How to attract customers to the exhibition stand?

exhibition stand

Can you imagine having gathered so many prospects in one place? Exhibitions provide an opportunity to attract new customers, discover industry trends and showcase your brand. 

Make a memorable link via the following ways

Preparation is essential

Get the most out of your exhibit by sending out invitations early, promoting yourself as much as possible on social media before the exhibit, and scheduling meetings whenever possible to ensure you’re speaking to your key prospects. Get the word out and do a little self-promotion. You’ll be safe, and your clients will appreciate it when they are informed of the possibility of a one-on-one meeting, especially if the opportunity to spend the day at the display ground.

Remember your existing customers

Don’t assume that your current customers will visit your stand. Your time is limited, so make sure they have a good reason to see you. Chances are their pockets are full of pens and keychains that will likely end up in the trash right after the show. So be sure to give them something worth keeping, like portable chargers or reusable coffee mugs. This strengthens existing relationships and makes your customers feel more valued. Use your exhibition stand number to make your current contacts better known.

Choose the right exhibition for your company

Attending an industry exhibit can be a huge step forward for your business. It can attract new prospects and customers, increase brand awareness, and give your insight into what your competitors are doing. It also gives you valuable time for face-to-face marketing conversations with an audience already familiar with the nature of your business, so you can discover what excites your target customers. Also, make a thoughtful decision for an exhibition stand design company in Germany. But despite all these positive aspects, it also means a significant investment of time and money. That’s why it’s important to consider whether holding an exhibit now is the best next step for your business.

Attractive design

You must first make a visual impression to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand. When you have an eye-catching exhibition stand design visible from anywhere in the exhibition hall, you stand out from the crowd and make a great impression that encourages visitors to pay attention and visit your stand to learn more about your company. Create eye-catching designs by grabbing attention with bold branding, typography, and graphics. Introduce your product or service. Make sure your brand name stands out and is easy to read. Create the right mood and atmosphere with light. Consider framing the exhibition stand to create a cozy space. Highlight key messages, slogans, and benefits clearly and concisely. Use high-quality, relevant, and thought-provoking images.

Use social media

To inform your partners and customers about the exhibition you are exhibiting at. Exhibitions are pre-planned, and no visitor can come by chance, so we always encourage you to share your exhibition details and express your intention to become an exhibitor. You can also invite close friends to the stand. This will help you practice your pitch, get the ball rolling, and start moving forward.

Get participants into the game

Most people associate exhibition promotions with giveaways such as free mugs, pens, and other non-essential company items. Visitors come to your exhibition stand to receive gifts but then disappear, leaving you with nothing of value. Sweepstakes and quizzes require participants to contact the sales team and provide information to win the prize. From gift certificates to free product samples, prizes don’t have to be expensive to get noticed. 

Pictures are louder than words

The video is like another exhibition stand team constantly engaging with prospective customers. Some prospects want to watch the video first to learn more about what your company can do for them. The video does not necessarily have to be used only for one exhibition. The best thing about video is that you can use it on your website, Facebook, YouTube and future marketing campaigns. But don’t make a long video. If your video doesn’t tell prospects what they’ll benefit from within the first 30 seconds, they’ll be abandoned.

Use pre-show marketing tactics

Promoting your exhibition stand before the show is a great way to attract and increase the number of visitors. There are many tactics to attract visitors, from creating landing pages and infographics to running social media campaigns and sending newsletters. Before the exhibit starts, talk to the show organizers about advertising in the guide or on their website. This allows you to increase your traffic by ensuring your audience is well-informed about your stand, offer, and location. Use pre-show marketing to promote all the other tactics you will use at your stand, such as competitions or shows. This will arouse enthusiasm and interest in your stand in advance.

Show them what you’ve got

Live demos are a great way for exhibition attendees to see a product or service in action. You can understand how the product works, and you can convince them that they need it.

Reminder! Ensure your display equipment is working, or you won’t be able to do the demonstration.


technology is an effective way to attract and hold the attention of passers-by. There is a range of different technologies, including video, augmented reality, virtual reality, games, interactive displays and panels, iPads and tablets, and enabled technologies that you can integrate into your stand to present your company, products, and services more visually and visually. Ask your exhibition stand builder for the same. Technology makes your exhibition stand more interesting, attractive, and engaging to attract more visitors and entice them to take a closer look, learn more or try it out.

Include contact details 

While you can’t always be too loud on social media, you should consider including exposure information in your email signatures. While this is a subtle way of communicating your brand presence at the show, every effort and step counts.

Offer free WiFi to attract tech-savvy visitors to your stand

A reliable WiFi network is essential for many exhibition visitors, especially in technology. With so many people checking in and tweeting in a small space, 4G coverage can often be unpredictable at exhibitions that attract a tech crowd. Attract audiences by offering free WiFi at your exhibition stand. You can even use free WiFi to generate leads by requiring users to create an account with an email address to sign up.

