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Types of Exhibition Stands: A Complete Guide

Exhibition stand

Exhibition stand design and application works are a new technological phenomenon. In this regard, both technological and scientific studies have developed. Different and creative stand prices of the companies participating in the exhibitions, which is one of the contemporary marketing areas, vary. Moreover, the exhibitions attended by the companies can be not only within the country and nationally but also in different countries or internationally. 

Exhibition is the most powerful visual presentation that comes in various shapes, styles, functionality, and portability, is easy to set up, and creates a display that will draw attention to your stand. Some exhibits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others run under a thousand. You can buy exhibition displays to meet any budget.

Major types of exhibition stands

Custom Exhibition Stands

A custom exhibition stand is designed to meet specific needs and requirements. They are created for a specific size and tailored to reflect your brand, products and services.

  • Custom exhibition stands allow you to create a breath taking, unique look that distinguishes them from other stands.
  • This type of exhibition stand provides endless branding opportunities. Display your logo, message and graphics in any configuration to increase your visibility and brand recognition.
  • Attracting more visitors to your stand is a must. The custom exhibition stand is designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. You can also incorporate innovative technology and interactive features to help engage visitors and maintain interest in your products and services.

Modular Exhibition Stands: Flexibility and Convenience

Modular exhibition stand offers an endless range of configurations for any space. Some key features of modular exhibition stand make them an excellent choice for any business.

  • Portability:  They can be packed compactly, making them easy to store and transport between events.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly:  A small team can assemble these stands, making them an excellent choice for businesses with limited resources.
  • Cost-Effective: This type of stand provides businesses with a cost-effective solution for their exhibition needs. 

Some other types of exhibition stand design

Pop Up Displays

Pop-ups use a frame that opens up, allowing a structure for mounting fabric or graphic panels to create one large image wall or fabric wall.  New versions include – Tension fabric pop-up walls that utilize reattached single-piece fabric graphics and even backlit options to create large light boxes. Pop-up stands are one of our favorite types as they are designed to be assembled easily and with minimal time requirements. Although they’re simple structures by nature, they can be accompanied by clever accessories and features to bring them to life

Portable Displays

For smaller purposes, there are lots of portable display options. They suit a smaller budget and can effectively engage potential customers at different locations, e.g., pop-up locations, building entrances, etc. They can also be used within your exhibition stand to help communicate your brand to potential customers. 

Shell scheme

The difference in a shell scheme is whether you take the expertise and help of an exhibition stands builder that can create a stand that will pop and has the professional touches you only get using experts. If you decide to take the cheapest space and create the graphics yourself, you might find this results in a poor prospect experience and a lot of expense. 

System Frame Stand

This is one of the exhibition stand types that utilize standardized aluminum frames in panels or fabric to cover openings. It results in unavoidable joint lines and is also limited to what standardized frames can achieve architecturally—because this system uses standardized frames, it can be hired to reduce costs.  

These exhibitions stand types may seem cheaper because the frames are constantly getting reused for other stands, and you can’t control which components they will use unless you purchase them new. If you are going with standardized frames, you are usually left with exposed structural frames. If you are not making it an exhibition attempt, it will be very difficult to conclude whether the exhibitions are working for you.

What should be considered in the exhibition stand design?

Many details will shape the exhibition stands designs. Things to consider in the exhibition stands design can be listed as follows;

  • Products should be reflected correctly and should be in the foreground.
  • A complex image should be avoided.
  • It should be able to accurately reflect the purpose of the exhibition.

Expo Stand Services is Germany’s most reputable exhibition stand builder, thanks to its years of experience in exhibition stand design and construction. Our broadest online selection of show stand design and construction is available! You can create the ideal solution using our exhibition stand designs with just a few clicks!

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