international exhibition stand manufacturing, designing and developing applications for moulds and equipment, which takes place every two years. The main goal is to open the growing Brazilian market to European exhibitors and visitors, thus paving the way to Europe.

Why showcase at EuroMold BRASIL?

Most visitors come from the administrative and financial sectors, then sales, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, maintenance and product design.

It is an trade show for people in the plastics industry; other sectors include the automotive, packaging & mechanical engineering industries. The main goal is to open up the growing Brazilian market, especially for European exhibitors and visitors, and thus pave the way for a location in Europe. 

Special things about Euromold Messe 2023

The Euromold Messe 2023, an International Trade show, offers a unique trade show concept that connects product areas along the entire process chain, from design to prototype to mass production.

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Why choose us for EuroMold BRASIL?

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If you consider Euromold Messe 2023 as your next trade show location, we can help you get great trade show booths at the best possible price. We assign you a dedicated project manager who can take care of every detail and complete the entire project as best as possible. Our team firmly believes in exceeding expectations, not just meeting them, as we build long-term relationships with our valued customers through our world-class services. Expo Stand Services is one of the most reputed booth design companies that provide customers with excellent exhibition booth  design services.

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