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What are some tips for attracting visitors to my custom exhibition stand?

custom exhibition stand

Here are some tips on attracting visitors to your custom exhibition stand, where the chance of attracting visitors can be as little as 3 seconds or so. Exhibitions provide opportunities to attract new customers, learn about industry trends and showcase your brand. Exhibitions are a great way to build customer relationships, but the competition can be tough. In just 3 seconds, they will review it and find out what you are promoting and how you did it. After all, you’re not the only company looking to sell your wares. So, what can you do to maximize this short time so visitors don’t miss a thing and just follow the agenda they brought? These proven exhibition designs and practical ideas will help you attract visitors to your stand. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep attendees separate from the competition.

How to create unforgettable bonds at the display ground?

Preparation is essential

Get the most out of your exhibition by sending out invites early, promoting yourself as much as possible on social media before the exhibition, and scheduling appointments to ensure you’re speaking to your key leads. 

Attractive exhibition stand design 

To attract more visitors to your custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand, you must first make a visual impression. Creating a beautifully designed and attractive stand that is visible from anywhere in the exhibition hall can help you stand out from the crowd and make a good impression that will catch the attention of visitors who will want to visit your stand to learn more about to learn about your company. 

Create an eye-catching design:

Present your products and services.

Make sure your brand name is visible and easy to read.

Use lighting to set the right mood and mood.

Consider framing your stand to create a welcoming and inviting space.

Clearly and concisely highlight key messages, slogans and benefits.

Use high-quality, relevant, and engaging images.


Technological progress is now part of transformative growth in all areas of life. Even in the world of salons, many changes in approach can be observed today. An exhibition stand design now has features like built-in tags to drive more visitors to your stand.


A beacon is a small radio device based on Bluetooth Low Energy. It repeatedly sends a constant programmed signal to nearby smart devices within range. It emits a radio signal consisting of letters and numbers at short intervals. The Bluetooth-equipped devices, such as smartphones, can detect beacons when they come within range. Beacons can be used to direct attention to a specific location or to share information. This can be used to promote offers and discount vouchers and help visitors navigate easily to their desired stand. Many stand builders have already integrated beacons during construction.

Stand layout

When your stand comprises various components, such as pop-up stands, printed tablecloths, iPad stands, brochure dispensers, etc., creating the optimal design and layout that maximizes the available space is important. Experimenting with different layouts a few days before the exhibition is also a good idea. Set everything in your workplace to have the correct layout. This way, you can also ask your colleagues what they like and what they would like to change. You can also ask friends and family what looks best on them. 

Use pre-show marketing strategies

Consult the show organizer for advertising on the show guide or website before the exhibition begins. This will allow your audience to be well-informed about your stands, offers and locations, which will help drive more traffic. Use pre-show marketing to promote all the other tactics you use in your stand.

Contact participants

Don’t hesitate to contact the organizer for a complete list of attendees who have registered for the exhibition. Get in touch with your attendees and create a stir a few weeks before the show starts. Send a personalized email asking them to sign up for a one-on-one interview, or send an invitation to meet you and your team at a show. You will receive a friendly email a few days before the show. Mention any giveaways, contests or stand activities you host at your stand. This creates excitement and encourages visitors to drop by.

Stay ahead of the competition no matter what your budget

A high of may entice delegates to pay attention to your message. Even if you’re economical with your budget, increasing the height of your custom exhibition stand, whether through structural or suspension elements above the stand, will instantly make you more efficient. It will be instantly seen from every corner of the room, acting like a magnet and showing where you stand compared to the competition.

Choose the right exhibition stand builder

Attending an industry exhibition can be a huge step forward for your business. It can attract new prospects and customers, increase brand awareness, and give your insight into what your competitors are doing. It also frees up valuable time for face-to-face marketing conversations with an audience that already has a sense of the nature of your business, so you can find out what excites your target customers.

But despite all these positive aspects, it also means a significant investment of time and money. That’s why it’s important to consider whether holding an exhibition now is the best next step for your business. When an exhibition is announced, it’s easy to get carried away with excitement, but you need to keep calm and think for the best results.

Encourage people to visit you

Give people a clear and concise reason why they should visit your custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand. Think about what might strongly motivate them to do this. Make this message loud and clear in your invitations. What can exhibition visitors appreciate and distinguish about your company? Maybe an exclusive product launch. Or maybe a famous guest speaker.

Demonstrations and exhibitions

These demonstrations and exhibitions help to engage passers-by, engage with visitors and stimulate conversations with attendees. They specifically attract people to the custom exhibition stand and create a lively and lively atmosphere on the stand. With

Plus, you can highlight the features and benefits of your product or service, show how you can solve an audience problem, and allow visitors to learn more about your brand by creating excitement at your stand.

