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Planning and organizing a successful double-decker exhibition stand

double-decker exhibition stand

As important as it is to be the best exhibitor in an exhibition, it is equally significant to understand the role of ground like that. An exhibition is not only for the companies to gain market share by increasing customers and generating sales, but also for them to understand why exhibiting is important. For example, the surety that a company booking a double-decker exhibition stands will stand out among the crowd is next to none; because it entirely depends upon the fact that the company itself understands the situation it is in.

In other words, knowing that an exhibition is an important event for every brand, helps companies to plan for it with much more seriousness than they generally display. This means, they start by hiring impeccable double-decker exhibition stand builders and go through the entire plan that can help them organize a successful stand for their brand.

Hiring immaculate stand builders and its benefits for stands

One of the most important reasons for succeeding in an exhibition is to have astonishing double-decker exhibition stand builders who can provide unique designs. And also come up with well-drafted plans to succeed in an exhibition. 

These plans of theirs would definitely consist of pointers that can help their clients organize their stands to help them stand out from other competitors. And also create a visually memorable experience for all the visitors, such as:

Reflecting on the purpose:

Double-decker exhibition stands from competent builders, are always optimized to serve the specific goals of the brand. The company uses the additional space to create separate areas for product displays, public and official meetings, product demonstrations, hospitality, and much more. Stands that reflect the purpose of the brand that they represent, always tend to stand out from others because their motive is clearly mentioned. And among the audience, it raises their chances of being recognized easily.

Traffic management:

When a company hires exhibition stand builders for double-decker exhibition stands, they benefit from their expertise in the niche of traffic management while planning the layout of the stand. As an exceptional stand builder always plans the layout to facilitate smooth traffic flow and avoid congestion. Not only that, but they also consider placing popular attractions such as brand elements on both levels to evenly distribute visitors.


It is important to hire experienced and expert exhibition stand builders so as to ensure consistent branding across the entire exhibit. Experts in this niche are capable enough to come up with sleek design options. These not only give the stands an aesthetic appeal but also enhance the experience of anyone who chooses to visit. Being creative is not ruled out in this process, which makes branding on these double-decker exhibition stands much more appealing.

Tips to organize the best stands with the experts

Right from the above passages, it is clear that hiring double-decker exhibition stand builders is the best way to organize your stand perfectly for an exhibition. But to get a better picture, below are some pointers that a company can take note of while considering planning and organizing double-decker exhibition stands for their brands:

Technology Integration:

As a brand, if you decide to implement technology seamlessly within your standing design, it will make your stand interactive. Using screens, tablets, and digital displays to demonstrate services and product demos, can help you in getting a competitive edge. Because this makes your exhibition stand captivating and engaging at the same time. When a brand successfully amalgamates technology elements to showcase its products and services, such a practice maximizes its brand visibility effectively.

Design supervision:

When getting double-decker exhibition stands, it is important to pay attention to the design and location of the staircase connecting the two levels. Not only that, but it is imperative to ensure that it doesn’t obstruct the flow of visitors or disrupt the exhibit’s overall aesthetics. The design should be formulated in a way that accents all the important elements such as slogans, logos, and messaging. This encourages the visitors to enhance the rate of word-of-mouth.


It is significant for every brand to understand that the exhibit should always be easily accessible for all visitors, including those with mobility challenges. As an exhibitor, it is important to understand that it’s their efforts along with the double-decker exhibition stands that attract the public to a brand. It is the only reason why every exhibition stand is composed of promotional elements regarding the brand. And all of them are easily accessible to every visitor so that every visitor knows the intention of the brand right away. So that, when they make up their minds to purchase anything, they can conveniently access whatever they like, and enquire about it. 

Extensive promotion:

Whenever the participation of a brand is finalized, the foremost consideration goes to the strategies to promote the brand before it enters the exhibition. The practice of promoting double-decker exhibition stands before the big event, creates a mystery around the brand. And also makes the customers create a buzz among all the others in the global market. In a way, doing extensive promotion is one of the best tips for organizing a successful exhibition stand. The reason is, it works as a tool as well as an element for the brand and its success in the exhibition.

Ensuring the success of an exhibitor

It is important to address that hiring exceptional stand builders is as important as it is getting your hands on the finest double-decker exhibition stands in the world. An exhibition stand can ensure your success in an exhibition, for sure. But the association of a perfect exhibition stand builder can ensure a lasting impression, growth in customer base, global recognition, and much more.

All an exhibitor needs to do is to look for experts like Expo Stand Services and their preparation for stands is truly complete. Not only do they have a portfolio that covers a wide range of clients, but they can also design tailored stands for all exhibitions and industries. Considering getting help from expert double-decker stand builders like them, one can only rest assured about the impeccable organization of their stands.

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