Why is a modular exhibition stand perfect for startups and small businesses?

modular exhibition stand

Exhibitions are essential marketing avenues for small and new businesses providing unparalleled opportunities to connect with prospective buyers,

showcase offerings, and build brand awareness. However, a budget crunch can pose challenges when it comes to participating in an exhibition and creating a booth for the same. In situations like this, a modular exhibition stand comes into play as a game-changer. This type of exhibition stand is a cost-effective and versatile solution that fits budding businesses perfectly. In this blog, you will explore why modular exhibition stand options are ideal for novel exhibitors and how they can unlock successful exhibitions.

What is a modular exhibition stand? 

modular exhibition stand is a type of exhibit that consists of numerous different components. These elements are flexible, and one can easily add & remove them to reconfigure the exhibition stand as per the needs of the exhibits. Panels, shelves, counters, lighting, flooring, graphics, and other accessories are commonly used components of a modular exhibition stand.

Reasons that make a modular exhibition stand a favorable choice for small-sized businesses 

There are numerous reasons that make a modular exhibition stand a preferred choice for new ventures. Here are some of the most essential ones:

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Cost control is essential for startups and small enterprises, and traditional displays can be pricey. However, a modular exhibition stand is a more affordable option that does not compromise on quality or impact. Modular stands are made up of several pre-built components and are easy to build and disassemble, allowing for affordable customization and reusability. Startups have a range of modular exhibition stand design alternatives to select from, depending on their needs and budget. It includes pop-up displays, banner stands, and modular backdrops. Because the modular displays are so affordable, small businesses can strategically allocate their marketing budgets to maximize their impact and return on investment (ROI) at exhibitions.

Versatility at Its Finest

Most emerging businesses participate in the exhibits regularly to expand quickly and visibly. In this scenario, they need new displays for each exhibition. It is where a modular exhibition stand wins the game! The versatility of modular exhibits is one of their main advantages because they can rapidly adjust and adapt to changing exhibition formats, sizes, & layouts. These stands are the ideal choice for small companies that take part in multiple exhibits. A modular exhibition stand allows new ventures and small enterprises to add graphics, branding, and accessories to make them more personalized and successfully represent their brands.

Easy Setup and Portability

The installation and dismantling procedures at exhibits are essential factors to consider. Modular exhibition stands options excel in this aspect, as they are rapid and easy to set up. These stands consist of lightweight and durable components that are simple to move & put up without the use of specific equipment or knowledge. Due to the time and effort savings, this enables businesses to concentrate on other elements of exhibition preparation. The portable exhibition stand design is also transportable, which makes them perfect for companies that exhibit at numerous exhibitions or need to move their display to other places.

It goes without saying that modular displays are the finest in the market when it comes to price and adaptability. With so much to offer, you should give these stands a try at your next exhibition. And to get the best on the market, partner with a reputable exhibition stand builder, like Expo Stand Services (ESS). 

Why are we the best in the industry? 

  • Having a keen eye for trends and years of expertise in the showcasing industry, ESS provides first-rate, visually appealing, and affordable displays.
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We offer all types of displays, from modular & custom to double-decker and portable exhibition stand options. 


Overall, a portable exhibition stand is a game-changer for startups and small businesses in the realm of the exhibition. Their budget-friendly nature, versatility, easy setup, and portability make these exhibits one of the best alternatives for small businesses and frequent exhibitors.

How do you choose the right exhibition stand for you?

exhibition stand builder

Exhibitions are the best platform for showcasing a brand’s merchandise and services. As the best possibility for businesses to interact and engage immediately, exhibitions provide entire aid in constructing a brand. Exhibition stands are expensive. Not simplest do you want to pay for the stand area in the venue, but you also might want to plot and buy an exhibition stand, get banners and add up substances and pay a team of workers for the time you spend on the display.

