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Tips for having a successful show at Eurostaory Paris 2024

Eurosatory 2022

Eurosatory attracted almost 1800 exhibitors and 57,000 visitors in 2018. Now is your chance to participate and show off cutting-edge land and air defence security and products.

But you must be wondering why you need to participate at Eurosatory 2024 Defence & Security?

The biggest reason for participating in Eurosatory is that it’s one of the biggest exhibitions of the Defence & Security industry.

So, if you’re from the following industries do participate in Eurosatory 2024 Defence & Security:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense of the land
  • Arms
  • Security

Now the tips that can help to have a successful EUROSATORY exhibition in Paris 2024.

First and foremost hire Expo Stand Services as your exhibition booth builder for Eurosatory. That’ll help to increase the numerous footfalls at your stand via their attractive exhibition stand design.

And are the other tips:

Make certain you have a show strategy

Consider how you’ll approach leads and discussions before you arrive at the show.

How will you display your exhibition to get the most impact, and how will you keep track of your leads for your post-show strategy?


When you’re exhibiting and hundreds of people pass by your booth, it’s tempting to become overly enthusiastic and want to speak with everyone.

After all, the vast majority of them will be business owners, thus they’ll most likely be potential consumers, right? or Wrong.

If someone comes to your stand for the first time and sees your business for the first time, odds are they won’t do business with you until they get to know you better.

To that end, having a conversation with someone can help you begin this process by determining what their requirements are and whether or not you can truly assist them.

Check Out Who Else Is Putting On A Show

There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of people looking around the show, but they aren’t the only ones with whom you can do business.

If you have the opportunity, wander around some of the other stands because you never know who can be a possible buyer for your company.

It’s Not Just About Making Money

You may be able to identify possible partners as well as leads for your small business.

Remember that, just like in PR, creating a business network takes time, and your credibility can be shattered in an instant, so if you identify a suitable partner, look after them since they may be able to introduce you to others.

You Can Experiment With New Concepts:

Small business owners abound at business shows, and, probably, you won’t recognize the bulk of them in attendance.

If you have an idea that you want to test or do market research, Eurosatory 2024 is an ideal opportunity to try it out.

Don’t forget the Post Exhibition strategy

It’s good to have a lot of conversations about your business, but without follow-up, the first few conversations are pointless.

There are conversation strategies and data collection methods, but what are the follow-up strategies?

It’s a good idea to take the time to send an email to read the week after the show before calling.


In the end, there are various other ways to improve; we have provided some of them. We hope you can use these tips to get the most out of your future exhibitions. And as it’s mentioned, it’s necessary to hire Expo Stand Services as your exhibition stand builder for Eurosatory in Paris. We’re one of the leading exhibition booth builders in a Paris. We have been standing on it for years.

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