Free food

Use the free food strategy while selecting those that can be eaten in a bite or two and don’t require utensils or plates. Snacks are the best choice for catering at the exhibition. Be sure to check if food is allowed on the show. This strategy gives you and your sales team time to build relationships with prospects. 

Make it visual

A unique exhibition stand design, eye-catching graphics, and content are essential to making your exhibition stand attractive. Ask your exhibition stand design company in Germany to use lighting, bright graphics, and raised floors. As a result, the exhibition stand will attract visitors’ attention and make them want to get closer to the stand. Our exhibition stand builder will work with you to create the perfect stand for your business and goals. You can talk to our designers about your creative vision and develop a unique and practical exhibition stand design within your budget. With so many options for creative exhibition stands, it’s also important that your stand conveys a clear message and reflects your brand. 

Create an experience

Companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to exhibition ideas. Rentals such as virtual reality experience gear can generate such buzz. 

Reward employees

Successful stand staffing is critical and can transform the entire exhibition experience. To attract visitors, your employees must make the right impression on your company and be professional, friendly and confident. Consider rewarding your employees for good performance. This keeps employees energized and motivated throughout the day. You can also host a friend contest for your employees. The person who submits the most leads will receive the prize. This may be a restaurant coupon or paid vacation. Clear your goals and let your employees know how the exhibition will benefit your company. Employees will be even more motivated when they understand how important the fair is and how much they invest in it.

Create a place to sit in

Exhibitions usually do not have rest areas. Having a place to rest your feet will help attract more people to your exhibition stand. During breaks, you can casually discuss products and services or leave reading materials such as leaflets and catalogs. 

Are you ready to cater to everyone attracted to your exhibition stand design? As a leading and experienced exhibition stand design company in Germany, we are sure that with these tips, you’ll have people at your exhibition stand in no time!

Types of Exhibition Stands: A Complete Guide

Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand design and application works are a new technological phenomenon. In this regard, both technological and scientific studies have developed. Different and creative stand prices of the companies participating in the exhibitions, which is one of the contemporary marketing areas, vary. Moreover, the exhibitions attended by the companies can be not only within the country and nationally but also in different countries or internationally. 

Exhibition is the most powerful visual presentation that comes in various shapes, styles, functionality, and portability, is easy to set up, and creates a display that will draw attention to your stand. Some exhibits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others run under a thousand. You can buy exhibition displays to meet any budget.

Major types of exhibition stands

Custom Exhibition Stands

A custom exhibition stand is designed to meet specific needs and requirements. They are created for a specific size and tailored to reflect your brand, products and services.

  • Custom exhibition stands allow you to create a breath taking, unique look that distinguishes them from other stands.
  • This type of exhibition stand provides endless branding opportunities. Display your logo, message and graphics in any configuration to increase your visibility and brand recognition.
  • Attracting more visitors to your stand is a must. The custom exhibition stand is designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. You can also incorporate innovative technology and interactive features to help engage visitors and maintain interest in your products and services.

Modular Exhibition Stands: Flexibility and Convenience

Modular exhibition stand offers an endless range of configurations for any space. Some key features of modular exhibition stand make them an excellent choice for any business.

  • Portability:  They can be packed compactly, making them easy to store and transport between events.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly:  A small team can assemble these stands, making them an excellent choice for businesses with limited resources.
  • Cost-Effective: This type of stand provides businesses with a cost-effective solution for their exhibition needs. 

Some other types of exhibition stand design

Pop Up Displays

Pop-ups use a frame that opens up, allowing a structure for mounting fabric or graphic panels to create one large image wall or fabric wall.  New versions include – Tension fabric pop-up walls that utilize reattached single-piece fabric graphics and even backlit options to create large light boxes. Pop-up stands are one of our favorite types as they are designed to be assembled easily and with minimal time requirements. Although they’re simple structures by nature, they can be accompanied by clever accessories and features to bring them to life

Portable Displays

For smaller purposes, there are lots of portable display options. They suit a smaller budget and can effectively engage potential customers at different locations, e.g., pop-up locations, building entrances, etc. They can also be used within your exhibition stand to help communicate your brand to potential customers. 

Shell scheme

The difference in a shell scheme is whether you take the expertise and help of an exhibition stands builder that can create a stand that will pop and has the professional touches you only get using experts. If you decide to take the cheapest space and create the graphics yourself, you might find this results in a poor prospect experience and a lot of expense. 

System Frame Stand

This is one of the exhibition stand types that utilize standardized aluminum frames in panels or fabric to cover openings. It results in unavoidable joint lines and is also limited to what standardized frames can achieve architecturally—because this system uses standardized frames, it can be hired to reduce costs.  

These exhibitions stand types may seem cheaper because the frames are constantly getting reused for other stands, and you can’t control which components they will use unless you purchase them new. If you are going with standardized frames, you are usually left with exposed structural frames. If you are not making it an exhibition attempt, it will be very difficult to conclude whether the exhibitions are working for you.

What should be considered in the exhibition stand design?

