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a+a dusseldorf

A+A Düsseldorf 2025

A+A Düsseldorf 2025: an exhibition for the safety, security, and health at work

A+A is the world’s largest and most important occupational safety, security, and health event, which will occur in Düsseldorf between 4-7 November 2025. The A+A Düsseldorf 2025 will focus on innovation and delivering new products and solutions that help make the world more efficient, effective, and healthy. Founded in 1954, this prestigious event has become the global center for business, communication, and information in this field. New methods and technologies that can be used in industry to provide better health and safety in the workplace are among the significant parts of the A+A 2025 Düsseldorf. The show is also an excellent site for workwear and fashion. Every two years, especially in odd years, Messe Düsseldorf opens its doors, usually in October or November, to present the latest developments, products, and services in the field of safety and security to an international audience.

International Congress for Occupational Safety and Health organized by the Federal Association for Safety and Health at Work, one of the world’s leading exhibitions. A+A 2025 Düsseldorf will offer an overview of available products and services and special features and leading topics. This reinforces A+A’s status as a center for growth and innovation in one of the most dynamic economic sectors.

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What can you expect from A+A Düsseldorf 2025, and why should you attend?

A+A 2025 in Düsseldorf will illustrate a variety of topics, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and occupational safety information. Companies will offer comprehensive safety solutions to reduce work accidents and health risks. Public clothing also plays a vital role in the exhibition. Here, manufacturers provide professional, functional, and modern work clothes that reflect the comfort and safety of employees. A wide range of exhibitions are presented at the fair, from small companies to world giants. Unique responsibilities and innovative ideas are being put forward to address the ever-changing workplace safety challenges.

A+A Düsseldorf 2025 will offer significant international access to professionals. The concept will also include various product categories filled with unique solutions, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies in six specific areas:

  • Safety at Work
  • Security at Work
  • Health at Work
  • Corporate Fashion
  • Fire Protection Disaster Management
  • Components, Fabrics, Pre-Products

Historically, the A+A displays the evolutionary adventure of the place of work protection – from the hazardous manufacturing situations of the early business generation to today’s excessive requirements in the Western context.

The hearthplace safety and catastrophe control segment provides modern answers for hearthplace safety and the robust control of emergencies. In addition, the A+A 2025 Düsseldorf will give an extensive choice of notable additives, fabric, and pre-products because they play a decisive role in the overall performance and protection of the labor device.

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The A+A Düsseldorf 2025 TRENDs and TOPICS


Sustainable governance while assuming duty for people, the planet, and the weather at the same time. These topics could be addressed by the specialists at A+A below the headings of the round economy (packaging and recyclability of products), due diligence legislation, certification, and sustainable products.


Digital equipment paves the way for a clever future in the industry. These consist of answers for virtual manner optimization and automation in procurement, production, and delivery.

A+A 2025 in Düsseldorf is crucial in elevating attention to occupational protection and health (OHS) problems and selling the following era of private protecting device products. The content material and program capabilities of a notable exhibition with debates overlaying the future of digitalization and sustainability in the sector. Attending the A+A Düsseldorf 2025 will provide a couple of possibilities for studying the numerous packages of the most modern answers on the market.

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