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Where to look for exhibition stand design inspiration?

Exhibition Stand design

As far as exhibition stand design and trade show booth design is concerned, many exhibitors rely upon the expert guidance of professionals in the line of work. They look forward to these professionals to deliver, create and install unique and engaging trade show booths and stands that draw clients and get them interested in what they have to offer. With that said, your input is often required at the initial design stage, and it is, therefore, necessary to know exactly what you want – and what you do not want.

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Although a trade show booth builder that specializes in constructing booths and stalls for live product demonstration will be able to give you guidance on the entire process. You may find inspiration while looking through images from their portfolio, there are still some excellent ideas for learning a little more about the design that will probably work the best for you and your business.

Getting ahead of your competition

One of the best places to look for inspiration is at your competitors’ stands, as these will give you an idea of what other people in the very same sector or industry are doing. This does not mean copying their ideas, but you will simply get a clearer idea of what can work, and how you can adapt certain winning concepts into your own design.

You can often find this information by attending exhibition fairs yourself and investigating the booths of other people in your industry, or you can go online and look for photos taken from previous exhibitions that your rivals attended. If you do attend the fairs yourself, this will provide you with even further information on how engaging these stands are.

After you have gathered this information, you will be able to reflect upon what worked and what did not, and also how you can make yourself stand out from the competition. If the stands of your competitors were very engaging, you will need to make sure that yours are too when it comes round to your turn to exhibit at an event.

Explore the beauty of exhibition stand design and get inspired

The next place to look is outside of your industry, particularly at some of the award-winning exhibition stand designs that companies have invested in. This information can often be found in trade fair publications or on the websites of award-winning exhibition stand design and build companies. Often, you will be able to access details of successful features of the stands as well as photos of them.

Again, after gathering this information your next stage is to analyze it. Many stands will win awards because they are doing something particularly innovative or have integrated some cutting-edge features in the design. It should be remembered, however, that your stand is not supposed to be a work of art – instead, it is about getting a high-performing stand within your budget.

To ensure this you will need to consider what is engaging or exciting about these award-winning stands and see how you can apply it to your own exhibition booths. Looking at more outlandish and daring designs can also fire up your creativity and help you think outside the box to come up with a truly unique and exciting design.

Wrapping up

You can even ask for the opinions of trade show booth builders before you settle on an exhibition stand design to work with, as this can offer you an even wider perspective. Whatever you do, make sure that you take the time to see what has worked in the past and how you can integrate these successful elements into your own plans.

Lastly, make sure that you ask your custom exhibition stand design and build company for their own advice on what will work for you and your company. Although they will obviously offer their input throughout the design process, asking for upfront advice before the entire process starts can be extremely valuable.

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