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How do you select the best exhibition stand contractors in Europe?

exhibition stand contractor

An exhibition is the perfect way to introduce your products and services to a larger group of people around the world. There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best bespoke exhibition stand contractor. An exhibition stand is not just a place to showcase products and services. Its innovative style and eye-catching designs also serve as the primary resource and means to capture visitors’ attention. Working with a reputable exhibition stand builder that deals with exhibition stand design can significantly impact your exhibition’s success.

Factors to consider for a good exhibition stand contractor

Do your research

Start by researching various bespoke exhibition stand suppliers. Look for an exhibition stand contractor with a good reputation and a track record of successful projects. Check out our website, social media profiles, and online reviews to learn more about our services, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

Is there a demand for their services?

They should post this information so they can verify their designs and customers. A good exhibition stand builder should be able to offer exhibition stand designs for different industries, and each design should be unique to suit each company’s branding, services, and products. A glance at online portfolios and brochures reveals whether the company simply reuses the same designs, components, and products or whether each stand is genuinely bespoke and tailored to each customer’s needs.

Customer feedback

Testimonials give you a good idea of ​​a company’s reputation and performance based on what previous customers have said about the company. The company’s voice of the customer is used to gain insight and understanding of the quality of service, approaches, and processes, the level of customer service, whether objectives have been met, whether deadlines have been met, and how closely the gist has been followed. The customer was happy with the finished product and its work at the exhibition.

Exhibition stand builder with years of experience

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional exhibition stand builder is their extensive field experience. They are well versed in all exhibition standards, including when and how to use lighting, other concerns, and whether certain design aspects work. After detailing your exhibition’s parameters, they will provide you with the most efficient stand.

Local expertise

Working with a bespoke stand builder with local expertise is essential when organizing an exhibition in a foreign country or city. For example, if you are exhibiting in Amsterdam, you should consider working with an exhibition stand contractor there.

Technical Support

Even if you opt for an experienced and reputable exhibition stand contractor, major and minor problems will arise. Therefore, the company you choose should offer technical support as soon as possible to ensure that any problem is solved effectively and efficiently without delay.

Long-term relationship or one-off project?

Are you planning to hold many exhibitions annually and looking for a new long-term supplier? Or are you looking for a unique exhibition and need help deciding whether you want to expand your direct marketing for years to come? If you aim for a long-term collaboration, you need to know the company inside out and ensure the person you are working with understands what you want to achieve. However, if you are attending an exhibition for a specific reason, you should ensure that the exhibition stand builder you choose can provide a stand to help you achieve that goal.

Storage space for stand or standard storage space

Choose an exhibition stand contractor that provides adequate production space for your exhibition stand and robust facilities for storing your stand after you rent the exhibition space. In addition, companies have to guarantee a high degree of flexibility during the entire exhibition stand production process. It should also offer better budget optimisation than other competitors in the exhibition industry.

High-quality and durable materials are used

Choose an exhibition stand contractor with high-quality materials that can withstand intensive use at exhibitions. The material should be durable yet attractive while meeting your budgetary and functional needs.

Read the fine print

Check what the additional costs for subsequent revisions and changes will be. Ensure you know which parts of your exhibition stand you will own after the exhibition and which parts will be rented and owned by your exhibition company.


You need to make sure your stand is affordable and within your budget. Therefore, ensure that the exhibition stand contractor you choose offers this price. Remember that cheaper is sometimes better, especially regarding quality. Explain what you’re getting for your money, and make sure the company you’re working with can justify any costs. A good exhibition stand builder should be able to build a stand that suits your needs and your budget.

Who manages your project?

Any exhibition stand contractor who can provide something will provide a project manager. See if that project manager is a good fit for your needs. Read reviews from previous customers and see if their name is mentioned. If not, take the time to find out more about them. You can always request a new PM (project manager) if there is a better solution.

Find additional services

Some exhibition stand design companies offer additional services that may benefit your business. For example, we can help you transport, assemble, and dismantle your stand. This saves you time and money by not having to worry about the logistical aspects of your exhibition. Consider the exhibition stand builder’s additional services and see if we can offer you the most comprehensive solution.

The tips above will help you hire the best exhibit designers and contractors for your upcoming exhibitions.

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