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Why choose modular exhibition stands for your next exhibit?

modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands have their pros and cons. Exhibition trends change as fast as street fashion, but unlike fashion, display designs are always forward-thinking, and exhibition stand designers don’t think retro. It depends on your needs and the goals you want to achieve. Exhibits always like to incorporate cutting-edge technology and trends to stand out from the crowd and attract as many visitors as possible while keeping an eye on budgets and how their innovations are helping clients. The difference lies in reuse, respect for the environment, and low storage and transport costs. 

Essential things about modular or portable exhibition stand

The exhibition world attaches great importance to the ecological sustainability of its projects and products and strives to find the most ecologically sensible solutions possible. The combination of affordability, flexibility, adaptability, and practicality makes modular stand design more popular than other stands. These features make it a viable alternative between modular and custom stands. Modular exhibition stands have historically changed the way brands present themselves.

You don’t know what traits you can use to your advantage. Next, hiring a modular exhibition stands design company will help you strategize around your marketing goals.


There are almost no limits to the creative possibilities regarding modular stand design. Combining custom-printed graphics, stand furniture and accessories, and even integrated LED lighting panels can create the perfect display. Ensuring smooth traffic in and around your stand is vital to customer satisfaction, especially when certain social distancing measures are required. You can organize your stand professionally and safely with a modular display like the Pop-Up Stand. The modular configurations also allow for creative modular stand design to generate interest in the exhibition; With different stand angles and styles, you can create visually stunning installations that will catch the attention of passers-by and attract them to your stand.

Flexible design offers many possibilities

Modular exhibition stands can take many forms as they must be designed flexibly. This flexibility should accommodate any display needs the brand might have shortly after the show. This need complements the goals brands seek to achieve through presence. While needs can be different, needs are rarely the opposite.

One exhibition may require a TV and counter, while the next exhibition may need additional displays for your products. Considering these factors can be very helpful when designing a modular or portable exhibition stand. This allows a stand that can be flexibly and easily adapted to the combination of exhibition objectives and required floor space. The flexible modular stand design allows the shelves to be moved to different areas to suit different inventories. Creating modular exhibition stands allows you to think about other functions more deeply. Aspects include transporting the stand, portability, who will maintain the stand, and how the stand is installed. By streamlining processes such as installation and transportation, you can innovate your stand and how you pack and store your stand.


The modular exhibition stands are specially tailored to all exhibitions within the exhibition calendar. This type of stand construction is sustainable. You can reduce your environmental impact using FSC-certified wood, eco-friendly wood, and reusable cardboard.


Modular exhibition stands are adaptable and versatile. Add as many elements to your stand as you like to add a personal touch to your brand and reconfigure to fit all future stand spaces. These stands are made with aluminum and metal joints to withstand the rigors of multiple shows. It can be easily disassembled and stored without spending extra money. This one-time investment offers a higher ROI in the long run.


The modular stand design is made from lightweight materials. This makes the stand more portable and easier to carry to different exhibition locations.


The special thing about modular exhibition stands is that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble. A press-fit connection and an easy turn knob make the installation a breeze. The modular stand design is easy to set up with no prior technical knowledge or support, using assembly instructions and videos provided by the stand operators. Since the structure cannot be completely changed, basic subassemblies are easy to install, saving cost and time.

Transportation and storage

Modular is a portable exhibition stand that is easy to store, it can help your business save time and money on logistics. These carriers can be broken down into small, lightweight pieces for easy transport in a vehicle or van. 

Ideal for limited spaces

The modular exhibition stands are suitable for both large and small spaces. This makes it ideal for double-shell, corner, and island stalls.

An economical way to exhibit 

The modular stand design can be a cost-effective way to exhibit, allowing you to rearrange your stand to utilize the space available at an exhibition. Many brands exhibit at more than one show per year, which often means different venues are at different shows. Exhibiting with a standard 3m x 3m stand can be difficult. That’s why you decided to upgrade to a bespoke exhibition stand for your next exhibition, where the 6m x 3m stand is completely different from your previous stand. If you go back to the standard scheme at an exhibition, the branding isn’t consistent, and you’ve also paid a lot of money for a larger stand that you can only use “once a year.”

By considering a reusable modular stand design, you can adapt it to different spaces at different exhibitions and maximize the potential of a stand you’ve spent a lot of money on. You only need a small amount of money during your time, and you can use your exhibition vehicle several times to use your stand.

Strong brand identity

After the stand has been designed, the brand’s identification is discussed in detail. Your modular stand design can be used on every exhibit in your exhibition program. The space of each exhibition will be different, meaning each stand will require a different configuration and content, but the brand identity will remain the same, making the stand recognizable.

Perfect for raw and shell schema courses 

The modular exhibition stands are versatile and ideal for plain and simple displays. It adapts easily to changing footprint dimensions and offers unlimited design possibilities.

Get a better return on your purchase

As modular exhibition stands can be reused and stored for long periods, these stands are the perfect choice for any exhibitor. Since reusable modular exhibition stands can be reconfigured often, you save time and money.

Branding opportunity

Modular exhibition stands allow you to present your logo or message uniquely and effectively. Whether you use graphics, lights, or other components, you can create a stand that expresses your brand and message and stands out from the competition.

All these examples prove that modular exhibition stands are practical, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. As companies increasingly focus on sustainable and cost-effective exhibition solutions for their business, Expo Stand Services offers modular portable exhibition stands that offer the advantages of a bespoke exhibition stand without the disadvantages.

So, if you plan to exhibit, contact ESS, a leading exhibition contractor, to set up the stand of your dreams. Our team can help you maximize your visibility in showrooms on crowded floors. We know how to strengthen your corporate identity and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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