Your exhibition stand is one issue that stays at the center of any exhibition. Therefore, selecting the proper one for your brand and product is crucial. Exhibitors around the sector hunt for compelling and alluring exhibition stands as a good way to assist their brands to stand apart. There are many different stands in the market, such as custom exhibition stand, modular exhibition stand and others. Choosing the right exhibition stand is one of the most crucial issues regarding display advertising and marketing.

Like aspects of the equal coin, each exhibition stand has its respective benefits and disadvantages. It is as crucial as selecting the proper stand team of workers and the proper display to attend.

Tips for choosing the best exhibition stand 

Before you make investment your money and time into selecting the proper solution, its miles crucial that you get an intensive concept about each factor that involves selecting an exhibition stand. 

The price range of your exhibition stand

It is crucial to plot your showcase financially. It would help if you were glaringly stuck in the price range. However, many exhibitors slip into the pit of simply considering the present exhibition’s conclusion.

If you’re planning to buy a custom or modular exhibition stand, you must also recall the stand design price. This standpoint will lead you to believe, for example, that a cheap exhibition stand turns into an expensive exhibition stand once storage and transportation charges are factored in. You can also get clearer expertise of the authentic fee of renting exhibition stands or exhibitions, as nicely because the fee of purchasing a one-of-a-kind custom exhibition stands.

Research your options 

Now that you have your goal and price range, you can begin intensive display research. To simplify the system, you can categorize your feasible listing of exhibitions through country, industry, date, size or price. Only set the exhibition you can afford and dispose of people who cross above your price range. Consider huge industry exhibitions as nicely as smaller nearby activities. Ensure you find out how every display will contribute to your goals and acquire as tons records as feasible, including demographics, preceding participants, attendee numbers and display statistics.

Geographical location 

Geographical location subject lots in selecting the proper exhibition stand builder for your exhibition advertising and marketing campaign. It maintains your logistical cost in control. If you choose not to choose the close-by exhibition stand builders, then it will affect your price range or somehow increase your cost.


One should not undermine the power of attractive graphics and an impeccable variety of pics and correctly communicate your advertising and marketing message to your target audience. Always search for an exhibition stand builder who uses cutting-edge print strategies and guarantees that your exhibition stand and graphics are interspersed harmoniously to give a robust consolidated image. They should have an eager eye on each tiny element in conjunction with wealthy experience to vicinity diverse factors for your stand graphic.

After you’ve got the above-stated records, you can be relaxed & confident and make simplifies the planning. Now you can pick your selected exhibition stand, whether or not a custom exhibition stand or modular exhibition stand, primarily based on particular showing wishes of your brand.

Now know a little bit about two major types of exhibition stand

Custom Design Exhibition Stand

If you want to separate yourselves from the crowd, then a custom exhibition stand is one of the kinds you’d need to move. Because a custom stand can be crafted to fit your necessities precisely how you need them, it is important to talk about your priorities with your custom exhibition stand builder to provide their nice answers to get the most out of your stand and obtain the final results you want.

Modular exhibition Stand

A modular exhibition stand comprises pre-engineered additives that shape a self-enough system. Modular exhibition structures can morph into numerous exhibition stand designs. Modular and interchangeable additives of the stand can be downsized or upscaled in keeping with preference. Modular exhibition stands are flexible, eco-pleasant exhibition structures that are smooth to use and do not always require technical help for meeting and dismantling.

Highly flexible, as the hardware of modular stands can be reconfigured to numerous designs. Modular exhibition stands are a rewarding mixture of capability and modernistic approach in that they’re smooth to transport. With changeable pics, modular stands can transmute into a brand new stands altogether. They are the desired desire of exhibition stand structures for pro exhibitors in view that they may be reused numerous times, yielding excessive go back on funding in the lengthy run.

The Out Stroke:

The exhibition stand represents your brand, and it is all about visibility. Hire the proper exhibition stand builder in Germany; don’t save a penny by hiring a novice, as exhibitions come up with a hazard to showing off your brand to audiences from the same industry. If you are looking for the main custom exhibition stand builder or modular exhibition and builder, then your seek ends here. Expo Stand Services beats the competition. We provide an immaculate variety of exhibition stand design services.