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How can we increase ROI on exhibition participation in Germany?

exhibition participation in Germany

Personal interaction is the best way to build meaningful relationships with potential customers. Exhibiting is a significant investment, but when done right, it can provide an unparalleled return on investment. Having an attractive exhibition stand design is one of the major things that helps increase ROI. However, we have mentioned some tips for increasing your return on investment at exhibitions.

Choose the exhibition that suits you

Numerous trade fairs take place in your industry every day. It’s impossible to visit them all, so it’s worth choosing exhibitions that will help you achieve your goals and maximize your return on investment. Calculate the approximate costs of attending a German trade fair. How many potential customers have participated in the program in the past, and how many might join in the future? The importance of the exhibition in your industry

Perfect display space on the exhibition floor

The location of the modular exhibition stand in a prime location in the commercial area is of great importance. You need to attract potential customers to your stand. Having a stand at the entrance helps put guests in a good mood and allows them to explore the stands in a relaxed manner while listening to everything you have to say. As you move further away from the entrance, you will get the impression that visitors will become tired and will no longer take listening to the exhibitors seriously unless, for some reason, they are seriously considering visiting your particular stand. A good location is also given if your stand is near a cafe or toilet, where people are often crowded and most likely to visit nearby stands. The stands around the intersections are also well located if you talk about a good location.

Set clear goals

Set specific, measurable goals for the exhibition. Whether it’s generating leads, closing sales, increasing brand awareness, or networking with industry experts, clear goals guide your efforts.

Think about your strategy before the show

Even the most creative exhibition stand design will not delight visitors if you do not develop content in advance that encourages them to see and visit you at the trade fair. Show them the value of visiting customers in person by contacting them before the exhibition to arrange appointments. In the days leading up to this, make it clear where visitors can find your stand and inform you about interesting events such as giveaways, demonstrations, or competitions so that they can plan their participation. Don’t forget to connect with attendees on social media. Find out which hashtags will be used throughout the show by the exhibition organizer and use them to pre-engage with attendees by posting about the event and promoting your stand.

Featured in the media at trade fairs

Stand visits are the main source of lead generation at exhibitions, but they are not the only method. If the event is large enough, the hosting company may invite bloggers, news outlets, and industry leaders to provide coverage.
This provides participants with a unique opportunity to have their companies and products featured in the media. However, it’s important to note that you can’t just expect reporters to stop by your stand and ask for an interview. Media companies finalize event schedules months in advance, so you need to get their attention early to get the most out of the advertising they offer.

Choose the right staff and train them properly

To achieve the best exhibition ROI, everyone at your stand must be well prepared and working toward a common goal. Staff representing your brand during exhibiting should be well-trained and prepared in advance. Make sure all employees attending the event, especially stand personnel, clearly understand the goals of the exhibition and how ROI will be measured after the show. You want to make sure your employees appear professional and approachable and have enough expertise to answer your visitors’ questions about your products and services. With all the attention on your company, it’s critical that your team is in tip-top shape and everyone is on the same page.

Post-trade fair follow-up

Assuming you’re successful at your stand, attendees should already have you in their diary and are looking forward to a call from you. If so, you have achieved your main goal of promoting your product and building relationships with potential customers. However, it’s important to put just as much thought and effort into your follow-up strategy. Email and social media updates for those who have opted in to receive information are good platforms to further remind them about the products and services they saw at the show. You can consider your information in more detail and plan your investments seriously. Therefore, you have a good chance of converting them into business contacts even after the e4xhibition. You will be grateful to the exhibition stand builders for giving you ample opportunity to make contact. There is still an opportunity to improve ROI from exhibitions through efficient follow-up after the exhibition.

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