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ESS: the exhibition stand builders in Berlin with you from exhibit conceptualization to the success

exhibition stand builders in Berlin

We are full-service exhibition stand builders in Berlin specializing in exhibition stand design in Berlin for hire or purchase. Our clients spend thousands of dollars on an exhibition – from hotels and airline tickets for all the staff to the “cement” you rent for the exhibition, not to mention the labor and other costs. In addition, we offer comprehensive exhibition services, which enable us to provide complete exhibition solutions. Nevertheless, we understand your investment in an exhibit. Therefore, the punctuality of your signage is the most critical factor in the quality of our work. Whether you need a bespoke island or a professional exhibition, our experienced and well-organized team of exhibition stand builders in Berlin knows the secrets to create a memorable exhibition experience that will be discussed around town long after the exhibit.

We do not have large overheads and can pass our savings on to our customers through competitive wholesale pricing while maintaining a top level of customer service and support for our customers. It is what makes us the best exhibition stand design company in Berlin.

Why do you need us for your exhibit?

Assembly and disassembly work:

Finding the right solution for assembling and disassembling the stand is always challenging. Labor costs in the EU are unpredictable and expensive.

Management of onsite exhibitions:

Managing an exhibition installation in a showroom can be difficult and frustrating. Exhibitors often neglect this phase of their exhibition experience.

Managed shipping:

We know from experience that managing the shipment of an exhibition is fundamental. It can be stressful when unexpected problems arise, including lost or damaged hardware.

Show graphics:

Are you looking for a targeted and effective exhibition stand design in Berlin, including graphics, banners, signage or marketing materials for your exhibition? Every exhibition requires well-thought-out graphics.


This is a common problem for companies: where to keep an exhibit when not in use?

Forms and issue deadlines:

You’ll have to pay thousands more if you miss the show’s deadline. 

We take over the handling of exhibitions and appointments for you!

By buying in bulk and sourcing inventory from our suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and other online retailers, ESS has become the number one exhibition stand design company in Berlin for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge. Our exhibition stand design in Berlin enables you to connect to your customers, driving us to do the unimaginable. We offer our clients the ability to meet and exceed their marketing needs within their budget without sacrificing quality.

As a customer-centric, full-service exhibition stand design company in Berlin, ESS strives to exceed expectations in providing a smooth and enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves on our customer service, with a professional sales and support team always ready to answer your questions. We give you several reasons to choose us for your next exhibition stand design in Berlin.

What makes us better than other exhibition stand builders in Berlin?

Customizable stand design

We offer a wide range of customizable exhibition stand designs in Berlin. When creating a professional, bespoke exhibition stand design in Berlin, we know that quality materials and attractive design are essential to your exhibition’s success.

Transparent pricing

We follow a fixed-price approach, so no additional costs or extra labour costs are charged. We give you a price, and that’s what you pay for. We know how important money management is when calculating budget of your exhibition stand design in Berlin.

Effective presence

It is one of the unique features of ESS. We pre-build a stand at our manufacturing facility, run dry tests, share photos and videos, and welcome minor changes that don’t require additional effort or time. Rest assured that your conference presentation will be designed precisely to your wishes.

Quality management

We manufacture our exhibition stands at our production facility located in the city. We also print stand graphics. Complete in-house manufacturing ensures rigorous quality control to ensure you get the perfect conference stand.

Native expert

We have been the exhibition stand builders in Berlin for years and know the city well. Our solid customer base makes us well-versed in all significant exhibition venue and management requirements, including transport, installation, demolition and exhibition support.

Complete turnkey service

With ESS, you don’t have to worry about anything related to your bespoke presence as we do it all, from set up to dismantle and stand shipping to return. We also provide onsite support to avoid unnecessary stress. Our complete turnkey exhibition services are offered at a transparent, all-inclusive price with no hidden costs.

After years in the business of exhibition stand design in Berlin, it has become part of our DNA. We do our best to listen to our customers’ needs, think outside the box, and exceed their expectations. We are the exhibition stand design company in Berlin that understands the exhibition industry can be intimidating at times, and we can help you build momentum for your business and push the boundaries of your marketing. From early concept to construction, I&D to asset management, we are the only source for delivering impactful client experiences.

What you’ll get with us?

The result is an exhibition experience you can be proud of that delivers the ROI you need. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to exhibition stand design in Berlin, the most durable and attractive stands, displays and exhibits at your exhibition, to achieve the best possible results. And all while benefiting from personalized service at every stage. Our exhibitions and presentations are genuinely unique, engaging and professional to ensure the success of your exhibition. Whether you need a bespoke production of exhibition stand design in Berlin, a modular display or a rental display for an exhibition, we offer affordable and intelligent ideas and always deliver on time with no unexpected costs at the end. We understand the need for graphics at shows to attract more people to your stand.

In addition, ESS takes care of all the details of your exhibition, from set-up to shipping, to ensure your show runs smoothly and successfully. It allows you to provide more information about your business and the types of services or products you offer with the ultimate hope of becoming an investor or customer.

ESS is the exhibition stand builders in Berlin that know what it takes to make an exhibit success

  • We act as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams, aiming to deliver a sensational experience every time.
  • Expenses you may incur include costs for suppliers or services, travel, lodging and compensation for your company representatives.
  • A bespoke piece for an exhibition doesn’t just showcase your brand; It also helps to engage and inform customers and prospects.
  • Our specialists adapt the display to the needs of your company and brand. A unique and eye-catching presentation is essential to engaging with your audience.
  • We also designed the stand and added things like the following. ESS’s award-winning display design team can create a custom display that puts you in your own class.
  • Our best exhibition stand builders in Berlin have the best skills to oversee all exhibits for the exhibition. With years of experience and a fully equipped in-house production team, you can count on us to bring your exhibition vision to life. We help you with exhibition stand design in Berlin and print & design graphics for your company. When you choose us for your stand, you can always count on success.

Excel at Exhibits with our excellent exhibition stand design in Berlin

By working with ample customers, we have gained a wealth of experience that makes us competent to master all your challenges and exhibition needs. Many companies include exhibitions in their marketing policy. However, attending many of these exhibitions damages the displays and their components. Having been in the industry for years and working with brands across all sectors, we know what it takes to serve you best. We can provide resume options and customize and update textures to keep your message fresh and relevant to your company’s new products. We understand how marketing strategies change from company to company and brand to brand.


All graphics and elements installed on the display are customized and can be easily removed. Therefore, we are the exhibition stand builders in Berlin that are constantly enhancing our efforts to reflect your brand through creative exhibition stand design in Berlin. A unique, bespoke display informs your target group of your exhibition. In addition, we take over the entire project management. 

We are a solution-oriented exhibition stand design company in Berlin and pride ourselves on supporting our customers. No matter how many exhibitions you need to attend or how customizable, we create successful displays every time. In addition to providing installation, dismantling, and logistics, we provide a project manager to coordinate with customers and exhibition organizers, handle the paperwork and provide updates on exhibit stands.

Whether it’s a large display stand for exhibitions or a small banner stand for your store facade, we are the exhibition stand builders in Berlin that got you covered. 

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