Exhibition stand design tips for your next Exhibit

Exhibition stand design

Creative exhibition stand design is very popular at the exhibition and attracts attention. Familiarize yourself with each visual design element in a creative exhibition stand design.

As competition increases, you must ensure your stand is eye-catching, well-maintained, and designed to keep the customer there long enough to form a relationship. That way, you can better manage your capital and avoid resorting to design gimmicks that add little to the final look.

In the minds of your guests, a well-designed exhibition stand design can strengthen your brand image. It is the most important aspect of interacting with your target audience. After all, an exhibition stand is a way to promote your company and stand out from the competition and leave an unforgettable impression on the recipients. A mix of several separate units works in unison to create an attractive composition!

Tips that can help you get the best exhibition stand design

A well-designed exhibition stand strengthens your brand image in the minds of visitors. Your exhibition stand follows similar universal design and layout principles during construction. It is a crucial factor in reaching out to the public. As an exhibition booth builder, we have worked on dozens of exhibition stands, so we will share with you the top tips to keep in mind when planning an exhibition stand project.

Stand Construction – from your space

Before choosing a unique exhibition stand design or expert exhibition stand Design Company, you must first determine how you want its structure to look.

Exhibition stands can have different sizes, shapes and formations. The simplest is a hull scheme with wall art or an open space with pop-up screens. These display ideas at least offer brand exposure but lack form or style beyond a flat surface. Also, you may not incorporate any exhibition stand design, such as audio-visual products or displays, into your display.

At the other end of the scale are expensive custom racks that are limitless in style and form. These expensive shelves offer a unique look but typically cannot be reused, making them not a sustainable option.

However, most exhibitors fall between these two options. You want an exciting and unique exhibition stand that can be repurposed for multiple events on a reasonable budget. It is why a modular stand is a great option for most exhibitors, and one of the most versatile, creative and functional modular stands can avail from top exhibition booth builders like ESS.

But this structure gives exhibitors an edge over their competitors in style. It allows them to incorporate a full range of design features impossible with a simple modular system.

Leave enough space for the image

A general rule of thumb for an exhibition stand design is 40% white space. It allows you to avoid overwhelming your message with too much text. Also, don’t put too many graphics or busy pictures in your visuals. The brand and message will disappear.

Keep an eye on your target audience

Your exhibition stand design should appeal to your target audience. The relationship between what the brand offers and the customer’s needs should be revealed through the design of the stand. It must be visible to all show attendees and is not limited to your bubble. All target groups attend exhibitions with very different expectations. We can’t cover them all, so we have to choose one or the other. A targeted design will immediately grab the attention of your visitors. This rapid brand recognition is critical for the seconds you need to make an impression.

Think about the difference in materials

An exhibition stand design company should not hesitate to experiment with different materials to find the one that best suits your company and the image you want to represent.


Your branding guidelines will dictate the colour palette for your exhibition stand design. There isn’t much room for innovation, nor is it needed. Even a simple display stand idea can be very effective. More colours add clutter and reduce brand recall. The aim is to create brand associations in participants’ minds as clearly and quickly as possible.

Include graphics

Especially people’s attention span is short as they have to visit several other stands during the exhibition. Images and graphics are a more effective way to quickly convey complex messages and ideas. Use life-size, high-quality images and keep your signage simple and well-designed. Graphics are not something you want to do badly. It not only conveys your message but professionally represents your brand. If graphic design isn’t your thing, consider hiring a professional exhibition booth builder.

Avoid heavy text

It is the case regarding copywriting in exhibition stands. Brevity is key! Avoid long sentences when simple words convey the same message because nobody stops to read a long text. Use a tagline on your signs that people will remember after the show rather than lists of product information that few people will pay attention to.

Make sure you use a clear font, large enough to be seen from a distance. The localization of the text is also important; Place the text in the top half of the stand so people in the exhibit area won’t block it.

Make it interactive

The stand with interactive elements attracts exhibition visitors. No visitor wants to be in the exhibition space while you fill it with flyers and stickers. You must engage your audience and give them something to interact with through interactive exhibition stands. Incorporate the latest technology and social media elements into your exhibition stand design.


It also depends on which topic you want to present with your exhibition stand. Are you trying to present a sterile, sad and professional look? Then the use of laminate flooring will be a better option than carpet.

