International Green Week 2023

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture – International Green Week Berlin 2023

International Green Week Berlin 2023, the world’s largest exhibition for the food industry, agriculture, and horticulture, features a diverse range of international foods and luxury items, including fresh products of all types, comprising wine, alcoholic beverages, beer, and champagne, seafood, teas, meat products, sausages, spices & herbs, agricultural and horticultural machinery and equipment, seeds, greenhouses and gardening supplies, breeding stock, pets, hunting and fishing supplies, and more.

The International Green Week Berlin Germany (IGW) is a one-of-a-kind international food, agriculture, and horticulture exhibition. The fair is used by food and beverage businesses from all over the world as a sales and testing market, as well as to improve their image. Fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products are all featured in the presentations.

What you can expect at International Green Week Berlin 2023?

An almost comprehensive wine, beer, and spirits selection, as well as worldwide culinary delights, ensures that no wish goes unsatisfied. Farmers are increasingly receiving modern services (such as vacations and shopping in the countryside) as well as knowledge on renewable energy and renewable resources. Representatives and specialists from all fields of agriculture and forestry, horticulture, and fishery from both home and abroad are expected, in addition to the general public in Germany and adjacent countries.

Who will attend the show?

On the total, the organizers are expecting to welcome roughly 1750 exhibitors from 61 countries and 40000 guests from 75 countries to the International Green Week in Berlin, which will run for a total of 10 days in January 2023.

The International Green Week will take place in Berlin for ten days, from Friday, January 20, to Sunday, January 29, 2023.

Visitors will be able to get practical and scientific guidance in topics such as renewable energies, renewable raw materials, and ecological agriculture in addition to the commercial exposition. Forums, seminars, congresses, and reunions regarding the latest industry news are on the agenda. The tourists are primarily professionals from Germany and its neighboring countries who work in all aspects of agriculture.

Product Groups:

Beer, beverages, builders, cakes, candy, cleaning equipment, cleaning products, dairy products, drinks, fertilisers, fish, flowers, frozen foods, fruit, furniture, garden furniture, gardening tools, gourmet food, greenhouses, health food, heating systems, herbs, juices, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, kitchens, livestock breeding, organic products, pasta, pastries, plants, ready meals, spices, spirits, tea, vegetables, winter gardens,…

Industry sectors:

Agriculture, Agriculture, Building Construction, Energy, Food, Home Technology, Horticulture, Interior Construction.

Fairs of these Sectors:

Agriculture Trade Shows, Agriculture Trade Shows, Building Construction Trade Shows, Energy Trade Shows, Food Trade Shows, Home Technology Trade Fairs, Horticulture Trade Shows, Trade Shows for Interior Construction.

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