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Bundle of opportunities waiting for you at Book Fairs in Germany

The Book Fairs in Germany 2023 strives to be the most important exhibition for customers and to offer them everything they need to be successful. The Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023 is an important international book show for publishers and booksellers. The Frankfurt Book Fair will occur from October 18th to 22nd, 2023, with all the necessary occupational safety regulations. At the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2023, exhibitors can access key themes & trends and build new relationships with key players in the markets, paving the way for innovative industry’s business models. 

Must-know things of Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023

Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023 offers a wide range of books divided into various thematic categories: fiction & non-fiction, religion, children’s & youth, science & Technology, art books, travel, and international publishers.

The Frankfurt Book Fair in 2023 is one of the world’s leading arenas for debates on international and socio-political events. Thanks to the many readings and book publications, the Book show serves as an important platform for the book trade and attracts book lovers worldwide. It is one of the world’s strongest platforms for discussing international and socio-political events. 

Find out more about the Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest book and magazine fair. It is the perfect place to share the passion for good stories and immerse ourselves in creativity that engages our senses. The Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 will bring together over 5,000 local and international exhibitors, including attendees from the previous edition.

Further information on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the best opportunity for exhibitors to connect with international celebrities, well-known bestselling authors, and emerging artists in the industry. The Frankfurt Book Fair in 2023 is the leading exhibition for the global publishing, media, rights, and licensing industry. Public traffic is only possible on the last two days of the exhibition.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 Frankfurt is a platform to share the passion for good stories and experience the creativity that appeals to all the senses. Visitors can thoroughly explore the latest performances and releases and learn about the most innovative trends.

What benefits can you get to showcase at Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023?

The young Central European country has pioneered electronic art and music, which will be presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt 2023, along with other interesting Slovenian literary discoveries, including cinema, theater, and more. During the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, some sanitary concepts will use to ensure safe exhibitions. The Book Fair in Germany offers a wide range of offerings divided into different thematic areas: 

  • Fiction and Non-Fiction, 
  • Religion,
  • Youth and Childhood, 
  • Science and Technology, 
  • Arts, 
  • Tourism, 
  • Visual Arts and International Publishing

Security is a top priority at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023. Politicians, VIPs, and high-risk individuals will receive special attention in the run-up to the fair, and special security measures will be developed for them at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 in Frankfurt. It is an international platform for the book trade and, thanks to numerous conferences and publications, also an attraction for all book lovers.

What makes Frankfurt Book Fair in 2023 a good spot to showcase at?

The book show takes place every year in October at Messe Frankfurt. The FBM exhibition brings together important representatives, publishers, booksellers, film producers, and authors annually. The Frankfurt Book Fair offers visitors a safe and hygienic exhibition experience. 

Health and safety measures taken include:

Provide adequate catering space to allow for social distancing. During the last edition, the Frankfurt Book Fair welcomed more than 7,300 exhibitors from 102 countries, almost 10,000 journalists, and 286,500 guests. 

Disinfection dispensers are available at every booth at the exhibition. The Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 offers various exhibition activities for everyone involved.

Important info about Frankfurt Book Fair in 2023

  • The Frankfurt Book Fair 2023 is open on Saturday and Sunday. The show transforms into a meeting place for experts & publishing partners from Technology & creative industries, such as film and games, to exchange ideas, seek inspiration, discover new practices and technologies, and foster connections.
  • The event occurs at Messe Frankfurt, and the COVID-19 prevention plan is not implemented. Halls with the latest licensed products and services, book reviews & premieres, information seminars, and other exciting events, including THE ART+, will fill the halls of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023.
  • To avoid traffic jams around exhibition stands, the Frankfurt Book Fair recommends marked entrances and exits to direct traffic around the stand.

Ultimately, the Guest of Honor program always has exciting new offerings; the next edition will be no exception. Book lovers gather at Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany, for the live edition of Frankfurt Book Fair 2023. During this exhibition, protective measures will be taken to ensure women’s comfort and safety at work.

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