Product showcasing – think outside the box

To showcase products on your stand, you must draw attention to them in the best and most creative way.

A product display case is a simple exhibition stand idea – a space in your exhibition stand to display your products. Think of it like an exhibition in a department store; it will capture the attention of attendees and make visitors stop by or walk by your stand.

Creative exhibition stand design lets you present your products in many shapes and sizes. For something attractive and eye-catching, you can use 3D effect shop windows to showcase your product. How about using edge-lit etched acrylic panels on the front of the storefront, essentially creating a decorative window through which to view the product?

Another presentation idea is to display the products in less conspicuous stand areas. The wall showcases are hollow product displays that make the exhibition stand more attractive. Since these showcases are located at the front of the stand, they are more likely to draw visitors’ attention.

Put your most important messages in the right place

Each stand has areas that stand out more visually than others. So place your most important messages here to get the most prominence first. For example, the focal point of most medium to medium-sized stands is the back wall. It is where you place your most important elements: your message and logo. The central areas of the stand should contain the most important information about your brand.

Consider an open-stand design

An open exhibition stand design has several advantages. It can have multiple inputs and outputs! It allows visitors to enter the stand at their comfort level. It also makes it easier for employees to handle multiple visitors without meeting anyone. Staff and visitors can also maintain social distancing. Distribute seating throughout the exhibit space to ensure privacy for everyone in the stand.


Make sure your stand logo is consistent throughout the space. Your branding concept should be consistent across all stand design assets, from banners and graphics to giveaways.

Use low-level branding

Here you can find other interesting facts about your company and tell us a little more about what your company does. It tends to be slightly more text-heavy, but the exhibit graphics should dominate the visuals to encourage higher engagement. The font should remain consistent across all three perspectives. Sizes may vary, but we strongly recommend not using more than two unique fonts. Keep text to a minimum, crisp and to the point, even for low-level branding. Initial interest is limited as visitors must move between dozens of stands during the show. The less effort they put into figuring out where you stand, the better it will be for your brand. Rely on graphics and photos rather than text.

Create an atmosphere

Build the perfect atmosphere inside your stand. Use light, textures, colours, layouts and even scents. By stimulating your prospect’s senses, you will get more attention and stand out from your competitors. A strong brand experience and memorable activities will bring visitors worldwide to your show and increase your ROI.

To Conclude

We hope these tips help you design the perfect stand for your next exhibition. For more advice, connect with us and explore our service as an exhibition booth builder.

Pathway for the best exhibition stand design company in Germany

exhibition stand design company

Are you thinking of adding a European exhibition schedule? With so many exhibition stand design companies in Germany, which one to choose and which one will bring your exhibition idea to life? It can be difficult to determine which is best suited for you. The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet customers and resellers, see the development of the local industry, and make new contacts. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which exhibition stand design company in Germany is best suited to bring your exhibition ideas to life. 

Your pathway for the best exhibition stands builder company in Germany

If you want to expand your business into Europe, exhibitions are a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the local market and attract new customers. This blog outlines factors to consider when choosing an exhibition stand builder company in Germany.

Experienced exhibition stand builder company in Germany

Whether you are a beginner or not, attending an exhibition takes many qualities, and the team of experienced exhibition stand designers is one of them. Experience matters and applies to the design and construction of exhibition stands. An experienced team of stand designers can help you to understand the needs and requirements of a particular brand and work closely to design the stand according to our brand outline, also providing insight into whether it was a requirement of the brand. In addition, you can always request a workbook from the stand designer, who can show you previous stand designs and work, and you can choose from each design.

Warehouse/production area

Look for a great production space for your exhibition stand, an adequate warehouse to store your stands, some control over the entire stand production process, and better budget utilization than other competitors in the exhibition market after renting your exhibition space. Please select an exhibition stand contractor company in Germany that can provide. Working with a company like this ensures a smooth stand production process from start to finish.

Work portfolio

What is your company’s job like? Do you like their other work? Check out the company’s portfolio to see their designs and the stands they’ve created for other companies to see if they can do the same for you. Do they have something that matches your idea, and would you like them to make something like you? Can they meet your criteria and bring your idea to life? Design is subjective. , make sure you consistently deliver quality stands that impact and get results.


