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Benefits of double-decker exhibition stand

double-decker exhibition stand

Exhibitions are filled with numerous exhibition stands, and, above all, it is a great challenge to make the brand known to the public. The two-level displays or double-decker stands are becoming trendy at exhibitions. These stackable shelves are an impressive visual showcase for any brand that wants to stand out. The double-decker exhibition stands to allow you to expand and sometimes double the area of ​​your stand without increasing your budget. They also allow you to create a separate room for conferences, presentations, sales, or whatever you want. It will make your participants feel special and unique. 

Major advantages of double-decker stands are:

Greater customer loyalty and privacy

There is a lot of traffic on the lower level of the exhibition stand. Adding a higher level attracts more audiences because they have more space to communicate and run CTAs. The upper floor of double-decker stands allows your team to hold face-to-face meetings, meetings, or conferences in a quiet atmosphere.

Increase brand awareness

A double-decker exhibition booth means you cannot advertise on one level. It has two levels on which graphics, LED lighting, and monitors can be attached. 

It is another advantage as passers-by are more likely to notice you from a distance. Don’t want your brand to outperform others?

Better seen in the field

Double-decker exhibition stands are easy to spot on the ground. Allows exhibitors to increase the usable ceiling area. It provides exposure and visibility to the entire exhibit area, helping you attract visitors to your stand. Double-decker stands are the only ones that participants observe on land first. Visitors flock to the double-decker exhibition booth because it stands out from the crowd.

Impress with double-decker exhibition stands

The double-decker exhibition booth organizes the functional areas of your stand and allows for maximum use of space. To draw the attention of other competitors to your exhibition stand, you need these exclusive exhibition stands. It helps you get your brand known to a large audience.

Maximize branding and product presentation opportunities

The double-decker exhibition booth maximizes opportunities for branding, product presentation, and interactivity in the same space. A double-decker exhibition booth can set you apart from your competitors.

Host Approval

In many cases, exhibition organizers require approval of the exhibition presentation of structural drawings by engineers who perform structural calculations and stability analyses.

Product presentation

Maximize your branding, product presentation, and interactivity potential and maximize it in various areas. The double-decker exhibition stands include separate meeting rooms, social gatherings, product demos, and separate areas for interactive reports. Stand out from the competition with our multi-level stand.

Brand Value

With double-decker exhibition stands, your brand will be more valuable regardless of your industry. The exhibition sector presents your company as a credible and competent market leader. Image. Not only does double-decker stands help retain customers, it often increases sales and profits as well. 

Capture unique images

Almost all of us have been to an exhibition at least once. There are no double-decker stands. Not because it’s expensive but because many companies want to return to traditional options they’ve already tried. Adopting the latest technologies and trends shows that your business is growing and you are incorporating current market trends into your business. Stand out with a unique brand image by showcasing your brand in a double-decker exhibition booth.

Freedom of design

You can play with creative ideas and add eye-catching graphics with double-decker stands. All of these concrete examples are enough to show that having a stand on two or two levels adds value to your business.

Increase brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness is the main motive of every industry exhibitor. When you have a double-decker exhibition booth, you are not limited to just one tier to advertise on. The two-tiered stand display offers the opportunity to equip the stand with more LED lighting, graphics, and monitors, which attracts more visitors and thus increases traffic and brand awareness.

Maximize profitability

Double-decker exhibition stands offer twice the space at the price of a stand. Exhibitors choose double-decker stands when their price range is limited or need more space for their exhibition needs. Exhibition spaces are regularly evaluated, and the larger the exhibition, the more luxurious the real estate at the exhibition center will be. Companies strategically plan double-decker stands when they need to invest a large part of their budget in various elements of an exhibition, including documents, objects and merchandise, expensive video presentations, musical or artistic performances, and many more gimmicks that will have a greater impact on awareness, likeability and memory of a brand than a huge exhibition stand.

These concrete examples show that a double-decker exhibition booth adds value to your company. It is not easy to perform among hundreds of exhibitors. You must use every opportunity to make yourself stand out. It is not possible without commissioning competent double-decker exhibition stand builders. Expo Stand Services is one of the leading double-decker exhibition stand builders and offers a wide range of tailor-made, modular, and double-decker exhibition stands.

Why double-decker exhibition stands are a better alternative?

Double-decker stands offer unlimited possibilities for special exhibition areas such as VIP and single-story reception areas. It expresses a strong style in the exhibition hall and imprints your presence in the minds of visitors. And if you have ESS as your double-decker exhibition stand builders, you don’t have to worry about safety issues, structural calculations, fire regulations, etc. Our competent and efficient managers carefully take care of all this. The double-decker stands built by Expo Stand Services have been highly praised by our valued customers worldwide.

Why choose us for your double-decker exhibition booth?

Our sales approach has been successful, and we have received many repeat customer transactions. Due to the cost of managing and storing large exhibit spaces, many exhibitors buy rather than rent. Only one major exhibition attracts many companies each year. Cost overruns often occur to account for labour and transportation costs. Renting a space in the exhibition area is never easy; sometimes, we reserve a small or compact space due to the long list of exhibitors. However, our aim is always to present our brand as best as possible, for this, participating in double-decker exhibition stands can be the best option.

Your visitors will see your performance and think you must be a big shot. Save time, take advantage of cost and design alternatives, and get information at your convenience with our double-decker exhibition booth rental concept. Ensure the stairs have handrails and safety rails for the double double-decker stands. Also, be careful not to place the lights on the top floor too close to the guest room occupants. 

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the stand will look like on that day and if it will work properly. We know it’s hard to make up your mind on something before seeing a photo. That’s why I’m offering to draw the 3D draft of the double-decker exhibition booth for free so you can see the stand’s potential. Why not have some fun creating double-decker exhibition stands for your brand? Nothing to lose, just more space to gain.

To Sum Up:

As double-decker exhibition stand builders, we utilize a nationwide network of labor, transportation, and specialty printing partners. We know what we are doing, and we are proficient at it, making us far more capable than double-decker exhibition stand builders focusing solely on exhibition sales. It will enable us to offer unmatched value and service in the market. Our double-decker exhibition stands to relieve the heavy burden on our customers by taking care of all stand storage, maintenance, movement, and setup aspects. Be sure to check out all the designs in our range to get new ideas on what we can do for you. We have created several new show designs to create your ideal layout.

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