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Viscom Dusseldorf 2022 Trade fair

Viscom Dusseldorf 2022

Is it still necessary to attend trade shows? How valid are trade fairs in the age of the Internet and internet commerce? Let’s have a look at the problem threadbare.

A trade show is a costly marketing medium. Aside from a significant financial commitment, there are significant logistical obstacles to overcome. If you’re attending an international trade show, you’ll face a variety of obstacles, including visa issues, language barriers, and on-site trade marketing, to name a few.

Even after dealing with all of these issues and investing a significant number of money, you still have no idea what kind of return on investment to expect. Naturally, the attractiveness of trade shows is expected to decline over time.

On the ground, however, we find the exact opposite: trade fairs are becoming increasingly popular around the world. One such trade show is Viscom Dusseldorf 2022 that is about to take place in the next year January 11 to 13 at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.

What is Viscom Dusseldorf 2022?

Viscom Dusseldorf 2022 is an international visual communication trade event and expo. This event will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany over three days. More than 12,000 attendees and 350 international exhibitors are expected to attend this event. Attendees will have the opportunity to have direct conversations with professional specialists on sophisticated and cutting-edge technology and techniques in this field, as well as market their businesses internationally, at the event. The Viscom Dusseldorf 2022 conference will take place from the 11th to the 13th of Jan 2022 at the Dusseldorf Messe in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Viscom Germany 2022 is an interactive trade fair for signmaking and large format printing in Düsseldorf. It primarily targets visual communication specialists from German-speaking nations. Themed walkways provide orientation, while activity areas such as “Werkstatt,” the Forum Corel & Adobe, and the Nations Wrap Cup present practical application examples and inspire guests to participate. Viscom presents the World of Advertising and Selling, which illustrates the complete spectrum of visual communication, in conjunction with the parallel trade shows PSI (the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry) and PromoTex Expo (the International Trade Show for Promotion, Sports and Workwear).

As a tool for communication, the trade show

Trade fairs are the most successful (and efficient) communication strategy because they allow companies to contact with customers one-on-one and obtain real-time market feedback.

A trade show is a reflection of the physical world, a scaled-down version of a real market. It brings together representatives from the supply and demand sides of an industry for a brief time on the same platform. It provides participants with detailed market information and functions as a networking tool.

It starts the new business cycle every year at the beginning of the year. Viscom 2022 puts solutions from throughout the visual communication spectrum front and center, with a particular emphasis on large-format digital printing, signmaking, textile finishing machines, and point-of-sale (PoS) communication. They have joined forces to become Europe’s largest advertising and selling trade show partnership.

The concept of the trade show trifecta of viscom, PSI, and PromoTex Expo is to stage ideas and innovations with the requisite technologies with an eye to applications. Viscom 2022 is a conference that will take place in 2022

They collaborated once more at Messe Düsseldorf to bring the entire World of Advertising and Selling to life for thousands of attendees, allowing them to participate, network, and create their own experiences. Around 200 manufacturers and distributors from over 40 countries invited guests to see their freshly developed items. Themed paths led them to the most fascinating destinations.

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