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Exhibition Stand Design: Essential Tips for Success

exhibition stand design

One of our best tips for exhibition stand design is to prioritize the critical goals you want to achieve with your exhibition. Many models can be suggested when the brief is not clear. Your exhibition must stand “wows” is immediately recognizable and leaves a strong impression. If you can identify your three to five most important goals, projects can be developed and defined to achieve those goals, and you don’t have to go back and forth about whether you need this or that. You must have heard this many times, but first impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to driving exhibition traffic. It will, therefore, be a much more efficient and productive process. You can then spend your precious time on more important things, like planning what will happen when a customer comes to your stand and how you will convert a lead into a sale. Your company may offer a great product or service, but if your visual appeal is weak or non-existent, potential customers will run away from you and end up in the hands of your competitors.

Some of the tips for exhibition stand design

Make a great first impression. First impressions are everything, so make sure your stand is eye-catching and memorable. Use bright colours, large graphics, and clear messaging to capture participants’ attention.

Select the appropriate layout

The structure of your exhibition stand is crucial to its success. Consider traffic flow, the size and shape of the stand, and the location of critical products or features. Create a unified look with furniture and accessories, and guide guests through your stand.

Use high-quality images

Visuals are an essential part of any exhibition stand, and it is important to use high-quality graphics and images to attract attention and convey your brand message. Use professional graphics, and consider hiring a designer to create custom graphics or logos. Also, consider a stand-builder who will print your graphics on the highest-quality materials so your colours stand out.

Maximize space

Stand size can often be limited, which is why it is essential to make the most of the allocated space. Make sure to coordinate dimensions with your organizers so you know what you have to work with. Improve the flow of the exhibition space by ensuring there are no obstructions or physical barriers to entry, and try to keep meeting rooms clear at the back of the stand.

Create a strong brand presence

Your exhibition stand design is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and establish your position as an industry leader. Use your brand colours, logos, and other design elements throughout your stand to create a consistent, professional look.

Showcase your product

Your stand should showcase your product or service in a visually appealing and informative way. Use displays, samples, or interactive demonstrations to give participants hands-on experience.

Make sure you have a space to hang out

Providing a lounge or relaxing room is a simple but effective way to make visitors feel welcome and encourage them to linger at your stand. Consider offering coffee, water, snacks, and other refreshments to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Use lighting effectively

Lighting makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your exhibition stand. Use lighting to highlight essential products and features, and consider using backlighting and other special effects to create a more dynamic display.

Avoid heavy text

Less is often more, and when it comes to exhibition stand readers, this is definitely the case. Avoid using long sentences when a single word conveys the same message. Instead of a list of product information that most people won’t pay attention to, use a slogan on your signage that people will remember after the exhibition. The position of the text is also essential. Place the text in the top half of the display stand so that no one in the display area obscures it.

Keep it simple

While it’s essential to be creative and eye-catching, it’s also vital that your stand design is simple and easy to navigate. Avoid clutter or unnecessary elements that can distract from your message.

Consider different materials:

Be bold and experiment with ingredients. With the right choice, you can create an exhibition stand design that will enhance your image and attract your target audience. Are you in the technology industry? If you want a contemporary design and feel, brushed aluminium panels and chrome details may be a good choice. Smooth plastic mouldings are also a great way to create a modern, clean sense. It is a good option for those working in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Other tips for attracting visitors to your brand showcase

Offer snacks:

Offering water or chocolate is a great way to give employees more time to interact.

Well-trained staff:

If your staff are well-trained, behave professionally, and speak well, it will be more accessible for visitors to your stand to leave their seats in the middle of a conversation.

Upload live exhibition updates:

Another way to generate curiosity is to participate in online live promotions. Uploading live photos of your exhibition or live streaming them on social media platforms can have a positive impact on your brand’s online marketing.


Personalized diaries, pens and other stationery with your logo will attract more visitors. Merchandising drives brand recall among visitors.

The OutStroke:

You can notice how many different elements you can use in your exhibition stand design after reading our recommendations. Ultimately, the focus lies in identifying the key factors that will most effectively showcase your offering and create an unforgettable experience. At an expo, it’s possible to go overboard and add too much, which might make it challenging for customers to understand your core goal. So why not use this brief opportunity to get in contact with industry experts? With more than five years of experience in the field, ESS is sure to be able to help you with any of your exhibition needs.

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