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The 6 Upcoming Exhibitions in Europe 2023

Exhibitions in Europe 2023

Exhibitions provide an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with industry leaders with years of experience. Many exhibitions stand builders in Europe have made a name for themselves by providing attractive exhibition stands. Attending exhibitions is a great way to strengthen your brand and take your business to the next level. It’s also an opportunity to meet like-minded people and broaden your network. 

Importance of attending Exhibitions

Opportunities abound for those who are willing to step beyond the norm. After experiencing the quiet lockdown atmosphere, it will feel more exciting than ever to be talked about, hear the latest ideas and connect with new colleagues. Not only can you interact with brands, but you can also learn about current trends in the industry.

However, with so many different exhibitions to attend, companies can easily become overwhelmed with all the options of exhibition stand builders in Europe and exhibitions. The exhibitions also provide ample opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of each sector, such as the design of exhibition stands and the products and services offered by the organization. Whether you’re an exhibition pro or a novice, knowing some of the biggest industries and where their shows are held is important. Even smaller industries stand on par with the big brands. The opportunity allows you to enter the competitive world and differentiate yourself. All great industries were new and new in the beginning. America’s largest exhibition gives you an edge over competitors by networking, connecting with decision-makers, and showcasing new products and trends.

Here are some of the most popular exhibitions not to be missed in 2023 in Europe

ANUGA 2023

Date: 07.10 –11.10.2023

Place: Cologne

The global food industry is changing rapidly. It is among the largest exhibitions. As the world’s most recognized exhibition for the food industry, ANUGA 2023 will attract many national and international exhibitors and visitors, including representatives of the professions and industry experts. It must be open, transparent, reliable, collaborative, and based on trust and collaboration. More than 7,000 companies from 109 countries decide to exhibit at ANUGA 2023 and present their products and services.

ANUGA 2023 is an exclusive exhibition focused on the beverage industry. The world’s largest exhibition for food and beverages lays new foundations for developing the entire industry. The ANUGA 2023 will combine10 shows with high-profile participants: 

  • Frozen, 
  • Refined, 
  • Dairy, 
  • Meat, 
  • Chilled & Fresh, 
  • Bread, 
  • Bakery, 
  • Hot Beverages, 
  • Organic, 
  • Beverage & RetailTec & Services

Many famous chefs, brands, and international speakers gather for conferences, lectures, competitions, and other special events at ANUGA 2023. Through partnership-based support, personal contact with decision-makers and buyers, and the opportunity to speak with potential buyers, Anuga provokes a strong impulse to shape the future. 

About 160,000 visitors from 192 countries will visit the ANUGA 2023 and experience five days of food & beverage. Additionally, trends and topics are added to the Anuga cologne each year, interactive topics that focus on current demand and where the beverage industry’s journey is headed.

EMove360° EUROPE

Date: 17.10 – 19.10.2023

Place: Messe Munchen, Entrance East

EMove360° EUROPE is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to autonomous electric mobility Mobility 4.0. EMove360° EUROPE has attracted developers, decision-makers, and suppliers from electromobility and autonomous driving since 2016. 

The EMove360° EUROPE is aimed at engineers, planners, dealers, workshops, professional users, fleet managers, and buyers, but also at political and municipal decision-makers and takes place parallel to eCarTec, the international exhibition for electric and hybrid mobility and Materialist, the international exhibition for lightweight construction for the new mobility. 

  • It presents a complete spectrum of future-proof and sustainable mobility solutions, ranging from urban design and mobility to material and process solutions, from automated driving and electronics to infotainment systems. 
  • The EMove360° 2023 will host representatives of the biggest brands in the industry, such as CITEL and Vestel Germany.
  • Exhibitors will present the latest technologies and developments in the interaction between vehicles and alarm systems, as well as assistance systems in cars and fully or partially automated driving concepts at EMove360° EUROPE

Experts have the opportunity to compete for the event’s annual prizes: the EMove360° EUROPE Award for electromobility and autonomous driving and the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award. 

Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

Date: 18.10 – 22.10.2023


The Frankfurt Book Exhibition is the world’s largest book and magazine exhibition. It has established itself as the leading exhibition for the book industry. 

The book exhibition offers a wide range, divided into different subject groups: 

  • fiction and non-fiction, 
  • religion, 
  • children’s and youth books, 
  • science and specialist books, 
  • art books, 
  • tourism, 
  • fine arts and international publishers. 

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 is transforming into a meeting place for experts and partner publishers across technology and creative industries, like film and games, to exchange ideas, seek inspiration, discover new practices and technologies, and nurture connections. 

  • Public traffic will only be permitted on the last two days of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023. 
  • With a wide range of products, the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 will attract many international exhibitors and trade visitors worldwide.
  • Visitors can learn about the latest releases and releases and experience the most innovative trends. 
  • The young Central European nation boasts groundbreaking art and electronic music achievements, which will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, along with other intriguing Slovenian literature discoveries, including cinema, theatre, and more. Increase. 

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 is Europe’s largest exhibition for industrial suppliers, offering a range of expert presentations and social events, allowing you to offer your customers a first-class experience.

IBA Munich

Date: 22.10. – 26.10.2023


It is the world’s leading exhibition for the bakery and confectionery industry and takes place every three years at the Munich exhibition center. IBA Munich has established itself as the leading exhibition and international conference venue for the bakery, confectionery, and snacks industry. 