What services does an exhibition stand builder company in Germany provide? Your orders are understood, and you know what you want to achieve with your stand. In addition to exhibition stand planning and design, the best exhibition stand design company in Germany also provides installation, construction, project management, graphics, design, construction, transportation, and logistics. Make sure we can customize your exhibition stand to suit your needs, desires, and budget. We provide custom stands, modular stands, or event environments. 

Activity field reference

Always choose an exhibition stand contractor company in Germany that can provide relevant references for your industry. These references are collections of ingenious tactics implemented at exhibitions with clients. These activities show how they present their products or maximize their stand design rental space.


You need to make sure the stand is worth your budget, so make sure the company you choose offers it in terms of price. Cheap is not always better, especially when it comes to quality notes in particular. Be clear about what you get for your money, and make sure the exhibition stand builder company in Germany you work with can justify the cost. A good company should be able to create a booth that fits both your needs and your budget.


Testimonials can give a good idea of ​​a company’s reputation and track record. To better understand and gain insight into service quality, approaches, processes, and levels of customer service, to determine whether the exhibition stand design company in Germany met its goals, met its deadlines, closely followed its tasks, and whether its customers, whether you are satisfied with it. Experience, portfolio, service, price, and references are the most important factors when choosing an exhibition stand contractor company in Germany

24/7 technical support

No matter how experienced an exhibition stand builder company in Germany is in designing exhibition stands, problems will inevitably arise. Therefore, exhibition stand design companies in Germany must provide 24/7 technical support. Any issues that arise during the fair must be dealt with quickly and with the utmost discretion.

Now you know how you can recognize the best exhibition stand contractor company in Germany. However, it is not a perfect template, but a starter kit to get you going in the right direction. Follow it, and you will find the best exhibition stand builder company in Germany. Eventually, with practice, you can add markers to your guides. You can extend it further with your knowledge and intuition.

 To make your decision easy, choose Expo Stand Services as your exhibition stand design company in Germany today!

We are experts in designing and building creative exhibition stands, modular stands, and vibrant exhibit environments. We offer complete build, design, and installation services to suit your needs and budget and have many years of experience working with various high-profile clients in various industries. Contact us now to provide us with your requirements!!

Top 5 Exhibition Stand Design Companies in Germany for Your Next Event

Exhibition stand design company in germany

Germany hosts a large number of exhibitions throughout the year. Discover the ultimate list of the best exhibition stand design companies in Germany for your upcoming exhibitions. The exhibitions are held on a large scale, bringing together thousands of exhibitors worldwide. Find an exhibition stand design company in Germany to design and layout your next stand to get the most out of your showcases in Germany. Exhibitors exhibit to grow their businesses around the world. Are you planning to exhibit at an exhibition in Germany soon? An exhibition stand can make a big difference at any industry showcase.

Germany is home to the largest congress center in the world. Participating in an exhibition in Germany is a great opportunity for exhibitors. It sets your business apart from the competition in the showroom and is key to attracting potential buyers to your stand, increasing visibility, and increasing your return on investment. If you also plan to showcase at the largest convention center in the world, you must have an exhibition stand contractor and builder in Germany that builds an exhibition stand.

Here are some of the leading exhibition booth manufacturers in Germany

Thousands of German exhibition booth manufacturers in Germany are listed on search engines. Thousands of industry exhibitions take place every year in major German cities. So, we have provided you with a list to help you find and contact a reliable exhibition stand builder in Germany.

Expo Stand Services

Expo Stand Services

Expo Stand Services is an exhibition design and contractor in Germany extending its services in exhibition stand construction for companies and staging their brand presence at exhibitions. The company also ensures that the customers are always informed, and welcome feedback, and that improves what is needed while providing the ideal venue for the exhibition. Over the years, Expo Stand Services has acquired expertise and established a good reputation as an exhibition stand design company in Germany. With headquarters in Germany and offices, showrooms, warehouses, design studios, and print shops across the globe, ESS has achieved a leading position in Europe. It offers an exclusive assortment of custom exhibition stands created to maximize product and brand presentation, and innovative modular exhibition stands, including full service at competitive prices.

It offers a wide range of support during exhibitions, such as renting spaces and designing and constructing stands. From imagination to software 3D design, stand construction, stand dismantling, storage, and shipping, they have a team to help you every step to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.



