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livingkitchen colonge 2023

Complete your brand with a pinch of Success at Livingkitchen Cologne 2023

The most significant domestic and international kitchen industries are coming together at Livingkitchen Cologne 2023. The upcoming LivingKitchen 2023 will feature a kitchen week, so be ready! The objective is to offer fresh concepts for selling kitchens (and all related items) in Germany and the major export markets.

After a lengthy hiatus, Messe Cologne, the international kitchen show in Cologne will once again pave the way for all aspects of the new kitchen world from January 16th to 21st, 2023. It will primarily highlight the theories and innovations of the industry. The largest international trade show for the interior design sector, IMM Cologne, will co-locate with LivingKitchen for the 7th time in 2023.

Important facts about LivingKitchen international kitchen fair

  • LivingKitchen international kitchen fair aims to boost kitchen sales (and other related items) in Germany and in important export markets. By bringing together the leading domestic and international kitchen industry in Cologne.
  • The exhibition obtains a significant global media presence among buyers and business visitors. Everything from kitchen furnishings and built-in appliances to sinks, fittings, worktops, lighting, and accessories created in Germany, the world’s largest kitchen sector, will be displayed during the exhibition.
  • Manufacturers of kitchen furniture, built-in appliances, accessories, and all other furnishings for the concept of the kitchen as the hub of family life are among the exhibitor’s target audiences. 
  • Decision-makers, managers, purchasing agents, and sales agents from trading firms involved in the domestic and worldwide selling of kitchens are among the visitor target groups on a national and international level. Interior decorators, architects, designers, and advisers on furniture. 
  • The Livingkitchen Cologne 2023 aspires to generate a significant, high-profile, and global media presence among industry professionals and consumers. 
  • A supporting schedule of live events will be available in the run-up to LivingKitchen 2023, with stunning features like professional open talk sessions, live demos, and numerous B2B and B2C networking opportunities.

Why is LivingKitchen important to participate in?

International kitchen show in Cologne gathers the countrywide and global key organizations of the kitchen sector in Cologne. It spotlights ideas & improvements in the industry. 

Expo Stand Services- supporting success tool for LivingKitchen 2023

Expo Stand Services is dedicated to creating an exceptional but profitable exhibition stand in Cologne. About hundreds of exhibitions take place in Cologne annually. Cologne exhibition middle draws traffic from all around the world. We are here to let you make the best in Cologne! 

  • ESS construct display stands with utmost talent and utter determination under the guidance of managers and technical supervisors. 
  • Our exhibition consultants work to resource you with every exhibition question while offering the proper answer. 
  • An innovative exhibition stand in Cologne ensures that your advertising and marketing efforts can pay off.
  • You can appeal to the eye and marvel at the antique visitors most effectively by making a noisy and unconventional declaration approximately yourself.
  • Our in-house exhibition stand builder for Livingkitchen 2023 ensures to design and supply of bespoke exhibition stand in step with the industry type that properly compliments your business.
  • We have been coping with exhibition suggestions with turnkey exhibition stands for years. 
  • Our team assures the great situation for your participation as an exhibitor at Livingkitchen Cologne 2023.

What makes us the best among the other exhibition stand design company in Germany?

As among Cologne’s leading exhibition stand contractors, we design, construct and supply impeccable custom exhibition stand, modular show stand, beneficial but flawless two-tale stand & USA pavilion stand. We, at Expo Stand Services make our honest efforts to show each opportunity to result in your favor.

As an exhibition stand contractor in Cologne, our designers and builders work in sync to create the bespoke stand design to sell your brand and business at a world-class stage using years of knowledge and expertise in a great viable way. Our team is properly seasoned and proactive enough when it involves the exhibition industry and its experience.

Why should you connect with Expo Stand Services for an exhibition stand in Cologne?

  • We offer powerful answers with the most effective exhibition for creative and interpretive activities in Cologne.
  • Teammates at Expo Stand Services are properly versed with industry expertise and feature years of experience in their respective fields, permitting them to deliver your exhibition stand dream to reality.
  • Our specialists will deal with you at great and provide a preference to decide your answer provider.
  • You can rely on Expo Stand Services for exhibition-associated queries and answers.
  • Our team designs innovative and unique stand designs with your brand at global exhibitions.
  • We are a prominent exhibition stand builder for Livingkitchen 2023
  • The ESS’s exhibition stands successfully conveys the brand’s message and are developed to meet the brand’s needs.
  • Our devoted teams of full-time designers produce exhibition stands of the highest caliber for your show in Cologne.
  • The authorized department reviews and analyses your exhibition stand needs and then work on them with utmost diligence to provide stand designs that meet your expectations.
  • Our main goal is to create and provide distinctive and relevant display stand designs and the best exhibition systems to support a significant amount of organic footfall.

The wide range of display stands and services includes:

  • Designing and building exhibition stands.
  • Printing and manufacturing graphics.
  • Warehousing.
  • Setting up and taking down your stand for an exhibition.


Lastly, our manufacturing unit and graphic production facility facilitate show stand reduction within the specified timetable. If you want to showcase at Livingkitchen Cologne 2023 but are unsure where to begin, you have come to the right location. Expo Stand Services, one of the seasoned exhibition stand builders for Livingkitchen 2023, is renowned for providing top-of-the-line exhibition stand ideas in Cologne and other regions of Europe. So, showcase at LivingKitchen 2023 with Expo Stand Service’s years of significant experience.

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