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Exhibition stand design tips for your next Exhibit

Exhibition stand design

Creative exhibition stand design is very popular at the exhibition and attracts attention. Familiarize yourself with each visual design element in a creative exhibition stand design.

As competition increases, you must ensure your stand is eye-catching, well-maintained, and designed to keep the customer there long enough to form a relationship. That way, you can better manage your capital and avoid resorting to design gimmicks that add little to the final look.

In the minds of your guests, a well-designed exhibition stand design can strengthen your brand image. It is the most important aspect of interacting with your target audience. After all, an exhibition stand is a way to promote your company and stand out from the competition and leave an unforgettable impression on the recipients. A mix of several separate units works in unison to create an attractive composition!

Tips that can help you get the best exhibition stand design

A well-designed exhibition stand strengthens your brand image in the minds of visitors. Your exhibition stand follows similar universal design and layout principles during construction. It is a crucial factor in reaching out to the public. As an exhibition booth builder, we have worked on dozens of exhibition stands, so we will share with you the top tips to keep in mind when planning an exhibition stand project.

Stand Construction – from your space

Before choosing a unique exhibition stand design or expert exhibition stand Design Company, you must first determine how you want its structure to look.

Exhibition stands can have different sizes, shapes and formations. The simplest is a hull scheme with wall art or an open space with pop-up screens. These display ideas at least offer brand exposure but lack form or style beyond a flat surface. Also, you may not incorporate any exhibition stand design, such as audio-visual products or displays, into your display.

At the other end of the scale are expensive custom racks that are limitless in style and form. These expensive shelves offer a unique look but typically cannot be reused, making them not a sustainable option.

However, most exhibitors fall between these two options. You want an exciting and unique exhibition stand that can be repurposed for multiple events on a reasonable budget. It is why a modular stand is a great option for most exhibitors, and one of the most versatile, creative and functional modular stands can avail from top exhibition booth builders like ESS.

But this structure gives exhibitors an edge over their competitors in style. It allows them to incorporate a full range of design features impossible with a simple modular system.

Leave enough space for the image

A general rule of thumb for an exhibition stand design is 40% white space. It allows you to avoid overwhelming your message with too much text. Also, don’t put too many graphics or busy pictures in your visuals. The brand and message will disappear.

Keep an eye on your target audience

Your exhibition stand design should appeal to your target audience. The relationship between what the brand offers and the customer’s needs should be revealed through the design of the stand. It must be visible to all show attendees and is not limited to your bubble. All target groups attend exhibitions with very different expectations. We can’t cover them all, so we have to choose one or the other. A targeted design will immediately grab the attention of your visitors. This rapid brand recognition is critical for the seconds you need to make an impression.

Think about the difference in materials

An exhibition stand design company should not hesitate to experiment with different materials to find the one that best suits your company and the image you want to represent.


Your branding guidelines will dictate the colour palette for your exhibition stand design. There isn’t much room for innovation, nor is it needed. Even a simple display stand idea can be very effective. More colours add clutter and reduce brand recall. The aim is to create brand associations in participants’ minds as clearly and quickly as possible.

Include graphics

Especially people’s attention span is short as they have to visit several other stands during the exhibition. Images and graphics are a more effective way to quickly convey complex messages and ideas. Use life-size, high-quality images and keep your signage simple and well-designed. Graphics are not something you want to do badly. It not only conveys your message but professionally represents your brand. If graphic design isn’t your thing, consider hiring a professional exhibition booth builder.

Avoid heavy text

It is the case regarding copywriting in exhibition stands. Brevity is key! Avoid long sentences when simple words convey the same message because nobody stops to read a long text. Use a tagline on your signs that people will remember after the show rather than lists of product information that few people will pay attention to.

Make sure you use a clear font, large enough to be seen from a distance. The localization of the text is also important; Place the text in the top half of the stand so people in the exhibit area won’t block it.

Make it interactive

The stand with interactive elements attracts exhibition visitors. No visitor wants to be in the exhibition space while you fill it with flyers and stickers. You must engage your audience and give them something to interact with through interactive exhibition stands. Incorporate the latest technology and social media elements into your exhibition stand design.


It also depends on which topic you want to present with your exhibition stand. Are you trying to present a sterile, sad and professional look? Then the use of laminate flooring will be a better option than carpet.

Product showcasing – think outside the box

To showcase products on your stand, you must draw attention to them in the best and most creative way.

A product display case is a simple exhibition stand idea – a space in your exhibition stand to display your products. Think of it like an exhibition in a department store; it will capture the attention of attendees and make visitors stop by or walk by your stand.

Creative exhibition stand design lets you present your products in many shapes and sizes. For something attractive and eye-catching, you can use 3D effect shop windows to showcase your product. How about using edge-lit etched acrylic panels on the front of the storefront, essentially creating a decorative window through which to view the product?

Another presentation idea is to display the products in less conspicuous stand areas. The wall showcases are hollow product displays that make the exhibition stand more attractive. Since these showcases are located at the front of the stand, they are more likely to draw visitors’ attention.

Put your most important messages in the right place

Each stand has areas that stand out more visually than others. So place your most important messages here to get the most prominence first. For example, the focal point of most medium to medium-sized stands is the back wall. It is where you place your most important elements: your message and logo. The central areas of the stand should contain the most important information about your brand.

Consider an open-stand design

An open exhibition stand design has several advantages. It can have multiple inputs and outputs! It allows visitors to enter the stand at their comfort level. It also makes it easier for employees to handle multiple visitors without meeting anyone. Staff and visitors can also maintain social distancing. Distribute seating throughout the exhibit space to ensure privacy for everyone in the stand.


Make sure your stand logo is consistent throughout the space. Your branding concept should be consistent across all stand design assets, from banners and graphics to giveaways.

Use low-level branding

Here you can find other interesting facts about your company and tell us a little more about what your company does. It tends to be slightly more text-heavy, but the exhibit graphics should dominate the visuals to encourage higher engagement. The font should remain consistent across all three perspectives. Sizes may vary, but we strongly recommend not using more than two unique fonts. Keep text to a minimum, crisp and to the point, even for low-level branding. Initial interest is limited as visitors must move between dozens of stands during the show. The less effort they put into figuring out where you stand, the better it will be for your brand. Rely on graphics and photos rather than text.

Create an atmosphere

Build the perfect atmosphere inside your stand. Use light, textures, colours, layouts and even scents. By stimulating your prospect’s senses, you will get more attention and stand out from your competitors. A strong brand experience and memorable activities will bring visitors worldwide to your show and increase your ROI.

To Conclude

We hope these tips help you design the perfect stand for your next exhibition. For more advice, connect with us and explore our service as an exhibition booth builder.

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