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Exhibition stand design company in Germany, masters in Modular Displays

exhibition stand design company in Germany

Expo Stand Services is a global exhibition stand design company in Germany that develops and manufactures modular display systems. Our modular exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes to suit every budget. These modular display systems consist of aluminum frames with fillings. We are the exhibition stand contractor company in Germany that configures the stand to suit your business prospects. Another feature of modular display systems is that the graphics are completely interchangeable; Therefore, they can reflect any changes you wish to make regarding new branding, messaging, or appearance. There is no need to purchase new modular displays for every exhibition. The modular exhibition stands are a great option if you want to build a modular presentation stand yourself. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and fit in a vehicle of a certain size. Let us know when and where, and leave the rest to us for a flawless range of modular exhibition stands. As an exhibition stand builder in Germany, we create a modular exhibition stand with a compact storage unit that helps keep storage costs low. The modular display system can easily adapt to various display layouts, contributing to the high ROI.

Why should you opt for a modular exhibition stand?

Flexibility and personalization

Modular systems like REXframe offer unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. They consist of prefabricated elements that can be easily assembled and dismantled, allowing the stand to be adapted to different exhibition spaces, specially made by a good exhibition stand design company in Germany like us. Thanks to the modular system or portable exhibition stand, you can adjust the stand’s size, shape, and arrangement to your specific needs.

Very versatile

If you are one of those people who have a busy schedule for organizing outdoor exhibitions, the modular stand design is a good choice. Its flexibility to adapt to the situation’s needs and the possibility of reuse in many other contexts makes it highly versatile. It can be used for professional exhibitions, product demonstrations, pop-up shops, and almost any other type of advertising campaign. Its strength and durability make it the ideal choice for repeated use at numerous exhibitions yearly. It also allows you to maximize your investment while maintaining effective budget control.

Customizable dimensions

Modular exhibition stands can quickly adapt to changing room dimensions. Whether you have a small or empty exhibition space, we are the exhibition stand contractor company in Germany that offers modular stand design that fits perfectly into these spaces. Additional sections can be added or removed as the footprint changes.

Practical and eye-catching design options

Modular stand designs can be customized to suit individual exhibits. Exhibitors will notice everything thanks to various graphic application options and structural adaptability. Modular display frames allow him to create impactful, visually attractive stands at a quarter the cost and half the time. Smaller and more flexible graphics are another essential feature of these mobile devices. For example, if you choose us, your exhibition stands builder company in Germany, we offer large screen designs that require huge images to cover the structure. Printing such graphics is often almost as expensive as the construction itself and often irreplaceable.
The graphics of smaller laptop screens are interchangeable, which is much more environmentally friendly. Additionally, you can create more dynamic and eye-catching graphics and images with the money you save on graphic size.

Why choose ESS as an exhibition stand contractor in Germany for a portable exhibition stand?

If you’ve invested in your brand, marketing, and products, you’ll want to showcase them at your stand. Being or becoming a market leader is only possible if you have the right looks. If your brand, has it, we’ll help you show it. Behind the scenes, we will do our best as your exhibition stand design company in Germany in designing, collaborating, sourcing, and cutting on your behalf. We are pleased that we, as the top exhibition stand builder company in Germany capable of making modular stand that gives a professional and impressive impression at your exhibition.

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