  • The digital IBA Munich 2023 will connect over 8,000 unique users from 136 countries, imparting knowledge and best practices on the latest baking trends and topics related to the new handicraft market.
  • The IBA Munich 2023 will bring together all the important products and technologies for bakers and confectioners of all sizes, decision-makers in the baking and confectionery industry, and food retailers. 
  • Bakers, confectioners, restaurateurs, café owners, hotel and restaurant specialists, and food industry decision-makers come to IBA Munich 2023 to work together, exchange experiences, and shape future collaboration. 
  • By leveraging advances in VR technology, exhibitors can also offer their customers an authentic experience of their store via IBA Munich 2023, regardless of location. 
  • The IBA Munich 2023 is expected to bring together more than 1,300 exhibiting companies and around 77,000 key guests from the industry: buyers, resellers, decision-makers, etc.

IBA Munich 2023 will provide attendees with an insight into the trends driving market growth. At the IBA Munich 2023, bakers, confectioners of all sizes, decision-makers in the bakery and confectionery industry, and the retail food trade will give a comprehensive overview of market innovations.

A+A Dusseldorf 2023

Date: 24.10 – 27.10.2023

Place: Dusseldorf, Germany

A+A Dusseldorf 2023 is the world’s leading workplace exhibition for safety, protection, and health. As a growing show, each edition attracts more and more attendees. The numbers speak for themselves. About 120 exhibitors and over 25,000 industry professionals will attend the A+A Dusseldorf 2023. Most of them are visitors from overseas. From 24th to 27th October 2023, more than 1,100 exhibitors will showcase the latest developments and solutions to the challenges of digitalization and sustainable change in the world of work at Messe Düsseldorf. 

  • The A+A Dusseldorf 2023 will offer many opportunities for exchanging know-how, procurement, and establishing new companies on the market. 
  • It covers all exhibits for safety and security. From SMEs to global players, exhibitors present a remarkable portfolio of products, solutions, innovative concepts, and topics.
  • A+A Dusseldorf 2023‘s product range and extensive support programs, including special shows and conferences, covering all aspects of a holistic preventative culture, from corporate health management to personal protection to workplace design. 
  • The A+A Dusseldorf 2023 will also have a robust supporting program with many high-profile events, including expert lectures and a rich conference program attended by HSE managers, buyers, corporate environmentalists, and more. 
  • The security industry has proven to be one of the fastest-growing and most innovative industries. 
  • From early industrialization’s highly hazardous production conditions to today, the West has made great strides in improving personal protection, occupational safety, and health protection at work.
  • The joint event with WearRAcon Europe 2023 and A+A Dusseldorf 2023 makes attendance a must for anyone wanting to keep up to date with the latest developments in wearable robotics. 
  • A+A is an international platform where occupational safety, protection, and health are demonstrated. Safe and healthy work has a top priority worldwide for the future. 
  • Among them are safety engineers, environmental inspectors, experts and commissioners, representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations, emergency and crisis management services, trade unions and health insurance companies, and chambers of commerce. That is why around 70% of the A+A exhibitors – from start-ups to global players – come from abroad. 

As global awareness of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues grows, personal protective equipment is gaining prominence, drawing over 25,000 international visitors to the largest area of ​​A+A. In addition, journalists and media representatives will visit the A+A Dusseldorf 2023. Sustainability is a central topic that will be discussed at both the trade exhibition and the congress.

CPHI Barcelona 2023

Date: 24.10 – 26.10.2023

Place: Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain

CPHI Barcelona 2023 is the world’s leading exhibition for the pharmaceutical industry. With global events taking place in several European cities, the CPHI Barcelona 2023 edition will take place October 24-26, 2023, at Fira Barcelona. Exhibition brands are established globally through exhibition outlets in Japan, Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. With several forums and conferences accompanying major events, CPhI is regarded as the premier networking platform for buyers and suppliers presenting products and technologies from well-known and verified manufacturers. 

CPHI Barcelona 2023 will be held in tandem with five related events: 

  • P-MEC, 
  • InnoPack, 
  • BioLIVE, 
  • ISCE and 
  • FDF
  • The CPHI Barcelona 2023 product exhibition offers outstanding innovations and solutions across the pharmaceutical value chain. Nearly 2,500 exhibitors confirmed their participation at CPHI Barcelona 2023.
  • Exhibitors from all walks of life, including multinationals and promising start-ups, will benefit from a high-quality visitor profile featuring 78% buyers and 47% executives. 
  • Join over 20,900 industry insiders from 140 countries to discuss important topics and showcase the products shaping the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • Suppliers from over 170 countries will attend CPHI Barcelona 2023 to discover new business opportunities, network with top experts, and deepen their industry-specific knowledge.
  • It is considered a must-see trade exhibition for all companies in the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 100 conferences, roundtables, and insight briefings, exhibition attendees will uncover the most important future trends in the pharmaceutical industry, current challenges, and opportunities in the healthcare sector.

Each edition of CPhI presents different business opportunities. Completing the concept for CPhI Worldwide 2023 is the CphI Pharma Awards. The award recognizes the innovative achievements of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies involved in developing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing pharmaceuticals. Key topics in the pharmaceutical industry will be spotlighted, and the exhibition program will also include innovation tours, seminars, and pharmaceutical insight presentations. And if you are one of these exhibitors, you can opt for us as your exhibition stand builders in Europe. Also, ensure you have the best exhibit with top, reliable, and experienced exhibition stand builders in Europe like us!

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