Many details will shape the exhibition stands designs. Things to consider in the exhibition stands design can be listed as follows;

  • Products should be reflected correctly and should be in the foreground.
  • A complex image should be avoided.
  • It should be able to accurately reflect the purpose of the exhibition.

Expo Stand Services is Germany’s most reputable exhibition stand builder, thanks to its years of experience in exhibition stand design and construction. Our broadest online selection of show stand design and construction is available! You can create the ideal solution using our exhibition stand designs with just a few clicks!

A Guide for Planning a Successful Exhibition


Exhibitions allow your organization to network, increase brand awareness, and generate valuable leads. Whether you are exhibiting at a small or big exhibition, organizing an exhibition is a unique and rewarding experience. It is important to consider your inventory before, during, and after the show to maximize your investment. However, combining so many elements in a coherent and meaningful way can be a real challenge. Therefore, when organizing your exhibition, a plan is essential.

To-do list for an exhibition


Before we jump straight into booking your exhibition space, there are a few ideas to think about carefully. This way, you know exactly what you want to achieve with your first exhibition stand.

First, you need to define your goals and ensure they are SMART. That means they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited.

  • Specific – Having a clear vision of one’s goals and objectives provides a tool to focus on, provides motivation for success, and ensures everyone knows what the goal is.

  • Measurable – It is very important that all goals are measurable. It keeps the team motivated and focused as they work through the exhibition.

  • Achievable – Don’t set yourself or your team on failure. Be realistic and set achievable goals. While it’s important to push the envelope and expand everyone’s abilities, it should be achievable no matter the goal.

  • Adequate- It means ensuring that what you try to achieve aligns with your business goals.

  • Time Bound: When you think of an exhibition, you have a specific date for everything that needs to be done, with a target date and milestone dates to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Following these steps will ensure successful goal setting.


You must identify the team you need and set a realistic budget. Without a realistic budget, dilemmas will only arise if you don’t have the space to host an exhibition. Also, team selection at the planning stage prevents employees from not knowing their roles. You should determine why you want to participate in the exhibition. Ask about generating sales, connecting with other companies, or attracting new customers.

Select the desired Show

When choosing an exhibition space, choose a suitable space at the display ground. If you are lucky enough to book a space at the entrance or near the cafeteria area, all the better. 

  • Area and square meters.
  • Emergency exits.
  • Disabled access.
  • Free Wi-Fi to improve customer experience.
  • Decoration.
  • location.

For companies offering space within a particular exhibition, several aspects must be considered. The first is the amount of space you have allocated for your ads. It will directly determine the floor plan and size of any stands, platforms, floors, light boxes, or other exhibit-related exhibits. Don’t hesitate to contact the exhibition organizer directly. 

Ask about your assigned space or if you can request a specific space. It’s also worth asking if you can send us photos of your exhibition stand to reference when designing your floor plan and presentation. To exhibit at an exhibition, you typically must register approximately six months before the exhibition. Signing up as early as possible is the best way to ensure the right amount of traffic. At this point, you can set an appropriate exhibition budget for print and other materials.

 Logistics and preparation

First, you have to reserve the pitch and get the ball rolling. Where you display your products within your space is key in determining the rest of the planning process and overall strategy. 

  • Write down the size of the exhibition stand and the corresponding number and store it in the cloud so that everyone involved has access to this information.
  • Allocate a budget for building the actual stand 
  • Set marketing goals for your stand
  • Choose from a wide range of exhibition stand builders

Research competitors

Are there other organizations that offer similar products or services? By doing this research, you can plan and anticipate making sure your presentation will grab the attention of your attendees. Consider the following questions:

  • What products and services are your competitors showing off? 
  • How have you exhibited your work in the past? 
  • Did they use specific marketing techniques to attract crowds? 
  • Have they used interactive technology such as tablets or projection mapping? 

It will allow you to refine your strategy and make a difference. It is also a good opportunity to network with other companies. Communication before and during the exhibition is a great way to draw people from one exhibition to the next.

Design and planning

It involves considering your ideas and exhibition stand design concepts. In this case, it is essential to allow sufficient time for any necessary corrections. It must also be determined how the exhibition stand will be transported to the venue and who will be involved in setting it up. Ensure to be in constant touch with your exhibition stand builder or exhibition stand design company.

Tell people why they should visit

Exhibit halls can get very crowded, so it is important to fully brand your logo on the stand so that it can be seen from a distance.

At first glance, people should know:

  • About me – with logo
  • What to do – with a short slogan or keyword
  • How can I help them – add user-centric instructions tailored to your target audience
  • Why should they come to you today – give them a sense of urgency and get a special offer today.

Keep your vocabulary to a minimum because your exhibition stand design should entice people to get your sales team talking. With a simple message, you can be sure you’re attracting the right visitors to your exhibition stand.

Warmly welcome visitors to the exhibition

What kind of first impression do you want to make to attract visitors to your exhibition stand in a busy shopping district?

  • Attractive, spacious, and welcoming reception
  • Function counter
  • Which features would you introduce first?
  • Perhaps you can contact a furniture rental company to free up existing resources?

