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Top Exhibition Stand Design Ideas to Attract Visitors

Exhibition Stand Design

The average visitor spends 8.3 hours visiting the stands at an exhibition. These words are extremely important for marketers preparing for the upcoming exhibition. An exhibition stand design is like a showcase, so it pays to make sure it draws attention and encourages people to learn more about your products or services. We’ve rounded up some of the best exhibition stand design ideas we saw at the last show to make your stand stands out from the crowd – we hope you find them useful.

At display ground, you get enough time to engage with your prospects, introduce them to your products, and gather the contact information you need to convert them into qualified marketing leads. An exhibition stand is like a showcase, so it pays to make sure it draws attention and encourages people to learn more about your products or services. Having an interesting themed stand or fun activities is not enough. Let’s look at some interesting exhibition stand designs and build ideas below to inspire you. Your stand needs to stand out from the hundreds of other exhibitors. Let’s look at a few tips on creating a memorable stand experience. The right exhibition stand design and build can mean the difference between a positive return on investment and low attendance. 

Ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand design

But before interacting with your visitors, you must first attract them to your stand. We know that it can be difficult to stand out from the competition in a crowded sea of ​​flashy displays, gimmicks, and superiority. When you attend an exhibition as a company representative, your most important goal is probably to reach new potential customers. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tactics you can use to create a standout stand that sets you apart from the competition.


Composition is the correct and aesthetic arrangement of objects. Do not stack items on each other, and ensure enough space between them. Don’t forget about easy visibility and broad access for attendees. Also, consider the purpose of each counter, display case, and shelf.

Would it make more sense to place a seat near the entrance? Or would your seat be in the back, near the open pantry, perhaps better?

Would it be better to leave gifts at the reception? Or maybe a small conference room in the back?

Do you wonder if the items you placed are doing their intended purpose? Otherwise, it would help if you considered rejecting them.

Reduce the recording time

The show moves rapidly, with lectures and presentations throughout the day. As a result, it can often be difficult for visitors to spend a lot of time on the exhibition stand design that interests them. If you want more registrations for your stand but can’t get people to chat for a long time, why not use another technique? Put a jar at the entrance of your stand with a sign encouraging visitors to leave their business cards there if they want to know more – encourage them to do so by letting them know that at the end of the day, a business card will be chosen to receive a prize. This makes it easy for people interested in your business but who don’t have time to talk to give their contact details to learn more and maybe even win something.

Consider placement for your marketing message

The exhibition stand design captures the audience’s attention, and the custom design gives you complete freedom to do just that. Large, glamorous stands can be extra glamorous at all exhibitions, but that’s not always necessary. Smaller screens can have the same impact if you carefully consider the placement of your marketing message. The key message, slogan, or image that is the focus of your advertising objective must be visible on the screen. Texts and images must be placed high up on the stand so that visitors do not cover them and are visible from afar. To achieve this, when designing the exhibition stand, ask your exhibition stand design company for additional walls or a second floor to increase the height.


Gamification can be a fantastic way to promote your brand and get people interested in your stand to learn more about your products or services. The experience of being part of the game will leave a lasting impression after the event and connect your brand to the game. Games may include win wheels, gaming applications, game shows, social media content, and interactive activities. Associating the award with your business, even though branding, can make a lasting impression.

Invest in a raised floor

Typically, there are two types of flooring to choose from: carpet tiles, which are laid directly onto the facility’s concrete floor, or an upgraded raised floor, which gives the entire stand a much more professional and premium look, with the added benefit of hiding all cables under the floor can become. The raised floor is normally white with an aluminum side ramp to avoid trip hazards. Thanks to the professional look of the raised floor, it can attract more valuable guests because it will be clearer that you take the exhibition seriously and are not just interested in getting something done quickly and cheaply. It subtly conveys the impression that your business is here to stay.

Video wall

Few things are more eye-catching than a video wall. Especially those that create movement in a relatively static environment. Using a video wall is a great way to stand out from the rest of the stands and showcase your business from a distance. A video wall is more visible from a distance than text on a chalkboard. So even if you show a slideshow of product images or graphics in your brand colors, you’ll get more attention than your competitors.


High branding places your company name and logo. This should also be visible to distant viewers. Another great idea is to use a banner that hangs on the top of the stand. Exhibition stand design ideas to Attract visitors over the top for strong branding that grabs attention from a distance. However, you should review the organizer’s guidelines to ensure compliance and budget for banner-related costs. Mid-price exhibition graphics work well with branding at eye level. These will help distinguish and distinguish your company from neighboring companies as visitors enter the front door. Integrate your brand message, slogan, product line logo, design samples, and brand image to make your exhibition stand design stands out.

Low-level branding is used when the visitor is close to the stand. Here you can place other interesting facts about your company and learn a little more about what your company is. This tends to be slightly more text-heavy, but the exhibition graphics should dominate the overall visuals to drive higher engagement.

Your fonts should remain consistent across all three visual points; Sizes may vary, but it is strongly recommended not to use more than two unique fonts. Also, try to keep your copy minimal, clear, and to the point, even with low-level branding.

Visitors must navigate through dozens of exhibit stands throughout the show, so their initial interest will be limited. The less effort they put into designing your stand, the better it is for your brand. Use graphics and show photos instead of text.

AR and VR

Who said an exhibition stand design and build can’t be fun and profitable simultaneously? Using new technology is a very effective way to bring entertainment to your stand. AR and VR are especially popular right now and are becoming more and more accessible. Consider virtual scavenger hunts through exhibition spaces and VR experiences such as product demonstrations. 

Work with the space you have

Exhibit stands are not always the largest workspaces and are often constrained in room exhibition stand design. But don’t let size limits limit your creativity. Sometimes the most eye-catching stands aren’t the ones that fill the space but make the most effective use of the available space. For example, use the open plan concept to maximize available space. Eliminate chairs, tables, partitions, and stands at the entrance of stands that prevent visitors from exploring the space further. Instead, leave the front of the stand open so people can slowly look around without being hindered or restricted by the decoration. 

Add a mystery

If your company is presenting something new at an exhibition, why not consider using techniques to keep it confidential? The best way to achieve this is to have the stand completely enclosed, with only one entrance for visitors. Secrecy is a great incentive for visitors to visit the stand, as the stand is hidden from the outside. There should be some kind of incentive inside the stand so that when visitors come to the stand, they can advertise what is actually inside the stand. The secrecy is a great incentive for visitors to visit your stand as they cannot see what it is about from the outside. It would help if you created incentives within the stand when visitors stop by so people know what’s inside.

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