Expo Stand Services- A Proficient Exhibition Stand Builder in Berlin

Exhibition Stand Builder in Berlin

Are you intend to participate in an upcoming exhibition in Berlin? If yes, then Expo Stand Services can help you make a lasting impression on attendees. We are one of the top exhibition stand builders in Berlinoffering high-quality and stylish displays. Our portfolio consists of a diverse range of goal-oriented exhibition stands that help you generate leads and increase sales. We provide end-to-end exhibit service making the exhibit a hassle-free experience. ESS is the go-to choice for exhibitors looking to make a statement at their next exhibition.

What types of displays do we offer? 

As a reliable exhibition stand builder, we are known for our diverse range of displays. In Berlin, we provide four primary types of exhibition stands.

Modular exhibition stands:

These displays are the primary choice of exhibitors when it comes to convenience. We provide modular exhibition stands that are easy to install and lightweight. This type of display is the best option for budding businesses and frequent exhibitors.

Custom exhibition stands:

As the name suggests, these types of stands allow for maximum customization. We build these displays following your requirements and ensure it represents your brand effectively.

Double-Decker Exhibition Stands:

When it comes to spacious displays, double-decker stands are the best option. These displays provide separate stories for exhibiting and meeting.

Country Pavilion Exhibition Stands:

These sorts of stands are typically used for marketing related to the country and its products. As a leading exhibition stand design and build company, we provide displays that represent the nation.

Apart from these types of displays, ESS is also known for the most economical rental exhibit solutions in the industry. 

What sets us apart from others?

  • We have extensive experience in the exhibition industry, manufacturing aesthetically pleasing and robust displays.
  • Our team of skilled designers has a track record of delivering excellent results on schedule and within budget.
  • As an adept exhibition stand design and build company, we have in-depth knowledge of market trends and technologies.
  • Our competent team of builders specializes in fabricating custom exhibition stands that meet and exceed your expectations.
  • At ESS, we exclusively utilize high-quality materials to build your display, assuring its durability.

Why choose us? 

Being a prominent exhibition stand design company in Germany, we relieve you of the stress of exhibiting with our turnkey exhibit services. It ranges from designing, fabricating, and installing to dismantling & storing your display after the exhibit. With our in-house production facility, we keep you updated with the stand-building process. It also saves you money and time by eliminating third-party interruptions. Additionally, with our rapid logistic service, we deliver your display on schedule at the exhibiting hall. As a trusted exhibition stand builder, we take pride in our exceptional project management team. From the beginning to the end, our professionals stay on their toes to turn your exhibit into a memorable experience.

How can we help you win the exhibit? 

When you collaborate with Expo Stand Services, you get a partner that genuinely wants you to succeed. We strive to offer you the best solutions that deliver results. Having a display with ESS ensures a significant surge in foot traffic and prospective leads. It helps you meet your sales goals and customer acquisition objectives. Being among the leading exhibition stand builders in Berlin, we deliver economical displays without compromising on quality. We cater to every business, varying from the business size and industry type.


Expo Stand Services is the go-to choice for unique and captivating exhibition stands. With our comprehensive services, we streamline the entire display design and building process. Choose ESS for a stress-free, exceptional exhibition experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Exhibit shipping can make or break the trade show

trade show

Trade shows can be a very important part of your business, and the profits they produce can easily outweigh any costs, but only if the exhibit shipping company is capable of moving your displays without incident. Shipping insurance will only cover the cost of the items, not the money lost by not having the items to display. Broken and missing parts can be a nightmare, so it is extremely important to choose a reputable, reliable exhibit stand company to ship your display.

Many other trade show attendees will happily offer their advice on which exhibition stand builders you can trust for shipping your exhibition stands. Ask around at the trade shows you plan to attend. See if there is any one-exhibition booth contractor that stands out as being one that many people seem to use. If you find one, jump on it. Even if they charge a little more than average, it will probably be worth it in the long run. For one thing, that particular exhibition design company will obviously know the ins and outs of delivering exhibits to the places you plan to be. Not only that, but they know that if they mess up your display, you are going to tell everyone else about it, which would be devastating for their business if they deal with multiple people on that trade circuit. The company will also be extra motivated to be there on time considering they will likely be transporting more than just your items.

Things you should keep in mind while hiring a shipping company

There are quite a number of exhibition stand design companies capable of meeting your shipping requirements at the lowest cost possible. However, hiring the right one could be a difficult task. To make sure that you choose only the best exhibition design company to ship your display, you need to compare different exhibition stand companies on several key factors including prices, previous assignments, experience, worker strength, and other important factors. If you want to get your exhibition stands shipped from Germany or USA, hiring a local shipping company will save a lot of money. You should search for companies by their countries. For instance – 

  • Exhibition Stand Design and Build Amsterdam
  • Exhibition Stand Design and Build Germany
  • Exhibition Stand Manufacturer Germany
  • Exhibition booth design Germany
  • Exhibition stand contractors Germany
  • Exhibition Booth Builders Germany
  • Trade show booth builder USA
  • Exhibition Stand Manufacturer USA
  • Stand Design USA
  • Exhibition stand builders Las Vegas 

Once you have an idea of which exhibition stand contractor you want to use, you need to keep a few things in mind before setting appointments. For one thing, check on the company’s communication ability. They should have 24/7 phone support and GPS tracking, at the very minimum. Be sure that when they pick up your items, that they label everything. Tracking does no good if your exhibit is either not labeled or labeled incorrectly. Be sure to plan for delivery as early as possible. There is no advantage to getting everything there “just in time”, and plenty of additional risk of part or all of your display arriving late.

