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Expo Stand Services - Exhibition Stand Design Company in Copenhagen

Expo stand services an emerging exhibition booth builder in Copenhagen is quite aware of the complexities and length of detailing exhibitors have to face while either selecting or crafting a display stand on their own. On behalf of clients, we take care of everything to ensure a hassle-free exhibiting experience.

It is rare to have an exhibition where your company is the only company offering products and services. With rival companies selling their products just a few feet away, your company needs to do something extraordinary to keep pace with the bigger players in the room or stand out among the competition. Particularly in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark and a global hub for exhibitions and trade shows, competition is very stiff and the chance of success is scarce. One surefire way to getting an edge is to hire the services of a professional exhibition stand design company in Copenhagen. Although putting a stand together may appear to be a simple and effortless task, it is far from the case.

We specialize in bespoke stand designs

Understanding the business goals and exhibition needs of clients is of paramount importance because the knowledge obtained from this will form the base of your exhibition stand design. In the second step, we take your ideas, slogans, logos, artwork, and print them directly onto a gloss/matte fabric both are great for indoor use. We make sure that your stand graphics appear to be the mirror image of your corporate identity and not a wall of text. The materials we use are of high quality and the framework is so versatile that it can be reused again and again for different occasions. We put you on the control seat of the entire manufacturing process so you can keep an eye on your investment. Our stands are easy to set up/dismantle, transport, featuring custom prints, durable and lightweight body, and they are as portable and flexible to use.

Turnkey services

Our all-inclusive services incorporate elements of concept framing, designing, printing, installation, project management, and dismantling – all specialist areas that most people are happy to leave to professionals. Expo Stand Services, one of the fastest-growing exhibition stand designers in Copenhagen, we leave nothing on chance and keep track of everything to mitigate the risk of silly mistakes. Our award-winning team of expert designers is the backbone of our superior quality products and services. You name it and they can make it.

Price comparison

Of all exhibition stand contractors in Copenhagen, we offer the best prices with special discounts on bulk orders to help you save even more on your purchase. Whether you’re searching for an exhibition booth design company in Denmark or trade show booth builders in Denmark, you have just stumbled upon the right place. Expo Stand Services can turn your dream exhibition project into a reality that will leave the eyes of your customers wide-open.

Why Copenhagen, Denmark?

Apart from being a popular tourist destination for its royal palaces and numerous islands, Denmark is a global hub for exhibitions and trade shows and Copenhagen lies at the core of the exhibition industry of Denmark. Here, exhibiting means opening your business doors to the global market. As a reliable and budget-friendly exhibition stand contractor in Denmark, we empower our clients with creativity and visual appeal so they can attract as many customers as possible. Whether you are looking for an exhibition stand builder or exhibition booth builder in Denmark, we are your first choice in both cases.

So next time you plan to exhibit in Copenhagen or anywhere in Denmark, make sure to get in touch with us as we have every means possible to propose you the best deal of your life.

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