Tell them about you

If you have engaged social media followers, use them. You will attend this exhibition and invite people who like your Facebook page. Tweet, Instagram, and retweet exhibition posts and communicate with relevant accounts. The more views your social media gets, the better.

The company’s website and email address should also be used to promote the exhibition. Create a dedicated page on your website about the presence, what visitors can expect, and what benefits they can get from the visit.

Participating in a conversation in a variety of ways helps keep everyone interested.

Transform your workspace into an inviting workspace

If everything goes according to plan, your stand will be well attended. Therefore, it should be assumed that this is an improvised workplace for potential beneficiaries.

Remember that exhibitions can become networking opportunities; you should take advantage of them and everything that goes with them.

These are the imposters we are dealing with in the modern age. Allow them to be themselves and build their pro muscles with the following:

  • Personalized meeting space
  • A formal meeting mechanism where passers-by can discuss business in a convenient environment
  • Casual places to relax and unwind
  • Fast internet is essential

Create useful promotional materials

Promotional materials include everything from flyers, signage, murals, and point-of-sale (POS) displays. 

Promotional material can also be of practical use to participants. Why not create pens, USB sticks, or shoppers with your branding? They are useful and serve as long-term advertising, making them very profitable. As most exhibitors distribute promotional material, the more creative you are, the better.

Conduct an assessment

If you want your exhibition to succeed, don’t forget to rate it after the exhibition. What did you like? What didn’t you like? By conducting an evaluation, you can organize a more successful exhibition and ensure that you generate more revenue. Because if you don’t learn from the past, you will live again!

Look at the goals you had for the exhibition. Why couldn’t we meet? Did you stick to your budget? Identify what is holding you back from achieving your goals so you can improve your next goal. You should also make sure you have a way to collect customer feedback from both exhibitors and attendees. A contest is a great way to get candid customer feedback. 

To Sum Up:

Combine each of these elements to create a master plan for your exhibition. Work on these to create a strong, actionable plan for your exhibition. When planning an exhibition, planning should start as early as possible. With many moving parts, reeds mean a smooth finish.

How to Measure the Success of Your showcase?

Exhibition stand

You and your team invest a lot of time and money to exhibit, exhibition stand design and promote your company with the best marketing strategies. We can imagine that your presence alone cannot successfully exhibit at an exhibition. But how do you know if your showcase succeeded and your investment is right? A big part of success is setting clear goals, right mindset and attractive Exhibition Design Company. The definition of a successful exhibition depends heavily on your business goals. Ask yourself beforehand what you want to achieve. This article describes how to measure them and little bit about how you can maximize your ROI.

Common ways to measure the showcase success

What are your exhibition goals? Do you want to generate more sales or just increase brand awareness? Or how would you define a successful exhibition? Let’s start with a question. What is the definition of a successful exhibition? It is a good idea to sit at the table, hold a piece of paper and take the time to answer all these questions. Success at an exhibition is your goal depends heavily on. Please don’t rush. Brew your favorite tea or coffee and think about it. Are you there to write orders and make sales? Are you developing a new lead pipeline, or is your main goal to increase brand awareness? You should set specific, measurable goals for each goal. You may already know most of the metrics, but I promise you’ll discover some new ones as you read this article. Keep reading!

Understand your goals in advance

The planning process usually starts with why. For ROI purposes, it can be even more useful to start with: Answering this question will help you evaluate your showcase marketing efforts in the context of your broader marketing strategy and align your showcase presence towards specific wins for your business. Before, during, and after your showcase, you might want people to engage with your brand and discuss your products and services. Maybe you’re trying to raise brand awareness or turn awareness into new contacts. Perhaps your goal is to bring a product or service to market. Or maybe it just generates revenue. Whatever your goal, you should remember it throughout the process.

Information is key

Of course, you can also measure key performance indicators based on the data you collect, such as name, email, phone number, business, etc. But why not dig a little deeper? Businesses have various products, from consulting-based services to actual products. So when participants fill out the engagement form, ask them what they are interested in about your company. Then you can adjust your follow-up approach based on how you respond to them. Asking participants how to contact them makes follow-ups more comfortable.

Score leads

Exhibitions are a very good way to increase your prospects. If this is your focus, ensure you have a detailed scoring system. It can be customized based on your goals and needs. For example:

  • You can use the character evaluation approach.
  • It could be a “hot” lead that has made or is ready to make a large purchase.
  • It may be a very attractive lead who has made a small purchase or may become a long-term customer.
  • May identify leads that have made small purchases but are unlikely to make large purchases shortly
  • It can be reserved for leads who only requested documentation or some non-purchasing follow-up.
  • Regardless of your system, you can use methods to classify your leads to determine the overall quality of the leads generated at your showcase.


There are several ways to count attendance at exhibitions. If you are using cadence, you may run into capacity management issues.


Another successful way of measuring your victory is to energize and look for comprehensive feedback. Talk to the team you had on your show stand, have a conversation with your unused prospects and existing clients and discover how profitable they thought your participation was; it is straightforward to form your possess overview to gather data that will prove invaluable to you as a company, this may well be done by employing a basic taken a successful toll illustration and send it to all the individuals whose mail addresses you collected at the show.