The Aluvision team offers a unique modular exhibition design that can attract all visitors to your exhibition space. The functionality and design of the modular display stand to provide a unique display method! Their know-how allows them to select the highest quality materials and use them to design modular stands, adding a unique element to your exhibition. The latest system of modular exhibition construction rentals consists of an aluminum core that guarantees lightweight and optimum stability. In addition, it is one of the most experienced exhibition builders, and its team of designers is highly skilled in creating unique and trendy designs to bring your brand’s vision to life. Modular stand systems are the most popular exhibition solution it provides customers worldwide. Most importantly, its in-house experts use the proper appeal, technology, and the latest industry technology to create customer-focused modular trade show displays.

 Whimsical Exhibits 

Whimsical Exhibits

Whimsical Exhibits is an exhibition stand contractor and builder in Germany. The Whimsical Exhibits understand and appreciate the money, effort, and time companies or individuals invest in making the decisions. It has worked with many exhibitors at exhibitions worldwide to help them exhibit. As the name suggests, it shares the same enthusiasm for understanding your branding objectives and offers the most innovative turnkey exhibition stands and interior design solutions for European exhibitions. The company provides various stand services for various projects, such as custom, pavilion, and modular stands. It helps exhibitors turn their corporate vision into reality and work on that vision and conception to meet your high standards.

Stand Builders Berlin

Stand Builders Berlin

Stand Builders Berlin is an exhibition stand builder in Germany that has delivered challenging projects to differentiate your brand from the competition at your next exhibition. It has a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in organizing exhibitions worldwide.

Depending on the needs and brand goals, it provides tailored services for custom projects and modular stands. The creative, holistic, and innovative approach allows us to provide various bespoke design solutions, modular constructions, country pavilions, and double-deck exhibition stands while understanding the client’s business needs.

Radon exhibition

Radon exhibition

It is one of the most reliable exhibition service providers, providing comprehensive services for companies participating in domestic and international exhibitions. Their highly qualified and experienced team, strict quality control, and extensive global network of reliable and trusted partners ensure a flawless exhibition experience for your project. Radon exhibition works closely with each client, with the client from the beginning to the end of the show.

If your next show is in Europe, find a trusted, local exhibition design and contractor in Germany there who can help you set up your stand.

What makes Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022 the best in Aluminium Industry?

Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022

The Aluminium Dusseldorf – world’s largest gathering of the aluminium industry is going to take place from September 27th to 29th, 2022. One of the most important events covering the aluminium business and different areas of Aluminum has been held regularly since 1997.

Whether you’re planning to go to Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022 for your brand’s visibility, to target groups, to display your new product(s) in the market to attract customers, or for strong relationship building, it’s a great decision. As Aluminium Dusseldorf gives you the right platform to choose your goal and take your business to a level of world elegance.

  • Aluminum Dusseldorf, is held annually, is the most important industry event in the world for the aluminium industry and its core applications.
  • It is a sincere effort to introduce the market to participating organisations and customers from around the globe, provide information on technological advancements, and open doors for those who want to enter the market.  
  • It completes a crucial task by bringing together aluminium producers, engineers, designers, product suppliers, and customers operating inside the zone.

A to Z of the Industry under One Roof

  • Aluminium Dusseldorf, prepared in 2018, hosted 992 exhibitors from 54 nations, and more than 30,000 traffic from 123 nations, and 64 main groups from Turkey participated.
  • Apart from the host, the pinnacle five journeying nations have been Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, and England.
  • The fundamental sectors collaborating in the Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022 are automotive, floor treatment, construction and creation, virtual manufacturing, size and check era, machinery, casting and warmth engineering, recycling, and aerospace engineering.
  • Aluminium Dusseldorf is one of the pleasant addresses to find out the trendy merchandise and improvements in the industry, be stimulated by pioneering ideas, and set up new contacts.

Benefits of showcasing at Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022

  • You get the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies in the areas of thermal treatment, extrusion, casting, sawing, and floor refining. 
  • In addition, business-related topics are discussed in seminars that are presented by the top executives of the company, depending on the current business environment. 
  • Most importantly, Aluminium is the best forum to share your cutting-edge products and innovations, listen to expert opinions, make new contacts, and gain insightful knowledge about the current trends in the aluminium industry.

What makes Aluminium Dusseldorf important? 

The reason Aluminium 2022 Dusseldorf is hailed as the most successful sourcing platform for the aluminium industry is that it brings together end-users, generation creators, and suppliers with cutting-edge solutions and ethical business methods.

Your showcasing partner – Expo Stand Services is here!

