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How do you find the best exhibition stand builders in Europe?

exhibition stand builders

Are you thinking about expanding your exhibition program to include European exhibitions? So, what’s the best way to explore them? How do you choose exhibition stand builders who know the market well? We have some tips to help you make your decision.

Online search

The Internet is the first port of call for finding the best exhibition stand builders. The Internet is an excellent source of information on any topic. To find stand builders, you can use search engines such as Google. You can also search online directories, forums, and social media platforms like LinkedIn to find recommendations from other companies or people who have worked with an exhibition stand design company.

Geographic location

Geographical location is essential when choosing the right exhibition stand provider for your exhibition marketing campaign. This controls your logistics costs. If you decide not to choose a contractor in your area, it will definitely affect your budget or increase your expenses in one way or another.

Research your customers

Reviewing the clients they have served in the past is an intelligent approach to determining whether the exhibition stand contractors you recommend can meet expectations. You can also check out the reviews and feedback of the selected exhibition stand builders online and choose the one that suits your needs.

Competent stand-builders

One of the most significant advantages of hiring an experienced exhibition stand builder is that they have extensive experience in their field. They understand the specifics of exhibition needs and how to consider lighting and other factors, such as whether certain design elements will work or not. After discussing all your exhibition needs, they will suggest you the most effective stand. Thanks to a professional fitter, nothing is left to chance. You can ask them to show you a portfolio of their projects.

Avoid Subcontracting

This can affect the price and final quality of the display stand. Some exhibition stand builders design their exhibition stands and contract out the actual construction of the stands to another company. On average, you can pay up to 20% more in this type of arrangement than if you hired an exhibition contractor to design, build, and install your custom display with their employees. Another potential disadvantage when stand builders use subcontractors to build their stands is that the subcontractor has control over quality and delivery. However, this can be much more difficult to manage if multiple companies are involved in creating the finished stand.
We advise you to choose a stand builder who has the skills to design and build the stand themselves. The potential for cost savings is high, and the team designing the exhibition stand works closely with the team building the stand, making it easier to turn design concepts into reality. Additionally, they will be the only person to contact in case of unexpected problems or complaints.

Field references

Always look for exhibition stand builders who have qualifications related to your field of activity. These testimonials include many creative strategies that our clients use in their exhibitions. Find out how you can optimize your rental space for these activities, how to display your products, or design an exhibition stand.

Search employees and subsidiaries

Suppose you want to display it multiple times in different areas. It is best to choose an exhibition stand builder that has a partner in the city where you will be exhibiting. In the long run, it can be advantageous to rely on an exhibition stand construction company with branches in multiple countries. Is there a demand for their services? This is easy to determine with a bit of research. Exhibition stand builders whose services are in demand need a steady stream of new projects for new and existing customers. They need to post this information so you can see their designs and customers. A good stand builder should be able to design stands for a variety of industries, and each design should be unique to the company’s branding, services, and products. Looking at online portfolios and brochures will tell you whether the company is simply reusing the same designs, components, and products or whether each stand is genuinely bespoke and created to suit individual customer needs.

Production room/warehouse

Once you have rented your exhibition space, you will be provided with adequate production space for your exhibition stand, a robust warehouse to store your stand, a level of control over the entire stand manufacturing process, and a better budget than other competitors in the exhibition market.

Choose a company that offers optimization

Working with exhibition stand builders like this ensures that the stand manufacturing process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Relations with the clients

Are you planning many exhibitions each year and are looking for a new supplier for the long term? Or are you looking for a unique exhibition and are looking forward to many years to come? Need help deciding whether or not to expand your direct marketing beyond? If you want a long-term collaboration, you need to know the company inside and out and make sure the person you’re working with understands what you’re trying to accomplish. However, if you are attending an exhibition for a specific reason, you should check whether your chosen stand builder can provide a stand that will help you achieve that goal.

In summary, finding the best exhibition stand builders requires research, recommendations, and reviews. Use these tips to narrow your search to the top exhibition stand builders. Once you have shortlisted stand builders, you can compare their services and prices and choose the provider that best suits your requirements and budget. Remember that the exhibition stands design company you choose plays a vital role in the success of your exhibition.

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