Visitation Uplift

For extraordinary presentations specifically, you’ll need a way of measuring the impact these have on top-line appearance – do they draw in guests to the setting that wouldn’t something else visit? There are a few strategies to attain this – for the case of an everyday normal recently and after the exhibition, authentic appearance execution or, best of all, the leftover or contrast from what was forecast otherwise. These ‘extra’ guests, in additionally their monetary commitments of affirmations and other earned income, can be numbered towards the exhibition’s victory.

Now, let’s see how you can maximize your ROI

Develop perspective

Exhibitions are also great for contacting new buyers. But don’t expect shoppers to magically visit your stand. You are responsible for introducing yourself to potential new buyers and booking a meeting for your business before the show. Contact your representative for a list of participating retailers in advance to set up a meeting. Try to give them a compelling reason to meet you at the show by including a curated line sheet of the products they will most likely be interested in! Set goals for your team regarding how many buyers to contact before the show and when you plan to showcase.

Taking a measured approach

We live in a world where innovation implies it’s easier than ever for us to induce information – and lots of it – at the touch of a button. Sometimes, although exhibitions since ready to get huge volumes of information, it doesn’t essentially cruel we ought to. At shows, businesses have an uncommon opportunity to get before potential buyers within the right outline of intellect to discover almost distinctive items and administrations. And the key here is organizing significant discussions.

Yes, innovation can assist in intensifying and moving forward the way you screen, and the track comes about. Still, it should be utilized to bolster – not supplant – building beliefs and connections on a one-to-one premise. Taking a customized approach, centring on face-to-face engagement and organizing quality – not amount – leads will assist you in changing your exhibition strategy and assessment process.

The Outstroke:

There are numerous ways to degree the victory of your nearness at an exhibition, but the ones we have laid out here are often foremost effective and effectively measurable. Whatever you need to accomplish from your nearness at the appear to make beyond any doubt merely set clear and reasonable objectives sometime recently you go and measuring your execution shouldn’t be as difficult.

Have a successful Showcase!

How to Have a Successful Exhibition Stand in Germany?

Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to promote your business and reach out to worldwide customers. These gatherings are ideal platforms to generate prospective leads by exhibiting your offerings. With so many exhibitors vying for attention, it’s essential to have an eye-catching exhibition stand. However, it would be beneficial if you hire an exhibition stand design company in Germany for the same. It requires careful consideration and preparation to create unique and compelling exhibition stands.

Ultimate checklist you’ll need to plan and design your display

Determine your objectives

It is true that you will require an exhibition stand builder in Germany or any corner of the world wherever you exhibit. You cannot neglect the necessity of professionals, whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned pro. But before you go to an exhibition stand design company in Germany, you need to define your objectives. What do you want to achieve by exhibiting? It could be anything from generating leads and increasing your brand awareness to launching a new product. Defining your goals will help you tailor your exhibition stand.

Research Your Target Audience and Competition

It’s essential to research your target audience and competition while planning your display. Who is your target audience, and what are their needs and preferences? What are your rivals doing, and how can you set yourself apart from them? Thorough research will ensure that your exhibition stand appeals to your target audience and stands out.

Set a budget

Setting a budget is an essential part of planning your exhibition stand. You can also ask for a quote from a leading exhibition design and contractor in Germany. Your budget will determine the size and scope of your display. It will also influence which aspects you can use in your exhibition stand. Consider all the costs associated with exhibiting, including stand design & building, graphics, and promotional materials.

Plan Your Space and Layout

The next step is to plan your space and layout. You’ll need to consider factors such as the size and shape of your display, the flow of foot traffic, and the number of attendees you expect at your stand. Exhibition stands come in several different categories and sizes, you need to decide what size of display you want. It ranges from modular stands to custom displays. 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, 20×40, and 40×40 are some of the preferred sizes in exhibition stands. You should also think about the different areas of your exhibition stand, such as the reception, demonstration, and meeting areas. It will help you to create a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees. Ask your exhibition booth manufacturer in Germany for some sample designs of inspiration.

Fabricating your exhibition Stand

Once you have defined your goals and objectives and conducted thorough research, it’s time to start fabricating your exhibition stand. Your display should be eye-catching, engaging, and memorable. Ask your exhibition stand contractor and builder in Germany to use high-quality graphics and lighting to make it visually appealing. Consider incorporating interactive elements, such as touch screens, AR & VR technology, or product demonstrations to engage visitors. Make sure your display is easy to navigate and your branding is prominent.

Exhibition Stand Builders: Streamlining the Display Building Process

There are numerous things to consider, from research and conceptualization to designing & building an exhibition stand. If you don’t want to get bogged down in all of this, you should collaborate with a proficient exhibition stand design company in Germany. Expo Stand Services (ESS) is a leading name in the exhibition industry for years. We can provide you with a range of distinctive stands, whether you need a ready-to-go stand or want a custom one.

