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Tips to enhance showcasing performance: A guide from top exhibition stand builder in Germany

exhibition stand builder in Germany

As we know, the forced closure of exhibitions has led to a kind of rebirth of these types of exhibitions. They’re truly one of those things that we didn’t realize how much we needed until they ran out. And there are quiet whispers, but it feels like they’re back for good. So, what better time to re-evaluate their value to your business and learn how you, as a company, can make the most of them?

Preparation is key

Make the most of your exhibition by sending out invitations in advance, promoting on social media before the exhibition if possible, and booking meetings where possible to ensure you’re speaking to your most likely prospects. Spreading the word and a little self-promotion will do you good, and your customers will be grateful to be notified of in-person opportunities, especially if the opportunity arises to spend the day and attend the exhibition.

Start a conversation

Preparing your team with some conversation starters is a great way to prepare them to sell at the exhibition. There are topics of conversation that are easy to interrupt and ignore. Conversations that start with “Hey, how are you?” can easily be ignored. How often do you come across someone parked in a makeshift parking spot at a mall? Creating a number of good ways to start a conversation can help reduce the risk of something like this happening. A good way to do this is to use personalization techniques when engaging delegates. Having delegates wear name tags is a good way to use their name at the start of a conversation. It can be difficult to remember many names when there is so much else to do. Therefore, it is important to practice before exposure; timing it right can strengthen your memory.

Train your employees

Don’t do it an hour before the show; take a day to share your ideas and train your staff. Tell them your goals and how you will achieve them. Make sure everyone knows their individual goals. Train your employees in sales, customer service, prospect identification, and competition. Your team needs to believe in your product and know everything about it. How much does it cost? What are the main features? And who is likely to buy it? It’s a good idea to introduce role-playing exercises. Exercises on product demonstrations and ways to interact with visitors. This will make your group feel safe and ready to play.

Advertise yourself

To get the most out of exhibiting at an exhibition, it is very helpful to promote yourself to the audience before the exhibition begins. Let people know you’re there, get people excited about why they should come see you, and try to make your stand unmissable. No matter how big your presence is at an exhibition, you can get overlooked in the hustle and bustle. By using methods such as email marketing, social media posts, and press releases, you can keep your company’s name and logo in the minds of exhibition visitors, whether they are end-users or B2B visitors. It can be firmly fixed.

Return on investment (ROI)

Calculating the ROI of your exhibition stand is critical to your financial success with participation. By comparing the costs incurred and the results achieved, you can assess whether your exhibition investment is worth it.

Dress up to make a good impression

Your employees represent your company and need to make a good first impression. If your employees don’t usually wear uniforms, don’t think you need to invest in them just to look good. Alternatively, you can wear branded shirts and accessories. If your stand has a specific theme, consider contributing to that theme with your staff’s uniforms. The staff’s attire becomes part of the advertising, and people recognize it and associate it with the trade fair stand.

Competitive analysis

Assessing the impact of your exhibition stand also includes a competitive analysis. By comparing your performance to that of your competitors, you can identify strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions for future exhibitions.

Sales techniques

It is important to complete several sessions of basic sales training in conjunction with technology training. This training should focus on a wide range of techniques, not just how to sell your product. Sales training should focus on how to approach attendees and attract them to your stand. And once you’ve lured them to your stand, here’s the best way to get them excited about your product:.


Once you find someone willing to come to your stand, you should contact them immediately. Use games and contests to chat with visitors in a fun and casual way. Since everyone loves competitions, why not give Wheel of Fortune a try? It’s a real eye-catcher and popular with participants. They are great at engaging visitors and encouraging them to start a conversation and tell you about your business. One of the advantages of this game is that everyone is a winner. You can offer larger prizes by combining small and medium prizes from branded promotional items such as branded notebooks, candy, and more. You can purchase a wheel of the first physical device and then create a virtual one!

Understand the importance of tracking

If you don’t pay attention to any of these points, at least pay attention to this point. Just follow potential clients and salon contacts; otherwise, it could all be in vain. These casual encounters mean nothing if you don’t stay in touch with people afterward. Sometimes a follow-up can mean setting up an appointment with someone for a future exhibition; sometimes it can be as simple as calling or emailing later or sending some promised information. Strike within a week or two of the exhibitions, while the iron is hot, to ensure the most effective follow-up treatment.
So, here’s the guide for a successful exhibition from the top exhibition stand builder in Germany!

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