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AGRITECHNICA 2023 Hannover – A leading global trade show for agricultural machinery

AGRITECHNICA is the world’s foremost exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment. Agritechnica Hannover 2023 will be held at Messe Hannover from November 12 through November 18, 2023. The beginning of the new business season is viewed as occurring at the critical moment of Agritechnica Hannover 2023

The focus of the Agritechnica 2023

The focus of AGRITECHNICA Hannover 2023 is to share the latest developments in the agricultural industry and discuss solutions to agricultural problems brought about by the world’s rapid digitalization. Systems & Components is the exhibition for systems, modules, components and accessories for agricultural machinery and related industries and is part of Agritechnica. 

The extensive exhibition program includes ancillary events such as the DLG Talk “Technology”, “International Agriculture Topics”, and many other workshops. Both exhibitions complement each other in their product range and cover the full range of agricultural engineering. 

Prominent participants of Agritechnica Hannover 2023

Tractors, delivery vehicles, soil preparation, fertilizing, plant protection, harvest recovery, landscape maintenance, forestry application, organic farming, and many other industries are represented at the biennial Agritechnica. 

  • The Agritechnica Hannover 2023, the top agricultural equipment exhibition in the world, will feature 23 halls filled with goods from every sector of the plant production ecosystem. 
  • The exhibition hall will showcase the most recent innovations at numerous expert-led platforms and be devoted to different industry branches. 
  • It is anticipated that over 1,700 exhibitors will present cutting-edge goods that will shape crop production in the future.
  • The most significant agricultural technology show in the world is Agritechnic

History of the Agritexhnica exhibition in Germany

Its origins can be traced back to the DLG Exhibition, which debuted in 1887 and evolved into a standalone event in 1985. It was initially hosted in Frankfurt before moving to Hanover in 1995 at the biggest exhibition facility in the world. 

Importance of Agritechnica 2023

Agritechnica 2023 is a renowned exhibition with a global reputation that focuses on technology and equipment for the agricultural sector and is regarded as the most important exhibition in Europe. Trade attendees can peruse a comprehensive preview of agricultural and forestry technologies, municipal applications and landscaping, biofuels, and more.

At the biggest exhibition grounds in the world, 23 completely booked halls feature new technology for agribusiness from exhibitors from around the globe. Every year, the exhibition Agritechnica Hannover Germany attracts many exhibitors and attendees. It is held at the Hanover Fairground once every two years. Systems & Components, a B2B marketplace where engineers, researchers, procurement managers, and associations’ network and exchange knowledge about the most recent advancements in farm equipment, is a significant sector of the seven-day exhibition.


Highlights of the Agritechnica exhibition in Germany

To farm tools and agricultural machinery, cutting-edge products, new technologies, and concepts for cultivation that saves energy and water, as well as ideas for sustainable management and the future of plant production, are displayed.

Startups can also receive acknowledgement at the DLG’s (the German Agricultural Society) Agritechnica Innovation Award ceremony. It will provide an overview of the patterns that the market will dictate in the future.

  • Tillage tools, drills, and cultivators for soil and seeds 
  • Wheel loaders, front loaders, trucks, and conveyors for tractors and transportation
  • Special crops – Fruit, sprinkler and irrigation systems; vegetable and special crop production; 
  • Harvest; 
  • Storage; 
  • Systems and components – Systems, modules, components, and accessories for agricultural machinery and related industries;
  • Digital assistance – Used machinery trading; 
  • Workshop equipment & services;

In times of recession, rising demand for food and biomass promises good prospects for agriculture, especially in Eastern European markets. An extensive specialist program including over 300 conferences, forums and special shows is exclusive to the Agritechnica hannover 2023 edition.

How participating at Agritechnica Hannover 2023 is beneficial for you?

This way, technicians, managers, planners, directors and other professionals can sign new contracts and expand their business networks.

 In addition, both Agritechnica and Systems & Components exhibitions enjoy in terms of visitor numbers, trade and interaction with experts. In addition to the exhibition programme, AGRITECHNICA Hannover offers a wide range of international expert programs, including special shows, forums and conferences on technology and management for professional crop production. 

World-renowned conferences such as the Agricultural Engineering Conference and the recently launched Ag Machinery International are easily accessible for marketers and exhibitors, offering unparalleled knowledge transfer and lifelong business opportunities at agricultural machinery exhibitions. 

Must know things about Agritechnica exhibition in Germany!

The Agritechnica exhibition in Germany is honored by experts and industry experts worldwide, recognizing the most innovative work in the agricultural industry. The fair’s core topics cover industry-wide and segments such as harvesting, crop protection and care, tractors and transport, speciality crops, operational resources, systems and components, soils and seeds, forestry and digital assistance. This year’s innovations in agricultural machinery have attracted media attention worldwide.

Agritechnica Hannover 2023 is a platform for growing and generating businesses to meet your business goals and a knowledge and innovation centre for agricultural machinery.

So contact us today if you are looking for an experienced exhibition builder for Agritechnica or an exhibition stand builder in Hannover to create your ideal stand. Complete your showcase at the best market price!

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