Introduce products through exhibitions and demonstrations:

92% of the exhibition visitors say they are looking for new products. Therefore, showcase your products and services with exhibits and demonstrations at your stand. This is a great way to attract visitors as it allows them to use your product before committing to buy it. Hosting a product launch and communicating it before and during the exhibition also encourages attendees to visit the stand for the VIP experience of the product.

Multi-sensory installation 

The stand’s multi-sensory installations create sensory experiences of sound, smell, sight, taste and touch. These experiences leave a lasting impression on visitors and can be unforgettable experiences. Imagine your customers remembering you even after the exhibition. It makes your mug even richer. It helps you get good leads because it’s a fun time for your participants, and you can expect some fun memories of the whole build. This is a great way to attract more visitors to your stand and promote your products.

Graphic design

All display components’ graphics in an exhibition stand design should be the highest possible quality. A stand with blurry, pixelated graphics and small type is sure to pique the interest of most potential customers. 

Make it visual

A unique exhibition stand design, eye-catching graphics, and content are essential to making you stand out in a crowded exhibition. Use lighting, bright graphics, and raised floors to help your custom exhibition stand stands out in your venue. As a result, the exhibition stand will attract visitors’ attention and make them want to get closer to the stand. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect stand for your business and goals. With so many options for creative stands, it’s also important to convey a clear message and reflect your brand. Sometimes keeping it simple works better.

Remember your existing customers

Do not assume that existing customers will visit your stand. Your time is limited, so make sure they have a valid reason to meet with you. One way to do that is by offering valuable perks. Their pockets are full of pens and keychains that will likely be thrown in the trash shortly after the show. So be sure to give them something worth keeping, like a portable charger or a reusable coffee mug. This strengthens existing relationships and makes customers feel more valued. Don’t forget to change your email signature to spread the word. Grab the attention of your existing contacts with your exhibition logo and stand number.

The road to the prospect’s heart is through the stomach

Nothing attracts prospects like food. Free meals. Before adopting a free-eating strategy, you should choose one that can be eaten in one or two bites and does not require utensils or plates. Finger food is the best choice for fair food. Be sure to double-check if food and drink are allowed at the show. This strategy gives you and your sales team time to build relationships with prospects.

Allow your audience to shine and learn

Add interactivity and fun to your experience or custom exhibition stand, and you’re sure to draw in an audience and make them truly embrace your message, whether it’s promoting your product or spreading the word about your latest research or initiative.

Check your chances and find the best exhibition for you

When you’re convinced it’s time to hit the road, it’s worth choosing your exhibition wisely to ensure the best experience and results for your day.

Ensure exhibition signage and displays are well lit

You can also make your stand more attractive with good lighting. This makes it easier to see and visualize your posts. If you want to grab attention, opt for coloured lighting in your brand’s colours; you can even experience a moving light show.


If someone comes to your stand, you must contact them immediately. Use games and competitions to chat with your guests in a fun and informal way. Read our lead generation guide for more ideas on engaging a visitor and converting it into a customer.

Everyone loves competitions:

Try the Wheel of Fortune prize; it’s engaging and popular with participants. They’re great for engaging visitors by encouraging them to start a conversation and start talking about your business. There is plenty of choice for this game globally – you can offer the top prizes with a mix of min and monthly prizes on branded promotional items such as tills, candies etc. Still. You can buy a physical win wheel or create a virtual one!


Technology is an effective way to attract and hold the attention of passers-by. There is a whole range of different technologies, including video, augmented reality, virtual reality, games, interactive displays and panels, I-pads and tablets and enabled technologies that you can integrate into your stand to promote your business, products and services to present in a more interactive and experimental way. Technology makes you stand more interesting, attractive and engaging to attract more visitors and entice them to take a closer look, learn more or try it out.


In terms of attracting attention, mascots do a much better job than static models. At 1.8 meters high, the mascot can be seen from afar across the entire exhibition space, and people will no doubt approach, shake hands, or take a look at the mascot as an introduction to your brand. Even better, let the mascot do a little bit. A mascot can take the initiative and give a little bit of brand flair in a fun way to help grab attention. 

Engaged employees

Having the right employees is key to attracting visitors to your custom exhibition stand. You should look for a combination of friendliness, sociability and expertise. You must also bring a combination of “hook” and “spotter” candidates. A “hook” candidate invites people to the stand, and a “spotter” candidate approaches people and leads them to the stand. A dedicated team that understands and is ready to achieve the exhibition’s goals plays a key role in the exhibition’s success.

Have a strong brand identity

A brand identity is much more than designing a logo or ordering personalized letterhead. That means finding ways to express your company’s core values ​​and aesthetics to create a memorable image that attracts customers. For many exhibition attendees, it may be the first time they’ve heard of your company, and it could be your first and only chance to make a lasting professional impression. 

Promotional gifts

​​Storing nice giveaways is old, but it’s still a good business idea. People are relieved to receive small giveaways from the custom exhibition stand, and more will likely flock to the stands. This also includes free WiFi and cell phone charging zones. Offering little convenience pays off in advertising.

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