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Leading Exhibition Stand Design Company in Berlin

exhibition stand design company in Berlin

From Concept to Reality: Assistance of a leading exhibition stand design company in Berlin

We are an exhibition stand design company in Berlin, proud to offer exciting new solutions for your presentation with an innovative team of exhibition designers and builders. At ESS, we have been building commercial displays for years. We are among the top exhibition stand builders in Berlin, which has made a name for itself internationally and has expanded its local presence beyond Berlin. Combine that with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we can supply you with anything you need, even within the shortest lead times. We are the exhibition stand design company in Berlin, enabling you to provide relaxed and stress-free exhibition stand design services worldwide. Founded in 2008, we offer ample customizable stand designs online, easily accessible with the Expo Stand Configurator on our website. The company has a wide range of dedicated and professional stand designers with an international presence, designing exhibition stands for all industries and sectors in the best exhibition centers worldwide.

Secrets of us being among the leading exhibition stand builders in Berlin

  • The team consists of specially selected exhibition and industry experts who eat, breathe and sleep during the exhibition. ESS provides international stand design services and is a local partner with global reach and choice. Our interior designers will work with you to develop ideas for exhibition stand design in Berlin
  • Upon completion, we will design your exhibition stand at our local production and printing department in Europe to ensure that your idea of exhibition stand design in Berlin is to specification and free from deviations in accuracy or quality. 
  • We are an exhibition stand design company in Berlin with a dedicated project management team. When we deliver your stand to the exhibition center, you can be sure that your exhibition stand ideas will attract visitors from all corners of the exhibition. 
  • We are a globally present exhibition stand builders in Berlin that provide design services for well-known exhibition stands in global exhibiting centers.
  • As one of the creative exhibition stand builders in Berlin, we offer various reasonably priced exhibition services and exhibition stand designs in Berlin.
  • We are an artist that tells your brand stories with an attractive exhibition stand design in Berlin.

Expo Stand Services just doesn’t meet your stand production needs simultaneously. The company can provide one-stop stand services for international exhibitions and stand projects, including design, logistics manufacturing, installation, and dismantling worldwide.

100% guarantee on the finished construction :

mistakes during installation are always possible. To avoid us setting up your stand a few weeks before your appearance at the exhibition, we ensure that you do not have to fear any surprises at the exhibition.

Transparent Pricing:

 Our comprehensive range of unique services and exhibition stand design in Berlin includes transparent pricing, ensuring no hidden costs throughout the process; This provides complete transparency in the exposure process.


We store your stand in our warehouse and transport it to you on the exhibition grounds. We are represented locally in all important exhibition regions in Europe; This will ensure you get your stand on time.

I&D Services:

We take care of setting up and dismantling your stand on the exhibition grounds

Fast service:

local presence in European countries enables us to provide quick and punctual service and ensures prompt delivery from the exhibition stand to the exhibition center.

Project Manager:

We assign a dedicated project manager to handle everything from coordinating with the developer to managing documents on your behalf to ensure a hassle-free listing. 

ESS is an exhibition stand design company in Berlin that answers you even after office hours. The most significant advantage of our as exhibition stand builders in Berlin is that we have the perfect knowledge of the exhibition industry and, as a result, save valuable time wasted on logistics and transport in a foreign country.

You can interact with the audience while we focus on your branding

Expo Stand Services is a provider of exhibition stand design in Berlin that allows exhibition visitors to benefit from the following excellent exhibition stand services we offer. Our guiding principle at ESS is to offer complete solutions for your requirements for exhibition stand design in Berlin. Our designers and artisans use the latest technologies and materials to bring our client’s visions to life.

We are an exhibition stand design company in Berlin that offers you easy access to many recipients from different backgrounds. In addition, we provide a range of services, including project management, logistics, and construction, to ensure every aspect of the stand design process is taken care of. Whether you are looking for a simple stand or a large custom project, ESS is an excellent choice of exhibition stand builders in Berlin for those looking for quality exhibition stand design in Berlin!

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