Why you should choose us?

Being a top exhibition stand contractor and builder in Germany, ESS provides turnkey exhibit services. Our skilled team of builders, designers, and project managers handles everything from beginning to end. It includes designing, building, and installing to dismantling and storing your display. We relieve you of the exhibiting and stand-building stress.


Overall, building your exhibition stand requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the checklist in this article, you can ensure that your display is optimized for success. However, you will need an exhibition stand builder in Germany for these servicesGood luck with your next exhibit in Germany!

Go on and ensure success at every exhibition with Expo Stand Services

exhibition booth builder in Germany

Exhibitions are critical to generating business and constructing expert connections but a seasonal promotional occurrence. It way the exhibition stands you heftily put money into might not be used equally to its cost. However, you could make the most out of it in case you know how to find the best exhibition stand design companies in Germany? And you can know it while reading this article.

Here’re a few tips for choosing the best exhibition booth contractor for your next showcase.

Location Geographically

When it comes to picking the best exhibition stand contractor for your exposition, the location matters a lot. It helps you keep track of your logistics costs. If you choose not to use a local contractor, it will undoubtedly affect your budget or cause you to incur additional costs.

Contractors with Exhibit Stand Design Experience

One of the most significant advantages of hiring professional exhibition booth builders is that they have extensive knowledge in their field. They understand all of the requirements for trade exhibitions, including how to incorporate lighting and other considerations, as well as if certain design elements will work or not. After discussing all of your exhibition needs, recommends the most effective stand for you. Nothing is left to chance when working with skilled custom-built exhibition stands. You can request that they show you a portfolio of their modern exhibition stand.

High demand

A skilled exhibition stand design companies will have a regular stream of jobs for new and old clients. They’ll be able to develop stands for a wide range of brands and industries, and each design should be a custom-built exhibition stand and modern exhibition stand for the exhibitor’s primary purpose.

A simple glance at their website or portfolio will reveal whether they reuse the same designs or whether each stand is truly unique and tailored to the specific needs of each customer.


Don’t underestimate the power of engaging graphics; a well-designed set of graphics communicates your marketing message to your target audience clearly and effectively. Always seek out an exhibition booth builder who uses cutting-edge printing techniques and guarantees that your display stand and graphics are interwoven smoothly to create a strong, unified picture. They should have a good eye for detail as well as extensive experience placing various elements in your stand graphic.


The first meeting with your potential exhibition booth contractor is crucial. Whatever request method you choose, whether it’s via email, phone, or online form, what matters is how eager the team is to learn more about your company. If there is no interest, the prospects of receiving a custom price quote and the required custom-built exhibition stand design.

Field References for Activities

Always look for an exhibition stand design companies that can provide you with credentials that are relevant to your line of work. You can get a peek at those activities, such as how they present products or how they make the most of the rented area for the exhibition stand design.

The Out Stroke:

Hire a professional exhibition booth builder in Germany rather than a novice to save a few dollars.

If you’re looking for the best exhibition stand design companies for your upcoming event, look no further. We’ve put together a few pointers that will help you find your ideal exhibition partner.

Tips to grab the attention of your Potential Clients at an Exhibition

Exhibition stand design

It’s difficult to create a creative and satisfying exhibition stand design, but do you know what’s more difficult?? To attract the footfalls at your stand, to gain the interest of your potential clients and other dominants of a particular industry.

The thing that plays an important role to attract visitors to your brand is the exhibition stall. To have a result-oriented stall you need to find the best exhibition stand builder such as Expo Stand Services.  Various other factors and tips can help to increase the footfall at your stand, are as follows:


Make the maximum of your showcase by sending out invitations earlier, via social channels, and assure a talk with your most important prospects. Spreading the phrase and a touch little bit of self-advertising will stand you out in the crowd.

Create an Experience

Businesses are becoming an increasing number of innovations in terms of thoughts for exhibitions. Stay beforehand of the curve by developing an enjoyable experience so that it will draw visitors to your stand from throughout the hall. Hiring such things as virtual reality experiences can create this form of buzz.

Engage… Engage… Engage

Once you have attracted visitors to your exhibition stand design you need to interact with them’ engage them immediately…get them involved. You can use video games and competitions to get chatting with site visitors amusingly and casually.

Nowadays everyone loves a competition – why now no longer strive a wheel of fortune prize, it’s an engaging activity with the attendees. This is a great way to engage your client and start the conversation about your brand. You could provide large prizes with a mixture of small and medium prizes from branded promotional products for example branded notepads, chocolates, and greater. You can buy a bodily spinning prize wheel or you could additionally create a digital one!

Technological help

Using technology this is now very easy with a global exhibition stand builder like Expo Stand Services. Like you can set up huge LED monitors or maybe use rental booths or large iTab provider to reveal off your social pages, new promo motion pictures, and greater with excessive impact.

