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5 ways to find the right exhibition stand partner online?

exhibition stands design companies

Well, here you are. You’re at the stage where you need to plan for your exhibition or event and want to partner with the right booth design company and exhibition stand designers.

You want the entire process to be pain-free and to run as smoothly as possible but you need to go through the process of checking out some custom exhibition stands design companies and contractors.

There are many companies out there all of whom will bite your arm off for your exhibition project but it is essential you do some simple due diligence to give you peace of mind. Online research is the best way to find out which one is capable of meeting your exhibition stand design needs.

It’s important that the exhibition stand companies you select understand your business, understand what your goals are, and also understand what you seek to achieve from your exhibition or event.

Here are 5 best ways to find your right exhibition stand designers:

  1. First off, they’ll ask all the right questions about your exhibition, your company and map out their understanding of the discussion. This is essential because it ensures both parties are reading from the same script.
  2. A good exhibition stand company will give you a detailed proposal that clearly indicates all the deliverables and milestones without any hidden costs for your exhibition stand project.
  3. When it comes down to the custom exhibition stands, the exhibition stand designers will present you with an option that best suits your needs so that it fulfills your entire brief and criteria. They should be exhibition experts and be able to provide you with a professional 3D render of your exhibition stand design. From this, you should be able to accurately see the workspace, the promotional areas, the client interaction areas and also your brand presence and visibility. From all angles, you should be able to envisage your company’s exhibition presence.
  4. Once approved and signed off, the exhibition contractor or exhibition design company will go to the manufacturing stage of your exhibition stand and start the exhibition stand build. Some of the better exhibition contractors actually give you continuous updates and even send you work in progress photos so you have peace of mind with the full knowledge that your exhibition production is going to plan and you can see it all coming together. This of course has additional benefits in that, you can flag any concerns or problem areas much earlier during the exhibition stand build. With your exhibition stand designers, you can work to resolving any final production fine-tuning before final delivery and installation.
  5. One of the most overlooked aspects of exhibition stand building and something that many exhibition contractors overlook is attention to detail and finishing to your stand. There can be nothing worse than your seeing your fantastic stand let down by poor attention to detail and shoddy finishing which could have been addressed much earlier by the exhibition design company.

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