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Prominent perks exhibitors can have with modular exhibition stands

modular exhibition stands

Modular stand design has multiple uses. They can have any type of construction. The modular structure consists of various elements combined to form an exhibition stand. You can innovate with design features at design time and experiment at your leisure. The reusable modular stands are made from lightweight components such as easy-to-assemble aluminum frames. In addition, they can be built from various modular parts such as props, frames, lights, and panels.

These elements are then connected according to a preselected configuration, and graphic panels are attached, usually with magnetic tape. This will help create a distinctive modular stand design representing your brand and its message. 

Below are the benefits of modular exhibition stands and why you should consider this option for your brand.

Versatile by nature strong, durable, and flexible

The modular exhibition stands allow exhibitors to create and change their stands without making large investments. In short, modular exhibition stands are a great way to maximize exposure and visibility. 


The modular stand design consists of light material. It is also built with lightweight modular exhibition stands that do not compromise quality. It makes this stand portable and easier to move to different exhibition venues.

Very flexible and adaptable

The modular exhibition stands are easily adapting to the needs of the exhibition. This eliminates creating a new stand for each exhibition. 


Modular exhibition stands are an eco-friendly option as they can be recycled and reused. 

Cost-effective display method

Modular display systems are a cost-effective way to exhibit, as the stands can be rearranged to take advantage of available space at exhibitions. Since many brands exhibit at multiple shows each year, the size of the exhibition space is often different for each show. Exhibit at a show using a standard 3m x 3m stand, then upgrade to a custom stand for another show with a completely different 6m x 3m stand than your previous stand. Re-exhibiting with a standard stand configuration would result in inconsistent branding, and you would pay a lot for a large stand that you could only use once a year. 


One of the advantages of modular exhibition stands is durability and reusability. 

Easy storage

The modular box is packed in a compact case. These cases take up little space and are designed for long-term storage of modular boxes. These cases are designed as modular, stable components.

Perfect for tight spaces

Modular exhibition stands can be set up in both open and narrow spaces. Whether you are exhibiting in the corner or the middle of the exhibition, the modular stands fit into every room. In addition, the size can be adjusted according to the needs of the exhibition.

Promotes your brand

Modular exhibition stands allow you to showcase your logo and message uniquely and powerfully. Whether you use graphics, lights, or something else, you can create a stand that represents your brand and message and sets you apart from the competition.

Investment in a future exhibition

Modular exhibition stands are a great way to invest in the future presentation of your brand. A modular stand design allows you to create a consistent branding appearance at multiple exhibitions throughout the year. If buying an exhibition stand is not yet an option for your company, you can find inexpensive stand rentals here. In any case, using a modular exhibition stand is a cost-effective way to adapt the look of your exhibition stands to the needs of different exhibitions. This option suits any business, regardless of the product or service offered.

Get a high return on your purchase

The various advantages of the modular exhibition stand we have listed, such as reusability, easy assembly, and long service life, make them an ideal purchase for regular exhibitors. Because your modular stand can be reconfigured often, you don’t need to invest in a new, bespoke stand for each show.

For these reasons, you absolutely must choose modular exhibition stands. 

Choose the right modular exhibition stand for you

Numerous extensions are available to ensure your business is accurately presented and the available space is utilized. The lightweight aluminum system can be set up and installed very quickly on-site. This means there are no unnecessary set-up delays, and you can focus on the important part of signing up – interacting with your customers. Our installation specialists will also set up and tear down your modular system to keep your exhibition running smoothly. We’ll also store your stand between exhibitions, so you don’t have to worry about having space in your office for a stand. Since modular stands are primarily rented so these are cost-effective and don’t strain your budget. 

ESS offers flexible modular stand design options

We are well-known in the exhibition industry and have carved out our niche as a leading exhibition stand builder and designer. As a modular stand design and manufacturing company, we have demonstrated expertise in stand construction. We are equally adaptable to both forms of stand design, be it custom or modular stand design. ESS offers modular exhibition stands at very competitive prices and fast execution methods. We offer various modular exhibition stands customized to your needs, requirements, and preferences.

Our modular exhibition stands not only to demonstrate great creative skills but also extend to gigantic structures and use the latest level of innovation in terms of technology. A leading exhibition contractor, we put together easily transportable exhibition sets that give him the freedom to use them repeatedly. Our portable exhibition stand is well designed and represents a great ability to meet all your experiential needs, at exhibitions.

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