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Get a great location for your exhibition stands and booths

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Getting maximum attention from visitors in an exhibition or trade show is a challenging task. If you truly mean to gain exposure for your brand, you need to find an exhibition design company that can provide you the best possible location for your stand display. If you search online, you can find a whole range of exhibition stand builders, exhibition stand contractors, exhibition stand designers, exhibition stand companies, and all of them have strong connections with exhibition organizers and sponsors, which allows them to quickly reserve a deserving spot for your display stand. Getting a nice spot for your display stand might be tough but with the help of a exhibition design company, it will be as simple as a walk in the garden.   

Stay closer to the front doors

This is quite an obvious fact. The closer you can have your custom exhibition stands and display stand to the front door, the more you can benefit from the advantages provided by this location. You will get to the visitors as they arrive, bright and fresh, excited about the opportunities presented by the show. You have the chance to create a good first impression of the trade show and of your company. All the booths located close to the primary entrance are usually the best locations on the entire floor. Having a good location is crucial but having a good exhibition stand design is of paramount importance, which is why you should consider hiring an exhibition booth designer to take care of your designing process. This will further enhance your chances of getting maximum attention at trade shows.  

The end of the aisle is good too

A company with large displays comprising numerous products can try to get the booth at the end of the aisle. If you choose such a location or are assigned one, you can gain advantage from this situation and let your display extend out of your booth on one side, which is not possible when you have neighbors on both sides.

Additionally, when your booth is located at the end of the aisle, it is strategically placed on a corner, and automatically has increased prominence. A greater number of visitors will walk across your booth only because of the direction followed by the traffic in the hall. Talk to your exhibition booth design company to secure a location either at the end of the aisle or close to it.

The center is always better

Although the end of an aisle is a good position, the traffic will be the most concentrated at the center of the hall, in comparison to the sides. Most of the visitors will reach the middle, but if the area is too large, they may be able to visit stalls on one or two sides only. In this way, the booths on the sides will usually end up getting a lesser number of visitors walking by their booths. This is definitely not, what you would want for your display. Make sure your exhibition booth contractor is well-connected to influential people and has a strong presence in the exhibition industry to help seek out the central location for your stands.   

Think about the spots closer to the restrooms

If you are not bothered by proximity to the restrooms, these locations can provide substantial benefits over other locations. Everyone ultimately has to visit the rest areas, and if there is a queue, and your display is right there, people will be queued up right next to your display, creating many new opportunities for interacting and connecting. However, be careful, because there could be more than one restroom or the restroom could be located in an obscure area. Either of these situations would not provide any benefit whatsoever. Whether you set up a modular booth design or custom booth design, this location can give your brand maximum exposure in the exhibition hall.  

What you now have to do is to study the floor plan of the display area with your exhibition stand company if you have one and make a careful decision about where your trade show display will get the maximum benefit, the most traffic, and attract the largest number of visitors. Reserve your location and start working with your exhibition stand contractor in getting your exhibition stand organized.

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