Your search for an exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf is over, as you have reached Expo Stand Services. We’re among the best exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf that can help you with the designing and creation of pleasant exhibition stands for Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022.

  • Turnkey exhibition stand creation, services, event management, and exhibit planning are offered by us. 
  • We have extensive experience creating exhibition stand displays, constructing showcases, and working on projects all over the world with several blue-chip companies and top-tier manufacturers. 
  • Our team includes experts in creatively and consistently promoting your brand in an engaging context, and we provide a wide range of solutions to help you do this on a budget.

What makes us special?

  • ESS is an ideal exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf because of our unrivaled innovation and passion for excellence. 
  • We have just established manufacturing facilities in Germany. 
  • Our team works strictly to stick to deadlines while keeping our attendees informed about every stage of stand production. 
  • We pledge to maintain our provider’s quality by keeping a close check on them. 
  • ESS has been offering fantastic stand design services for many years. 
  • Our understanding of the regional display regulations enables us to deliver a hassle-free show. 
The Out Stroke:

Take a look at our work portfolio if you have any questions about our stand services. We have the honour of working with several of Europe’s leading manufacturers. We are the leading exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf, so talk to us about getting your display for Aluminium Dusseldorf 2022. We can assist you in creating a fantastic stand for Aluminium Dusseldorf, get in contact with us right away and seal the deal at a low cost! 

Secrets that you should know to have a successful exhibit In Germany

exhibition stand builder in germany

Exhibitors can make great efforts to ensure the success of their presentations. With an exemplary exhibition stand in Germany, we ensure that their brand is well presented to the public.

Expo Stand Services use the best graphics and branding to make the stand design look better than other stands on the day of the event. However, if the exhibiting staff is not well trained to attend the event, all that effort can be wasted.

Statistics show that exhibitions are a place where investors are actively looking for companies to collaborate with, so they can create the highest quality leads at the trade fair. If exhibitors play the card correctly, the conversion rate at an exhibition may also be high. Use the following tips to make your exhibition a success and contact us for the exhibition stand design in Germany. As Expo Stand Services is a leading exhibition stand builder in Germany.

Notify employees about issuance costs

Whenever you work in a team, everyone must be on the same page. Transparency is valued by people and can also guarantee employee loyalty. For exhibitions, exhibitor staff can easily waste time, engrossed in long breaks and meeting friends outside the town. When you see the actual cost of an exhibition stand, you are usually surprised, and always witnessing the stand is your personal goal. This is among the things we pay special attention to.

Understand the exhibition participants are active customers

  Understanding the tremendous potential in front of you can help you to make the presentation better. Visitors to the exhibition are actively looking for business opportunities and therefore receive all presentations at face value. Expo Stand Services believe that it is important for getting the display right and the best possible which make us best exhibition stand builder in Germany.

Discuss the uniqueness of the exhibition

  The exhibition provides a unique place to do business. Attendees meet face-to-face, making it easier to meet and ensuring successful conversions. We can be a great helping hand as we have years of experience as an exhibition stand designer in Germany.

Work within the deadline

Exhibition visitors need to cover many stands within a limited period. You need to be able to go to different stands and listen to lots of presentations. Therefore, listening to long presentations limits time and patience. Make your presentation short and effective, and do not exceed 10 minutes.

Remember that every visitor is unique

Exhibitors cannot treat visitors equally. Each visitor has a different background and offers different ways to present your presentation. Exhibitors must consider this when explaining their business to him to truly appeal to individual visitors.

Safe quality leads

The quality advantage is not just the name, but the name that conveys the information. Find out how your visitors are named, who they work for, and get all the contact details at the event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Think about your main goals

It’s easy to think that you’re crazy about attending the show, just by giving out a treat to everyone who attended the stand. Remember that you are converted and there to work towards it.

Don’t forget to follow up

 If you have a lot of numbers that no one calls, all the hard work on the show is pointless. Divide your leads into those who are very interested and those who are a little interested so that you can call anyone and keep track of the time frame after the event. 

Use SMART goal

If you have trouble tracking your goal, you can use the SMART formula to reach your goal. Make them concrete, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-limited.


Last but not least when all the work is done doesn’t forget to enjoy the show every minute! And of feeling stressed about the exhibition stand then contact Expo Stand Services at pocket-friendly prices as your exhibition stand builder in Germany.