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Top 5 Upcoming exhibitions in Germany

exhibitions in Germany

When an exhibition takes place, it allows all the companies of an industry to be familiar with each other and also to have a fair chance at competing. However, if we agree that without the expertise of an exhibition stand design company in Germany, succeeding in any show in there is farfetched, it wouldn’t be wrong. The need for an expert is always required in an exhibition, but it can only be fruitful if the exhibitor knows what they have to do. In prestigious exhibitions like the DOMOTEX Hannover 2024, numerous companies from the industry enter to address new ideas and trends. With new ideas for carpets and rugs, or design flooring, the show tends to be the perfect ground for exploring fresh approaches in the world of flooring.

But the show is also the place where the audience of this industry will get acquainted with the real players in the market. Not only that but with the help of an exhibition stand company, they would also get to understand their brand’s products and services with more clarity. In a way, it can be said that an exhibition is no less than an opportunity for the companies and the audience. And that’s why the role of an exhibition stand company in Germany is equally important than that of an exhibitor.

With that thought, let’s take a look at some of the famous exhibitions, and understand how the exhibitors and stand builders help each other. 

Upcoming exhibitions and how they’re set for the audience

It is important to understand that the main target for everyone participating in an exhibition of any kind, is the general public present there. Not only does this public make up the market, but they also decide the next leader of a particular industry.

The following exhibitions are different in their background. But one thing that remains the same is the excellence of an exhibition stand design company in Germany, and the companies participating:

  • DOMOTEX Hannover 2024: 

Date: 11th – 14th January 2024

Venue: Hannover, Germany 

The DOMOTEX Hannover 2024 is a leading international exhibition for carpets and floor coverings. The event serves as a platform that focuses on highlighting the latest trends, innovations, and products in the flooring industry. This not only attracts exhibitors from around the world but also tends to be interesting for visitors as well. An interesting fact about DOMOTEX Hannover 2024 is that it is always highly regarded by the attendees. Some find potential suppliers in a very short time, while some get to see the full range of the carpet and rug community. DOMOTEX Hannover 2024 will open gates for visitors interested in both flooring and carpet and rug options and will be a hub of new trends. And all this will be possible by exhibitors who keep on returning to the exhibition. Their success is ensured by the immaculate skills of an exhibition stand design company in Germany because that’s where they’ll get their stands from. These stands will represent the products that will change the industry entirely. And the success of this exhibition throughout the years is an indication of the well-oiled mechanism of exhibitors and exhibition design companies.

  • IPM Essen 2024 Essen:

Date: 23rd– 26th January 2024 

Venue: Essen, Germany

IPM Essen 2024 Essen is a renowned exhibition dedicated to the horticulture and gardening industry. The show brings together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from various segments like floristry, to showcase innovative products and services. It is one of the world’s leading exhibitions for the green sector that has the largest plant diversity among all the exhibitions of this nature. IPM Essen 2024 Essen is an event that harbors planned innovations. It provides the perfect platform for all the products related to plants, flowers, gardening equipment, and landscaping. All these products are featured comprehensively for the visitors to explore the wide variety of plant species, ranging from indoor plants to outdoor ornamentals. IPM Essen 2024 Essen displays emerging trends in urban greening as well, offering inspiration to the professionals involved in designing outdoor spaces. It will take place at Essen, from 23rd– 26th January 2024, and will offer seminars, workshops, and presentations by experts. The audience gets to have interactive experiences and live demonstrations which makes the show an evergreen success. Therefore, the essence of an exhibition stand design company in Germany that is the backbone of shows like this never goes unnoticed. 

  • PSI Dusseldorf 2024

Date: 9th – 11th January 2024

Venue: Messegelande, Dusseldorf

PSI Dusseldorf 2024 plays a crucial role in bringing together professionals from the promotional products industry. Fostering business relationships, promoting creativity, and providing insights into the latest industry trends and developments are among the areas the show focuses on. The exhibition takes place in Messegelande, Dusseldorf, and serves as the meeting point for getting suitable products. This year, the show is from 9th – 11th January 2024 and will be frequented by product retailers, importers, and agencies. The convention is a platform for every individual that is looking for global access to international promotional products, their suppliers, and add finishers. And with the help of an excellent exhibition stand design company in Germany, the event also offers networking and business opportunities. Both for the participants and visitors, the event brings out the essence of a sourcing hub. Discovering new suppliers, and ideas as well as international product distributors is carried out seamlessly here. This makes the show a great success. 

  • International Green Week:

Date: 9th – 11th January 2024

Venue: Berlin, Germany

The International Green Week 2024 also known as International Grune Woche, is a well-renowned exhibition for agriculture and food. The convention is held annually in Berlin, Germany, and this time it is from 19th – 28th January 2024. International Green Week 2024 has numerous features and highlights that attract visitors from around the world including exhibitors, professionals, and the general public. This is the place where diverse ranges of agricultural products, equipment, and technologies, are displayed for a better overview of the future. It also includes cultural experiences from different exhibitors who show their traditions, customs, and beliefs. What makes it interesting is that with the help of a perfect exhibition stand design company in Germany, exhibitors manage to offer consumer-oriented activities as well. Therefore, the audience gets to see culinary demonstrations, the farmers market, and presentations on numerous practices. International Green Week 2024 Is expected to have global participation like always. 

  • Boot Dusseldorf 2024:

Date: 20th – 28th January 2024

Venue: Dusseldorf, Germany 

Boot Dusseldorf 2024 is one of the largest and most prominent international boat shows and water sports exhibitions. This also belongs to the shows that are held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany, and is a platform for boats, yachts, marine equipment, and many other things. It will be held from 20th – 28th January 2024 and will be the perfect place for boat riders to find their perfect ride. Boot Dusseldorf 2024 will feature numerous marine equipment and accessories that are beautifully presented by the global giants of the industry. The previous year has been significantly successful in terms of lead generation and market growth. Therefore, it can be advised to participate in this show as it is the perfect time to do so. If an exhibitor successfully presents its brand, the convention will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing business connections. This means, presenting sailing, yachting, and other marine equipment effectively is the key. That’s where an exhibition stand design company comes into play. All in all, the show will be an exceptional success like always.

How to prepare for these shows?

For any exhibitor who plans to prepare for these or any prestigious exhibition, hiring the exuberant services of a creative and splendid exhibition stand design company in Germany is the only way. And if you want to hire the same, you can hire Expo Stand Services right away!

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