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The psychological impact of COVID-19 on exhibition marketing

Exhibition Stand Design

Trade show booth and exhibition stand design industry is in ICU because of the COVID-19 crisis. As we know that exhibitions are all about thousands of people from around the world coming together at one place to discuss, share, promote and sponsor business and brands, it’s literally impossible to persuade so many people to put their lives at risk of COVID infection just to explore latest marketing trends. To say that people are worried about their health and rising infection rates of COVID-19 is a gross understatement. They are scared to death not just because of the death rate of the COVID-19 but simply because of the thought of contacting this infection to their loved ones. For them, attending large public gatherings, exhibitions and trade shows during this pandemic would be like taking a visit to the Chernobyl nuclear plant. This will put everyone’s life at risk of COVID infection. No one, in the right frame of mind, would take such a risk just to gain a bit of popularity, and also, it is punishable by social distancing laws.

There is nothing much we can do to promote brands in a conventional way during this crisis except if you have a good online presence. But the harsh reality we must face is that online marketing is only good for selling popular brands and products and exhibitions are all about introducing, endorsing, and accelerating the global identity of new brands. Since exhibitions and trade shows are out of the option to promote new businesses, online marketing remains the only way for entrepreneurs to keep breathing.

How COVID-19 have made exhibition stand designers jobless?

Like any other business, exhibition stand builders are also laid off due to the lack of new customers. No exhibitions mean no customers looking for exhibition stand design or exhibition stand designing services. This has greatly affected the morale of the exhibition industry and everyone associated with it. Apart from the absence of new orders for exhibition stands, many businesses have canceled their previous orders as there is no point in paying for one when the entire industry is shut down.

How deeply COVID-19 has affected the exhibition stand designing industry?

If we speak about the psychological impact of the COVID-19 on the exhibition industry, the damage is immeasurable. It has destroyed years of funding, billions of dollars of investment, countless hours of work and planning, and most of all, it has destroyed the morale of new businesses. The wrath of COVID-19 has ruined the exhibition and trade show industry to such an extent where a speedy recovery is next to impossible. It took 2 years for the Coronavirus to show its true colors and it’s nowhere to be ending anytime soon. It will take at least twice the amount of time for the industry to rise again from the ruins of its own ashes and recover from the horror of COVID-19. It will take time for people to muster up the strength to attend exhibitions and trade shows and start again a new revolution of global trade harmony.

What can we do?

We have survived global outbreaks in the past more severe than COVID-19 and God forbids, but it is very likely that mankind might witness a new wave of infections in the next couple of decades. But for now, having courage, energy and patience is the best way to restore hopes of survival for the global trade industry. Sooner or later, the industry will come back to its former glory with a renewed energy to provide new business opportunities for everyone. Let’s pray and hope that everyone stays safe to experience a new beginning of global trade industry. 

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