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Top 8 Qualities to Look for in Professional Exhibition Stand Builders

exhibition stand builders

When selecting an exhibition stand builder, you need to ensure they are a company that you can trust. This is the perfect reason why you should always have an outstanding exhibition stand. Having a standby contractor that is unreliable or has poor customer service may have negative results. As the best stand, you should pass a message to prospective customers that your company always aims to provide the best. This is why it’s important to do your research first. To achieve this, you have to seek the services of professional and well-skilled exhibition stand builders. But there are also a lot of stand-builders out there who claim to be the best. You can confirm that the company you select will be a good choice if they have a strong customer service process in place and have created successful stands for their clients.

Things to look out in an exhibition stand builder

Does the company subcontract out to other contractors?

This can have an impact on the price of your display stand and on the finished quality. Some exhibition companies will design an exhibition stand and then subcontract out the actual stand to another firm. On average, you can pay up to 20% more for this type of arrangement than if you were to commission an exhibition contractor who will design, build, and install your custom display, all within their own workforce. The other possible downside of your exhibition company using sub-contractors to build your trade show booth is their ability to control quality and deadlines. It’s extremely common for customers to need to make last-minute changes to their stand, but this can be much more difficult to manage if there is more than one firm involved in creating your finished booth.
Select exhibition stand builders who have the skill set to design and build your exhibition stand in-house. You’re likely to save some money, and the team designing your display will work closely with the team building your stand, making it easier for the design concept to become a reality. You will also only have one company to deal with if any unexpected issues arise or you’re dissatisfied in any way.

Consider Cost

Be extra alert when an exhibition stand builder offers a very low price compared to other competitors. Know that quality comes with a price. When someone offers you a low price, either the quality of the product will be low, or extra payments or hidden payments will be charged in the future. You may think that you will get a complete exhibition stand. But in reality, the amount you pay won’t get you very far. You may have to pay more to get your exhibition stand finished the way you want it. Therefore, carefully analyze the average market price of the product you are interested in buying, then choose a product whose price falls within your budget.

Quality Service

A professional exhibition stand builder company builds stands that are sturdy and durable. Professional exhibition stand builders only provide the best quality exhibition stand design services. They know how to meet safety standards and are well aware of the local laws. Quality service by the exhibition stand contractor implies that your stand will be attractive.


It’s important to have open communication with your exhibition stand supplier regarding your values, your goals, and your expectations for the expo. Your supplier should accept your creative ideas for your expo but also be comfortable suggesting ways to improve on your plans and have a successful exhibition, especially in terms of the floor plan and layout of the stands. If your exhibition stand builder can maintain open communication with you, then chances are they can also do this with your exhibitors, which will reassure you that your exhibitors will have a positive experience with the stand builder. Having open communication with your exhibition stand builder will help ease the process.

Customized Solutions

If you hire an exhibition stand design company, you will get customized solutions. The solutions will be based on your stand requirements and specifications. They will listen to your ideas and suggestions and build an exhibition stand that will suit your company’s vision and message.


The choice of your official exhibition stand supplier will be influenced by your budget and your goals, so find a company that can work with your budget to meet your goals. An experienced and knowledgeable exhibition supplier should be able to review your budget and work with you to meet it. Rather than try to convince you to purchase their services for a high price, your exhibition supplier should discuss your budget and determine methods to meet it.


The best exhibition stand builders should be skilled enough to know what your business needs and come up with a perfect exhibition stand. The best stand should help you achieve a number of business goals. Here are some of the things that the stand has to offer:

  • It should effectively represent your brand
  • Pass a message to prospective clients
  • Offers a perfect environment where you can showcase your products and services
  • Ensure that you effectively interact with both clients and prospective clients
  • At last, it has to help you increase your customer or client base

Service in demand

This is easy to establish with just a little bit of research. Exhibition stand builders whose services are in demand should have a steady flow of new projects for new and existing clients. They should be able to publish this information so you can see their designs and who their customers are. A good stand builder should be able to design stands for a huge range of industries, and each design should be unique to that company’s branding, services, and products. A quick look at their online portfolio or brochure will tell you whether the firm simply recycles the same designs, components, and products or whether each stand is truly custom-designed with the individual client’s needs in mind.
If you’re ready to start planning your exhibition, we’re here to help.

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