Create the correct Ambience

Planning your entire surroundings earlier will make your area stand out in the exhibition hall. Create an ambiance that genuinely displays your brand and different retail areas from exhibition carpet and furnishings to branded frames to complete your stand perfectly. You may also create an area to loosen up by constructing a living room vicinity entire with beanbags and gentle furnishings. To have more professional opinions about the design you can talk with our efficient exhibition stand designer with years of experience.

Offer Something a Little Different

Lots of manufacturers do giveaways to attract visitors over to their stand. Get innovative and think about something so that it will wonder visitors and get them to you. Just to let you know Expo Stand Services has expertise in making an exhibition stand focus point of the exhibition.

Create a Theme

If you need to attract the attention and get humans over your stand, say goodbye for your regular stand and set a theme that reflects your brand image. From synthetic grass and garden chairs to floral partitions or business décor, think out of the box for maximum impact.

And if don’t want to take this hassle of thinking and executing hire Expo Stand Services a leading exhibition booth builder in Germany. We have industry professionals with years of experience and creative minds who work with you to create the best exhibition stand design for you. All you need is to contact us.

Show Off Your Expertise

Try something new at your exhibition stand and choose something from amusing cardboard cut-outs to inspire social media snapshots and posts to a brand -new package deal of shell scheme images to create the final enjoy whilst your capacity customers step onto your stand. Try to display that shows your work and expertise.

The Out Stroke:

Have headache of thinking about how to do all these??? Then let professionals’ do their work… let Expo Stand Services build you the best exhibition stand design. As we are leading exhibition stand contractors in Germany serving across the globe.

Hit the right notes with the right stand – Pop Up display stands

Pop Up display stands

In an exhibition, you have nothing more than a few seconds to make an impression, entice the target, make them curious, get them to stop and not walk past your exhibition booth. It’s a tall order but not an impossible one to fulfill. In order to do that, you need to stand out…that is the number one thing that should be on your mind when designing the exhibition booth but it is not the only thing. Now, imagine if you’ve gotten someone curious about your products or services and they need to find out more information about it before they delve deeper, where would they find them?

The big question would be this – what type of exhibition stand design should you use during the event to make it more effective, cost and marketing wise.

Benefits of Pop-up display stands 

Pop-up exhibition stands make a lot of sense because of the fact that they’re extremely mobile and are light without being flimsy. If you get a good exhibition stand, it is stable and can last for an extremely long time. The good thing about that is that you can make use of them repeatedly for lots of other future events. Before purchasing your exhibition pop-up stand, try them out or get the salesperson to explain the setting-up process. Most good-quality custom build exhibition stands can be assembled within minutes without too much hassle. Another great thing about pop-up exhibition stands is that you don’t need a lot of space to use them. They’re tall, stand out and can be customized to suit your needs.

Banner stands – A great alternative pop-up stands

Banner stands are cool for exhibition as well – this is particularly true if you have a lot of printed materials to distribute and display during the exhibition. They’re relatively low-cost and are ideal for companies that don’t have a lot of spending money. Although it’s not as versatile as a pop-up exhibition display system, it’s feasible, affordable and makes a whole lot of sense. And of course, the banner stands are very mobile. Although banner stands come in many different colors and designs, we strongly urge you to go with the more common colors because it is more flexible that way.

Be a designer with custom build exhibition stands 

If you’re in it for the long haul, I think going for a pop-up stand is great too because if you’re going to using it for a long time. A custom build exhibition stand will make it easy for you to promote your brand in your own style, without depending much on exhibition stand design companies. It will suit your needs, your marketing goals, your budget, your personality, your brand image, and it will blend perfectly with your company logo and name. It will sure to make a great impression because the probability of your stand looking like someone else’s is very low. So, it will stand out from the rest and give your brand royal exposure. Many exhibition stand companies offer custom stands but there are only a few who understands the true meaning of custom build. 

Find the right exhibition design company online

Find a suitable exhibition stand designer that is capable of delivering the perfect design that blends perfectly with your brand’s image and logo. Whether you’re looking for exhibition stand builders, exhibition design company, exhibition booth contractor, exhibition stand manufacturer Amsterdam, exhibition booth builders Germany or exhibition stand design and build USA – make sure to do a quick online research before you plan to hire one.   

The point here is to hit as many eyeballs and generate as much interest as possible with a simple solution – and you can do all of that with the help of a trustworthy, reliable exhibition design company, believe it or not. 

Increase face to face engagement with exhibition stand companies

exhibition stand companies

Exhibitions are a great place for a face to face engagement with potential customers. Face-to-face engagement has many of its own benefits to increase value for your brand; face-to-face engagement is the primary reason that many companies and organizations prefer to participate in global trade shows and exhibitions instead of online marketing. This gives them a direct approach to read the mind of customers and learn more about their likes and dislikes in order to form a strategy that is solely focused on customer attraction.

An exhibition or a trade show is a place where other b2b partners and many visitors are engaged in a networking environment to buy products and services, this technique of face-to-face consumer engagement might be beneficial for your business. And of course, to promote your brands and services effectively, you need custom exhibition stands. Below are the given details of how to choose an innovative exhibition stand design. How should you hire an exhibition booth design company?

