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How to attract customers to the exhibition stand?

exhibition stand

Can you imagine having gathered so many prospects in one place? Exhibitions provide an opportunity to attract new customers, discover industry trends and showcase your brand. 

Make a memorable link via the following ways

Preparation is essential

Get the most out of your exhibit by sending out invitations early, promoting yourself as much as possible on social media before the exhibit, and scheduling meetings whenever possible to ensure you’re speaking to your key prospects. Get the word out and do a little self-promotion. You’ll be safe, and your clients will appreciate it when they are informed of the possibility of a one-on-one meeting, especially if the opportunity to spend the day at the display ground.

Remember your existing customers

Don’t assume that your current customers will visit your stand. Your time is limited, so make sure they have a good reason to see you. Chances are their pockets are full of pens and keychains that will likely end up in the trash right after the show. So be sure to give them something worth keeping, like portable chargers or reusable coffee mugs. This strengthens existing relationships and makes your customers feel more valued. Use your exhibition stand number to make your current contacts better known.

Choose the right exhibition for your company

Attending an industry exhibit can be a huge step forward for your business. It can attract new prospects and customers, increase brand awareness, and give your insight into what your competitors are doing. It also gives you valuable time for face-to-face marketing conversations with an audience already familiar with the nature of your business, so you can discover what excites your target customers. Also, make a thoughtful decision for an exhibition stand design company in Germany. But despite all these positive aspects, it also means a significant investment of time and money. That’s why it’s important to consider whether holding an exhibit now is the best next step for your business.

Attractive design

You must first make a visual impression to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand. When you have an eye-catching exhibition stand design visible from anywhere in the exhibition hall, you stand out from the crowd and make a great impression that encourages visitors to pay attention and visit your stand to learn more about your company. Create eye-catching designs by grabbing attention with bold branding, typography, and graphics. Introduce your product or service. Make sure your brand name stands out and is easy to read. Create the right mood and atmosphere with light. Consider framing the exhibition stand to create a cozy space. Highlight key messages, slogans, and benefits clearly and concisely. Use high-quality, relevant, and thought-provoking images.

Use social media

To inform your partners and customers about the exhibition you are exhibiting at. Exhibitions are pre-planned, and no visitor can come by chance, so we always encourage you to share your exhibition details and express your intention to become an exhibitor. You can also invite close friends to the stand. This will help you practice your pitch, get the ball rolling, and start moving forward.

Get participants into the game

Most people associate exhibition promotions with giveaways such as free mugs, pens, and other non-essential company items. Visitors come to your exhibition stand to receive gifts but then disappear, leaving you with nothing of value. Sweepstakes and quizzes require participants to contact the sales team and provide information to win the prize. From gift certificates to free product samples, prizes don’t have to be expensive to get noticed. 

Pictures are louder than words

The video is like another exhibition stand team constantly engaging with prospective customers. Some prospects want to watch the video first to learn more about what your company can do for them. The video does not necessarily have to be used only for one exhibition. The best thing about video is that you can use it on your website, Facebook, YouTube and future marketing campaigns. But don’t make a long video. If your video doesn’t tell prospects what they’ll benefit from within the first 30 seconds, they’ll be abandoned.

Use pre-show marketing tactics

Promoting your exhibition stand before the show is a great way to attract and increase the number of visitors. There are many tactics to attract visitors, from creating landing pages and infographics to running social media campaigns and sending newsletters. Before the exhibit starts, talk to the show organizers about advertising in the guide or on their website. This allows you to increase your traffic by ensuring your audience is well-informed about your stand, offer, and location. Use pre-show marketing to promote all the other tactics you will use at your stand, such as competitions or shows. This will arouse enthusiasm and interest in your stand in advance.

Show them what you’ve got

Live demos are a great way for exhibition attendees to see a product or service in action. You can understand how the product works, and you can convince them that they need it.

Reminder! Ensure your display equipment is working, or you won’t be able to do the demonstration.


technology is an effective way to attract and hold the attention of passers-by. There is a range of different technologies, including video, augmented reality, virtual reality, games, interactive displays and panels, iPads and tablets, and enabled technologies that you can integrate into your stand to present your company, products, and services more visually and visually. Ask your exhibition stand builder for the same. Technology makes your exhibition stand more interesting, attractive, and engaging to attract more visitors and entice them to take a closer look, learn more or try it out.

Include contact details 

While you can’t always be too loud on social media, you should consider including exposure information in your email signatures. While this is a subtle way of communicating your brand presence at the show, every effort and step counts.

Offer free WiFi to attract tech-savvy visitors to your stand

A reliable WiFi network is essential for many exhibition visitors, especially in technology. With so many people checking in and tweeting in a small space, 4G coverage can often be unpredictable at exhibitions that attract a tech crowd. Attract audiences by offering free WiFi at your exhibition stand. You can even use free WiFi to generate leads by requiring users to create an account with an email address to sign up.

Free food

Use the free food strategy while selecting those that can be eaten in a bite or two and don’t require utensils or plates. Snacks are the best choice for catering at the exhibition. Be sure to check if food is allowed on the show. This strategy gives you and your sales team time to build relationships with prospects. 

Make it visual

A unique exhibition stand design, eye-catching graphics, and content are essential to making your exhibition stand attractive. Ask your exhibition stand design company in Germany to use lighting, bright graphics, and raised floors. As a result, the exhibition stand will attract visitors’ attention and make them want to get closer to the stand. Our exhibition stand builder will work with you to create the perfect stand for your business and goals. You can talk to our designers about your creative vision and develop a unique and practical exhibition stand design within your budget. With so many options for creative exhibition stands, it’s also important that your stand conveys a clear message and reflects your brand. 

Create an experience

Companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to exhibition ideas. Rentals such as virtual reality experience gear can generate such buzz. 

Reward employees

Successful stand staffing is critical and can transform the entire exhibition experience. To attract visitors, your employees must make the right impression on your company and be professional, friendly and confident. Consider rewarding your employees for good performance. This keeps employees energized and motivated throughout the day. You can also host a friend contest for your employees. The person who submits the most leads will receive the prize. This may be a restaurant coupon or paid vacation. Clear your goals and let your employees know how the exhibition will benefit your company. Employees will be even more motivated when they understand how important the fair is and how much they invest in it.

Create a place to sit in

Exhibitions usually do not have rest areas. Having a place to rest your feet will help attract more people to your exhibition stand. During breaks, you can casually discuss products and services or leave reading materials such as leaflets and catalogs. 

Are you ready to cater to everyone attracted to your exhibition stand design? As a leading and experienced exhibition stand design company in Germany, we are sure that with these tips, you’ll have people at your exhibition stand in no time!

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