How to cut down shipping charges? 

Shipping charges depend on where and when you want your exhibition stands to be delivered. Which country or continent you are exhibiting determines the overall cost of the transition. The longer the distance, the costlier the transition will be. But many exhibition stand companies offer free shipping services on bulk orders or certain products and services to boost traffic on their website. Try to find such companies offering free shipping services to cut down the budget of hiring an exhibition stand for your next trade show or exhibition.  

Six things you should consider for your next trade show

exhibition stand

If you’re planning your first exhibition appearance, it’s never a good idea to jump in without some careful research first. Unless you have an unlimited budget and plenty of time to experiment with exhibits, there are a few things you’ll need to do before deciding which show to attend and what exhibition booth contractor you should hire. Exhibition stand design companies, also known as, exhibition stand builders, exhibition stand designers, are the experts of exhibition shows and trade shows. They know how to make you look good on the floor.    

Go to a few exhibitions

Before deciding to appear at an exhibit yourself, visit a few exhibits of the type you’d choose to go to. Make a note of who’s there. Check out if your major competitors are attending or participating in the show. Do you see any important people or organizations in your industry? Are there any businesses whose services or products complement your own, instead of competing directly? Do these shows attract your target audience especially when they use custom build exhibition stands? Would your company stick out like a sore thumb here, or blend into the background?

When you’re just starting out, it’s often a good idea to choose a smaller regional show rather than a huge national show in which to test the waters. National shows attract a lot of visitors but they also attract lots of huge companies with enormous budgets and it can be tough to out-compete those companies on the exhibit floor. In addition, their target audience is often much broader and may not be ideal for your business. Companies with huge budgets hire the best exhibition stand builders in the industry. Whether you want to exhibit in USA or Germany, they know who to call first for assistance. They have contact details of Trade show Booth builders Las Vegas, exhibition stand manufacturer Amsterdam, Booth design company Germany, exhibition stand manufacturer USA, and many more.  

Talk to your customers

Ask your major customers what shows they attend regularly. Chances are, if your best customers go to a certain trade show, you’re likely to find others like them there. If most of your customers don’t go to trade shows, ask if they would consider attending one if you sent them a free pass. Generating interest in your appearance among your regular customers can be an important factor in your success.

Your booth: rent or buy? 

Many companies start out by renting an exhibition stand design their first time at an exhibition. This has several advantages. It’s often cheaper than buying; rented booths can be customized with your graphics, and renting doesn’t require you to commit to an expensive booth before you know whether attending exhibitions is going to be a yearly routine for your company. Before you buy a booth, consider whether renting would be better for your budget. For better understanding, talk to exhibition stand design companies to get an estimate of the overall cost involved. 


Outsource or staff from within? Do you have enough staff to run a trade show? Many small-business owners attend shows solo, but this means you’ll have nobody to watch the booth while you take breaks-and you don’t want to miss any opportunities. In addition, it’s difficult to keep your energy up for two or three eight-hour days on your feet. Consider whether you have enough staff to spare a salesperson or two for the show, or whether outsourcing staff is a better option.

Consider your promotional plan

Once you’ve chosen a show, you’ll need to let people know you’re going. Send free passes to valued customers-hopefully you’ve gauged their interest in attending beforehand. Consider sending out a promotional mailing to people you’ve done business with before, offering a free giveaway for those who attend. Perhaps you can secure media coverage for your attendance, or announce it on your blog or in the company newsletter. You’ll need to plan your promotion in advance to make sure your customer base knows about your appearance and has a reason to come see you.

Have a follow-up plan

Careful follow-up is just as important to your success as the right exhibit stand and giveaways. Long before your exhibition appearance, you’ll need to plan how you intend to keep in touch with the leads you’ve gathered. Make sure you have a method for collecting leads, determining who the most high-priority prospects are, gathering and storing information, and getting in touch after the show. With a smooth follow-up process, you’re much more likely to make your exhibit appearance worthwhile.

Attending an exhibition takes careful planning-and you’ll need to choose your first show strategically, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. Attend plenty of exhibitions beforehand and talk to your customers to see what shows they attend. Research your options for acquiring an exhibition stand, and consider your promotional and follow-up strategy. If you do, you’re much more likely to choose the right exhibit and make the most of your appearance there.