Size and style

The style and the size of your custom booth design must be perfect to fit your needs and requirements. There is a wide range of custom exhibition stands to choose from, like retractable stands, pop-up stands, roll-up stands, adjustable stands, step and repeat stands, banner stands etc. You can even place orders for bespoke stands or create a modular booth design to suit your needs. You may also go for a well-designed custom-built exhibition stand design that meets your requirements and needs. Some exhibition stand companies provide stands that are large enough to provide space for private meetings. This might be really helpful to you as sometimes face-to-face engagements become necessary to increase your chances of making a progress. Larger the stand, the better the chances of face-to-face engagements.


This is one of the major aspects that exhibitors must consider for a stand. The facilities and the accessories must be carefully considered. Large facilities provide large space for stands and booths. Small spaces are not ideal to create an atmosphere for face-to-face conversations with visitors. The ability to host a large crowd makes a facility perfect for creating an ideal atmosphere for booth exhibitors and attendees to engage with each other.


Buy a stand that is easy to reuse. Before you purchase a stand, it is necessary to ensure that it is re-usable. When you hire exhibition stand designers for your stand, make sure to check whether they provide reusable stands or not. There are many exhibition stand contractors who provide bespoke exhibition stands that allow you to change the display and graphics. They are quite durable, long-lasting and easy to transport and store. Once the show is over, you can easily dismantle them and reassemble them again for your next show.

Graphics and artwork

Most crucial aspect of your exhibition stands, is the feature of your stand that allows visitors to attracted your product. Better graphics will increase your chances of attracting maximum attention for your brand. Graphics play a major role in representing your corporate identity so make sure to properly check your graphics before printing. It is a good idea to make the graphics and the art work custom made which is according to your needs. Hire an exhibition stand builder who specializes in creating custom graphics for your stands. Make sure they are capable of creating graphics that match your brand image. This way, you stand will be able to attract visitors at the very first glance.

If you take care of all these aspects while purchasing your custom exhibition stand from a reputed exhibition stand design company, then you are sure to gain a competitive edge in face-to-face engagements and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Lighting your custom exhibition stands is the new trend

exhibition stand design

Lightning has now a significant role in exhibitions and trade shows as compared to previous years. In the past, most exhibitors relied on the lightning from the exhibition hall itself and never have thought of adding extra lights to their custom exhibition stands. Now, things have drastically changed, adding lights to the exhibition stand provides a glowing effect making it look more attractive and eye-catchy. To attract attention from passerby, lights have now become a feature of paramount importance in exhibitions and trade shows.

Most exhibition stand contractors are using lights to highlight a particular product, however, this trend goes beyond just that. Now, exhibition stand designers consider lightning to be one design element of the stand that complements all the other elements. There is no point in exhibiting with stands and booths when there is hardly anyone can see it. Exhibition stand companies are always looking for new ways to show the signage in a more dramatic or attractive way and since lightning is the cheapest way of adding that special glare and flare, they often use it for large exhibitions and trade shows to gain a competitive edge.

Ask your exhibition design company

When you meet your exhibition stand contractor, you need to ask questions about your intentions and expectations for your exhibition stand design. This will help your exhibition stand designers to incorporate all the design elements including lightning, to make sure the finished exhibition stand design achieves your business and marketing goals for the exhibition.

Add a touch of glamour to your stands

Whether you want a modular booth design or custom stand design, your booth design company should be able to add lighting to give your booth the perfect look it deserves. You should ask them whether they have lightning options for stands and booths or not. Because if they don’t, then there is no point in further discussing with them anymore. Since, lightning is one of the main design elements one can use, many exhibition booth designers who tend to focus on messaging and colors often overlook it. However, adding extra lights onto your stands can make a difference between a boring stand and one that attracts people from the crowd. They will help you stand out from the crowd. With so many lighting options available these days, you can give your stand whatever look you have in mind to attract attention to your stand or booth.

Different uses of lightning in your stand

By adding a spotlight at the back of the fabric stand, you can create a highlight of the stand with the printed colors shining around the sign. Use a downlight to show off a particular product from a pop-up display or mirrored lightning behind the display to create an atmosphere of depth and dimension to the product. You can use colored lights to emphasize the colors of the theme of your exhibition stands.

With a huge selection of stand lightning now available, your exhibition booth builder can help create areas of shadows and light to highlight the specific areas of your exhibition stand as will best suit your needs.      

When you add the lightning to your stand, ask your exhibition design company to check out the electricity requirements and where the electrical cords will go to be unobtrusive and create a trip hazard for the staff manning the stand or the customers.      

Creative use of lightening as a design element for your exhibition stands is of paramount importance and as vital as the design of your whole exhibition stand. Ignoring the lighting element will leave you open to loss of interest in the stand. Make your exhibition stand designer add lighting in your stands even if you have to pay a little extra for it. The end results will be very satisfying. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your potential customers and you will reap the benefits. All exhibition stand designers use lighting to create a special effect for your stands.